Thursday, December 30, 2010

Gloves For Nordic Walking

what a year 2010?

Well, really sad, because this year marks the resume rather sparse.
No real work, no money.
given the infamous bone pain.
Ne face it could, but again many little things execute.
But who creates a lot makes this all.
thus remained still much work undone.
I think of my doors?

by the Office is not much new.
But, there again have a new mediator.
I was on 14 December, may also be back on January 4th down. If
me but not inconvenient.
because my heater was broken just before Christmas.
must now submit the bill.

The winter brought me new job.
Shopping for Mom and the bank.
mom to the doctor and the hairdresser support.
is now being expected 76 Lenze A. ..... and the roads are smooth.
So mom a helping hand.
But her birthday, we have recovered well.
Also that was my work.
But it's my mom, so you do it.

With my cellar I'm still not satisfied.
There are still a few holes in the floor is repaired.
nothin 'But without going on moss.
must therefore wait until spring.
Then it looks to coal to hopefully better.
For just the beginning of the New Year insurance, etc. go down from the account.
This has indeed every fight, a good fortune.

also need new clothes.
T-shirts and 'ne pants.
But it has to wait times.

There were also lots of fun this year,
because you could go sledding.
Also tiring, but so can any normal.
goods and sledding yesterday.
third to 166 years since were on the small sledding hill.
was fun and was bitter cold.
The joys of the little man.

No, really I am not yet satisfied this year.
'll see what the next one brings.

'll be fine.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Invitation For Grihaprevesh

My dream of Jesus

I as a student of Sri Chinmoy, I had a dream that I'm sure he was held to a higher soul level. I can remember him so well as I would have dreamed it yesterday.

In my dreams sat Sri Chinmoy with some of his disciples at the sea and painted. The students sat across from him and watched him while painting. I came across a highway that led through the desert, to him and sat down opposite to him.

then took a photo of Sri Chinmoy and handed it to someone who was sitting next to me. For a moment I thought he would want to give it to me. As he noticed, he told me he would give the photo to my neighbors, because this Jesus is not very long to see. At that moment Sri Chinmoy disappeared behind a bright light and Jesus stood before me in all his glory.

He had golden hair, which reminded me of the gold of the grain. And when he smiled, shone light through its glass teeth. He handed me a glass of wine and took even one in his hand. He wore a purple, long pants and a white shirt Prince. Furthermore, he wore a vest that was magenta.

When I wanted to collide with his glasses, he disappeared - but his smile I had to this day.

The image that Faustina has painted of Jesus, I am one of the favorite images of Jesus.

Mary Christmas!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Midnight Meat Train Cutting Chest

duck duck

Thursday, December 9, 2010

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Everything Good On Christmas Trip

Monday, November 29, 2010

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Year in Review what happened in the last 4 weeks?

is only an acquaintance to the hospital, stroke.
Not smart.
waited at home for him and his cat too much laundry he had also not there. So I was
hinzitiert and could do some other things.
He then moved to Berlin and I took for 2 weeks cat care.
What do you do this all.

went the way, this time a buddy to the hospital voluntarily.
Was not quite so bad and I needed outright watering the flowers.

drew To make matters worse for my mom to the hospital thing.
She had an attack of gout.
before but never had anything Sun
So I could also carry out there a hospital visit and things to bring.

Well, not all dramatic.
All three are back out of the hospital. However, the
Known to rehab, he had three bypasses.
his cat he was able to place well, obviating the need to work for me.

My PC constantly annoys me again. He wants
partout some things do not work as I want it. If
's me or the PC?
If the PC is female, but does not want to hear. Or is
's on Vista?
matter, just annoying.

now raises the 76th Birthday of his mom again shadow.
attach curtains Again after washing again and remove lights for cleaning.
the way even the floor cleaning.

Well, before mom was there for us.
And today we have to be there for you.

invitation by the Office. The 23

November was ran.
My appointment at the office.
Was there on time, of course, no question.
Mademoiselle from office, unfortunately, had no job for me.

But you offered me that the position on 1 December Agreement is being restructured, and you do not know if we meet again.

Then you told me that the citizens are available for work 900. It
but only 300 jobs for its existence.
So no guarantee that I gotten a job.
Sch ... ... ....

was out after 20 minutes, so no changes.

find anything.
Bin did last week to find my tons become. 3 bottles of alcopop
expiration date 2005th
But what's wrong with alcohol be?
was delicious anyway and I'm still alive.
As a bonus, there was 4 liters of green tea.
expiry date of 20 November 2010.

Does such a tea calendar?

Had not just 26 November.
Ne, the tea and it really helps my wallet.

'll be fine.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Hallelujah Piano Chords

light into the darkness I fly In

Sri Chinmoy has hated it really, to lift weights, which he reveals in several books . Why would someone do something if he hates to do it? In his book My Weightlifting Tears and Smiles, Part 2 " he writes that it would be a tremendous achievement for mankind, light in the world of the unconscious to bring - weights are unconscious, just heavy metal.

Sri Chinmoy was always an inner guidance, which he said should raise when, how long and how heavy it weights. He started doing that in the year 1986 and hoped to stop the end of that year, with the weight lifting, but history shows that he at least over the next fifteen years continues hineinhob light in the darkness of our world.

To make it easy for us men more visible and understandable, he began to objects such as cars, ships, large animals and even to raise trees.

I admire Sri Chinmoy Oneness with an inner source, which are hidden from most people for the most part is. It is an invisible source, which leads all mankind to a higher consciousness to our Mother Earth. become a perfect instrument of this source to be, is an incredible achievement.

There are so many things I hate to do, things that I do not know if I should do, or should just leave because they are too difficult for me to do. I push things many times before me, although I know that is not canceled postponed. At some point you then loaded a cart full of times with things and wear out his unfinished work off things.

It helps me inside and out, remind me of Sri Chinmoy's feats of strength, even though he hated. He was excellent in all things, which he started over again. He had many names - commitment, perfection, confidence, patience and gratitude always.

About the photo (above), he said it was his favorite photo of all photos taken.

It shows a 350-pound calf compared to the same heavy weights, which he raised his 1986th He loved this picture since his dog canoe and the calf was very happy. How can a man have so much love? It touched me again and again. Sri Chinmoy has lifted all the weights only to us to help people in our inner and outer development. And it helps me tremendously! If I

catch me here that I hate anything to do, I'll do it anyway and as soon as possible, because I know there was someone who has done all his duties with love, determination and joy again and again. And what I have to do are usually only small, daily things that are hung with seemingly invisible, heavy weights, so that they appear difficult for me, even though they are really easy. Is that logical?

Friday, November 19, 2010

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Desertec - Monopoly with major projects

Desertec provides in desert regions to generate solar and wind power and to lead others from the Sahara to the consumption areas in Europe. - The closer would be better: First, the local states to change their current production of Regeneration (previously 0%), but the oil is still plenty of them just and cheap.
That our sunny Spain bought from Morocco fossil produced electricity, is an indictment of both states.

Mark Rabago>> discussion
More information will>>

Monday, November 15, 2010

Cookworks Xbm1129s Manual


Sri Chinmoy language is highly poetic and mystical - always a surprise to the searching heart. However, it requires daily internal collection to the true depth of his poems and Songs to truly grasp.

"I fly in the sky of my heart-beloved Supreme" is a song that Sri Chinmoy on the occasion of his 67th composed birthday in 67 different melodies. I often try to focus myself internally and gain access to the inner depths of these songs world, which is difficult, although the melodies are full of soul, light and cheerful. Can anyone imagine the heart-heaven of the beloved Supreme? I do not. The heart-heaven of the beloved Supreme is Bigger than the universe itself

Sri Chinmoy, the only non-white, but living permanently in this reality. He recommends us to understand not only to try it. He says we should not even there feel to try, but to let fly and the spontaneous bird in our own heart-sky. Hmm .. not so easy.

As I write these few lines, I hear a CD of the women's ensemble "Mountain Silence", which has arranged 25 different melodies easy. I especially like the upper voices, the violin and the lovely music of Sri Chinmoy. The songs are to sing along, because the text is very simple. Thanks, Sri Chinmoy!

Photo: Doris Cott

Friday, November 12, 2010

2009 Altima Coupe Headers

memories of Belek

Photos: Hrishikesh Karov

Thursday, November 11, 2010

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November is usually a month before I dread it, just - because the world seems dressed in gray and the sunlight decreases. It is apparently darker side of the planet, while people enjoy in other time zones of the spring.

But not today!

only reluctantly and with some courage, I moved to the running of things when the sun appeared. Ah, I thought, now you tricking me out do not like the other days on which you sent your rays on the earth, and I was attracted to the street, only to all too quickly disappear behind clouds. But she stayed and stayed. I quickly took another photo with the camera and went off happily.

The sun was well-behaved in the sky or the clouds were rather good, and disappeared, or the wind drove them away? Anyway, it was heavenly to walk through the beautiful Swiss landscape (run was not there). I am someone who likes to share and so I made here and there a few pictures of the landscape that enchanted me as occurred. You might want to look at the Sri Chinmoy Photo Gallery .

Somehow I had the feeling that something special was in the air. I wondered whether it might have something to do with the fact that today is the 11th of November - a month after the Sri Chinmoy Mahasamadhi on 11 October 2007. Later I suggested Kedar's page "Inspring Things" on and what did I find? A text on the importance of November 11. I am very pleased that this day will be international Betttag, pray to the millions of people at 11:11 am for inner and outer peace on our planet, as this morning did appear to many people.

Photos: Doris Cott

Monday, November 8, 2010

Cellulitis And Bloody Nose

Art & Artists

times recently I had a job for a few months accepted in an art museum. As I wandered enchanted sometimes with eyes along the rows of shelves and read the names of all the great artists. Sometimes I hit here and there on a catalog, but it is almost impossible to study the full range of all styles and eras.

One of my tasks was to edit the incoming mail, which consisted mainly of invitations to art openings around the world. I was well informed about what is in London, New York, Paris and small towns was going on. Well, I'm not an artist and I can only make a very low opinion about art, but as a spiritual seeker I am naturally drawn to inwardly pure art. But what nowadays when everything is sold under the title of art, partly ludicrous. Yes, you even have to be careful not confronted with horrible facts be. C'est la vie ...

look at human art. You are frustrated.
Look at the human artist. You are disappointed.
Look at Divine Art Your own soul is manifested.
Look at the Divine Artist. Your very breath is fulfilled. "

- Sri Chinmoy

as a suitable all-rounder, I had access to all departments. Particularly attractive and satisfying was my short-term work in the studio of the restorer. It was all so exciting, I would have liked to stay there. But all is welcome to his end, and so remain for the moment only the memories. I often think that I would be in my next life restorer, or it may be that I was before?

A picture that I can not forget is, "read The Monk" by Odilon Redon. But also pictures of Lorenzo Costa, Antonello da Messina, Camille Corot and some other painters of the Renaissance at allowing the eyes and the soul deep viewing the performance Madonnas .

Painting Odilon Redon

Friday, November 5, 2010

Female Genital Stretching

A history of God - Herman van Veen

When I had nothing else to do ...

... I watched all 52 episodes of the charming Jodokus Alfred Kwak (Herman van Veen), with its more amiable voice (Ryan van den Akker).

good or not, you tube right now is certainly a vast source of cheap and useful Information, and is an opportunity for a wonderful short story by Herman van Veen to their attention.

Much has been already said of Herman, (by the way, I named my son in 1982). There is no doubt it no one seems to be his equal. Artist, musician, poet, clown, magician, he is called by many.

It is above all the honest, simple, clear and present clownish in his works, combined with wisdom and depth of feeling, vision and charm that makes him so special for me lovable. Very popular with titles such as me are: ". I have a tender feeling" "All right, I'm not" and

A History of God:

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Breast Exam Halloween Costume

I know that I do not know

He was invited by Czech friends and he came ! Pulak is one of the oldest student of Sri Chinmoy, who was in the seventies on the spiritual path. The legend goes that in a past incarnation Pulak was a great philosopher.

Sri Chinmoy often stressed that it was not important to know who we once were, because it would stir up for only a curiosity, and other, could it be that it would not make us really happy, because we really do not know what kind of a villain, we might. Pulak, we know from our master was a great philosopher.

Pulak is also one of Sri Chinmoy's closest disciples. Often, the Master said, jokingly, if he talked about Pulak, "He is my best student." Whether this is so, God alone knows, but if you looked at Pulak only briefly, one felt a profound humility in him. It was precisely this deep humility that struck me again when he spoke of the Moderator of our event last weekend, was called to the stage. He was greeted with stormy applause, but his only Reaction was, very quietly and peacefully speaking into the microphone, "I did not expect."

He was standing there, confident as a child, and just as we know it, when in the vicinity of the champion was, for the simple, humble, modest. And just as he dresses modestly. He wears white stuff, usually a jacket that is packed with something invisible. It can be assumed that it was the little things that people need Sun It would not surprise me if he had come without any case, because the used it for the sale of so-called transcendental pictures of Sri Chinmoy in New York on Aspiration-Ground. Later we drove

to the temple to Heidelberg and Pulak was naturally there. It is not easy to describe what you feel when someone there sees his life in New York, has lived in the vicinity of the champion. Yes, as he descended the steps of the temple, with a slight limp, as it seemed to me that I would dream. But I was not dreaming. Pulak was all the way across the sea flown out to visit us in Europe. When I saw him go down and slowly sank to step in, I could not think of anything else, as he had done his masters in his thoughts. In fact, I can not think of anything else when I see Pulak. His absent presence is apparent to me often feel that he lives in a different World.

As a philosopher is simply, there are some funny anecdotes about Pulak. I like the word, but sometimes they call him a space cadet. The master himself told us many funny incidents of students and Pulak it to us to enjoy the stories. What have we laughed. What could motivate

him more than to give us joy, of course, he told us about his experiences with the Master. I have to say definitely not - we have our good giggle with laughter.

I have to tell a story in which Pulak an important role. Our master gave us regularly to the meditations Prasad (blessed food). Sometimes made joy to him to throw it and we had to catch it. Who started it was not a bad student. Of course it was just a game that the champion was playing with us, to teach us in this way. from

From my seat, I watched the spectacle. As the turn of Pulak was the slowly walked to the master, the master took the Prasad and threw it in a direction that would be Pulak never been able to catch it. It was all predetermined, that he was a so-called bad student. Pulak was seemingly indifferent to the corner and picked it up. He seemed to have been touched at all so by the happening of what there. I, however, burst into tears because I was sorry, how the master treated the student. But when I Pulak humility and love for the Master felt, my attitude changed instantly.

I do not know how it happened and why it happened, but I felt maternal love in that moment. What did the tears, I know, unfortunately, to this day. I cried and cried when I had swallowed an invisible Ungerechigkeit that came to light now, but nothing with the external event had to do.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Maximounds / Biggest Coock


The 29th October, the day that I had the new date at the Office was moved up.
point 5, so as always, my alarm clock rang.
Aaaach am still so tired, put for now.

felt sleepy after an eternity,
The clock showed 5.17 clock already.
nothin 'So get out and how the day started fresh.
ick Man'm tired.

From the bathroom, then made coffee.
newspaper show, half an eternity.
8 clock, the time had ran.
So off to the office.

called item 9 am then the supervisor, call them A woman, a pretty young thing on sches.
you wanted to synchronize my data first, well.
The question for my phone number.
Nope, that did not exist.
have got my mail and I live online.
made easy communication in my eyes.
But if they had to cancel an appointment.
Then I made a loving chic ride to the office, so my answer.
In my other mediators had worked perfectly via Emil.
Why should they get my phone number?
A date perhaps?

This was followed by the question of my education.
I began to talk freely of the liver, of my conversion from my job and
as I refused the post further training.
Also, I declared myself (of course) for any work prepared to give up when my bones.

Mrs A stated after the meeting that my training as an office clerk, would give no chances on the labor market.
It would be quite difficult to work with.
Well, I had the same thought.

This was checked off the Friday for me.
No, not quite, I devoted myself to the daily business.
For Mom bought seltzer, then once again raked leaves in my garden.
Well what you have to do so.

Even the Saturday morning brought nothin exciting. The emphasis is on
Because when I was back home, the post was dated already,
Did I already post office.

Na wa gaze times.

Headline: mediation proposal.

"I am pleased to propose the following workplace.

employers: Fitness Center in Bärlin.

(because there is no unemployment in Berlin.)

workplace: caretaker House technician
starting date: 1 November

(stop, what day is it today is not even the 30 October, a slight smile spread across my face...)

Salary: 400 € uro

(What can you keep it?)

Here, a second mediation proposal.

Employers: A cleaning company in Potsdam
Job: Operating craftsmen
work: Machine and plant operator
Salary: by agreement

(Sounds Not bad, but machinery and plant operator?)

read further overleaf.

the employer required knowledge and skills:

machinery and plant establishment
machine guidance, asset management and operation
quality assurance, quality control
maintenance, repair, maintenance
high-pressure pipes
building services
energy distribution, energy supply
machine technology.

each advanced knowledge??

Watt is that?? Have
with almost all the listed items do nothin 'on his hat. Had to hang
but based on my bones, my learned profession as a gas-water plumbing on the nail. 'm Now actually office clerk.
Since the woman has yet
A. fix what times printed from the computer. I gave him
times fast switching proposals.

scoring but for me to shake their heads out.

The rest is quickly told.
the Saturday still somewhat enjoyed.
early Sunday morning like an application written by Emil.
The 2nd landed shortly before 10 clock in the letter box of the mail.

Do my duty, my honor to apply as well.
Although feeble in my eyes.

Well let's see maybe there really chic paid work.
is not a problem play, as long as my bones.

'll be fine.

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UK and France are nuclear alliance

France and Great Britain in London today include an alliance that combines their nuclear forces and nuclear weapons research common aircraft carrier use, etc. should be subject

, despite the high public debt in the ownership of the expensive nuclear weapons to be noted as they did not apply the requirement of Article 6: Disarmament Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. Unfortunate because it is the continuation of a global Imperialprotzerei which in turn provoked resistance and terrorist aggression.
the effects and stock power, the agreement remains to be seen, for the bites to junior partnership with the U.S. politicians concerned with Britain's sometimes self-image of France as an EU superpower.

advantageous if all that such cooperation be accidental clash of French and British nuclear submarines preventable ( However, struggling German shipyards that are super-quiet submarines sold around the world, or given away at taxpayer expense, why the accident risks not diminish.

Monday, October 25, 2010

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father and daughter - Sri Chinmoy

What never ends?
The horizon never ends."
father, who listens
"daughter, desiring
The beggar heard in you
never give up."
What begins incessantly?
the soul."
father, who begins
The aspiring child."
Am I an aspiring child?
You are much more than that
You are a God-manifesting princess."

-Sri Chinmoy

painting Sulamith Wülfing

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

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Your Face Is My Dream

For some time you can meet me in the hour of our small, crowded Library of Sri Chinmoy find Center Winterthur . It makes me fun to see new places and structures for the books and copies of songs, where it appears to be seemingly hopeless. Sri Chinmoy's works are indeed very extensive and we will try as much as possible of its art, books and deliver songs.

be of two hours of fast and only three out of three quickly than four hours. Quite simply because there are so many things I have kept myself have never before in the hand. Most tempting (this is a complicated word) are all copies of the song ... it buzzes here and there, where they know the songs and ... that's where I found a song that I had never heard of. As beautiful as it sounds, that I forgot to look for structures and clean up, but I sat down and began to sing.

The beauty of the melody and the period in which Sri Chinmoy has composed this song reminded me of a photo of my son, who was at that time only two years old. I wish I could sing this song for him when he was so young.

I was very surprised when I read the translation of the lyrics read:

"Your face is my dream,
Your eye is my life, Your banner is the last
. Target
my ambition and dedication "

-Sri Chinmoy

I had thought of my son (photo above) was but now me the deeper meaning of the text content more aware of: * His * face, * His * eye, * his * Banner and yet it is not surprising that a part of me knew the words without having seen him outwardly ever before?

Interestingly, Sri Chinmoy wrote the song in English, but with a different melody composed. She is very beautiful, like all the thousands of songs he wrote during his time on earth and composed, and yet I felt at the Bengal Song drawn, because the mind was not so much involved because I did not understand the text and not had to.

What is even more interesting, it sings soulful for me if I forget the lyrics, and let me carry the melody in an inner awareness - in a world that radiates beauty. This beauty is none other than our own spiritual heart, which then calls into the world of God's face and God's eye and dive with his banner to become one.

God and man are in fact one. Now I sing this song all day long in front of me (or sing it in me?) And hope that soon such a beautiful gem of a song while cleaning up to find.

Purnakama , a friend of mine who is a music teacher and lives in Winnipeg, has a similar experience with Sri Chinmoy's songs made that one on the English Sri Chinmoy Inspiration Group by side.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

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third memorial in honor of Sri Chinmoy Mahasamadhi

many years I am more or less regularly flown to NY to visit my spiritual master Sri Chinmoy . In his present life was like a dream of beauty and fulfillment. Now that he outwardly the world three years ago has left, I notice especially how happy I was when I was near its outer, although I felt his inner near always, as soon as I focused on him. It was perhaps the only happy time, which I remember. It is a time that can bring back any more. I

the last two years in October have not flown to NY because I was afraid not cope with the situation, to accept his outward absence. This year, a week ago, I am flying to NY and although I missed Sri Chinmoy's very presence, it was a very nice time, because again it was as if they arrived home. Our Aspiration-Ground, as we call the tennis court, at the Sri Chinmoy meditated for so many years with us, his students beamed from the same peaceful atmosphere, as if Sri Chinmoy just only once gone shortly, and would have come back.

was all the more difficult it this time, fly back and immerse yourself in everyday life. I had the feeling of falling into a hole from which I seemed difficult to get out. Since I outwardly almost no contact with other students, I remembered the poems that Michael has written for our master and I was able to translate part. I am so glad that they exist, because they give me to understand that other people can be in similar situations. It is even amazing * how * can be similar emotions. These poems, which Michael has written in the form of a poetic tribute for our masters are so crystal clear as if they were written by the master himself, as master and pupil had become inseparable one. Perhaps I love these poems so so much for speaking to me from the heart.

The following poem has somehow taken out again from the hole, I do not even know how, but I feel much better since I read it again. I would like to thank Michael, where I put it here again copy into the blog and hope that spiritual people who need new lease on life, get some of his poems.

The top photo was the first time stood before my master. This was in November 1990 in the former East Berlin. On the lower photo was Sri Chinmoy, the last time seen. It was in Belek, Turkey, in 2006, and we sang for him.

* * *

sweet smile and thunder-drum

my Lord, forgive me, but I miss your e presence so much.

"My son, how can my presence ? Miss I'm so close, so close to you all! "

My Lord, I believe that You are with us, but I can feel it * really * that you are with us?

" My children love me more. Open your heart more , you will feel it. "

My Lord, how you spend your time now that you're no longer on the earth?

" Who says that I am no longer on the earth? .. Only an ungrateful heart "

Forgive me father What I wanted is: How you spend your time now that you no longer linger in the physical?

"My child, I am close to you, I am close to you, close to all. I have thousands of inner experience and through you. I remember you with so much love, affection and nostalgia. I am now a pensioner.'s why I spend all my time trying to visit you. "

My Lord, why do you visit us?

"I will visit to learn the latest gossip."

Father, You're kidding!

"Son, I'm an old man, I can not allow the joke?" I have the right not earned? "

Please father, I did not mean. Only, my heart longs to it, knowing it ... all you have done on earth, had a spiritual significance. So I would like to know the spiritual reason for your visit.

"My child, I visit you and all, all, all because I love you with ceaseless gratitude. You have my heart with your orphan tears caught. I treaty even if e not to be parted from you. "

Sir, there is another reason why you visit us?

" Yes, my child. I visit for comfort-light Wisdom Light and Forgiveness light anzuerbieten. "

father when you were on the ground, suffering You had to very much. Please let me you do not bind to me by my orphan tears. Fly away to the highest heaven! You the rest deserve.

"Son, as long as I dwelt on the earth, I have learned to live simultaneously in the lowest hell, and in the highest heaven. So I have to go anywhere else. How could I bear it, somewhere to go? I have so much joy to my spiritual children. Your love fills me with great pride. "

My Lord, what spiritual love of your children you most?

"I have immense love and affection for my spiritual children. But there is a special place in my heart for those who except me nobody on this earth for those who are suffering so much now."

My Lord, what did you mean when you wrote, "I will leave m a dream boat here on Earth on the last day"?

"I thought we all sweet dreams, hopes and plans we had together, I let them all with you, in my spiritual children."

Then you let it back?

"Let me say it clear: I leave you my dream boat here on earth, so that all may enter and sail."

Sir, what is in your dream boat?

"all my spiritual children are there, and millions of poems, songs, pictures, plays and sporting achievements."

you mean things you've done while you were on earth?

"No, new things, new things to discover. From you. From you to do and manifest."

My Lord, who sails your dream boat? "

"My child, I am the one who controls it, but it is you who sail in it ."

My Lord, how do you manage to control your dream boat from the other shore?

"My child, have doubts in my ability to you?"

father, no, never! Only, my mind wants to know exactly how it is possible.

"My child, I am close to you, I'm close, I am close to you. You think that the other bank is far away, but for me it's just a hair's breadth."

Father, may I express a wish?

"Son, you always ask for requests and I grant you always provided that they are imbued with wisdom-light."

father, I would not wait for you visit me. I m öchte visit you too.

"Son, granted. You are always welcome to visit me. I will be delighted to see you."

Father, what should I bring with you when I visit you?

"My child, there are two possibilities. One way is to come with your aspiration to Me, your love, devotion and Selbstüberantwortung."

father, in case that is too difficult, which is the other way?

"The other way is to come up with completely empty-handed, to stand before me and cry, like an orphan. Then I'll give you everything you need to meet me. Now going which way you going? "

father, I would like to say that I always go the first way, but something tells me that I must go the second route.

"Very well, my child, I appreciate your honesty."

father, I'm sorry that I stop you, but you know what I our marathon conversation remember? She reminds me of your days on earth where you were with us late into the night together, to listen to your admirers when she sang spiritual songs.

"son, shall I tell you a sweet secret?"

Father, please, I'll all about to find out!

"Even now when I hear her soulful songs with my inner ear, I am completely intoxicated with divine ecstasy!"

father, it can be true? Your inner distance is not effective at that time?

"Son, My inner distance and My divine ecstasy go hand in hand. They are the front and back of the same coin. As a hell-bound souls tormented my innocent heart on earth, because I was playing its role of infinite distance. If singing heaven-bound souls Dankbarkeitslieder to God, then played my divine ecstasy of their role. "

father, I may you a shameful secret with you?

" Go on, my son, I promise verrraten it no soul .

When you were still on earth, I sometimes had the feeling that you would be too strict with the singers. Mercilessly you corrected her pronunciation and phrases, and you test it perfect, if not the scale practiced.

"Do you still that way, my son?"

No, Father.

"Please tell me why?"

The day they buried your earthly body was unbearable for me. I felt I had to throw myself into the stream. Then began my spiritual sisters sweet, to sing spiritual songs. Suddenly, I felt your presence, you blessed my heart with your infinite compassion.

"And what did you learn from this child of my heart, my child divine compassion? "

O Father, You have them well informed in the knowledge that constitute their perfect sky-bound songs the safest way to your consciousness to embody.

" It is true my son, I can your orphans tears-not resist and I can not resist their sky-bound songs do not. "

Father May I ask a question?

" Son, a long interview! Is there really any questions that I have not been answered today? "

Father, forgive me, but what about your messages ...

"Yes, my son?"

Some people say that they would receive messages from you. Should I believe them?

"It depends entirely on it. If my mind is there, whom you n your heart says that they are genuine, and not contradict my teachings, then there is no harm. But give ambassadors too much faith . Realize me in you. Then you can fool no one. "

father if someone brings a message from you, it means that the person is a noble soul?

"No, not at all. It just means that I am a little sorry for that person had.

Someone brings a message from me, but how many other messages they have ignored or not followed? I can even work through your impurities. So if someone brings a message that does not show that they are high souls. "

father when I felt your inner presence, I was so full of joy that I wanted to pray to you, leave me never.

But now you have given me wisdom light, and so my prayer is different.

"What is your prayer, my son?"

I pray that you give me the Open your eyes, the eyes of my brothers and sisters, and the eyes of the world, so we know that you are with us that you are for us and that you never leave us.

"My son, please I beg the fullness of time to fulfill your prayer."

father, I realize it is a big request. May I pray for something simpler?

"What is your simple prayer?"

I pray that you will allow me never to forget you, whatever happens in my life.


father, I feel that you have not only answered my prayer, but you've embraced me very much!

"Son, I can not forget you. I'm very proud of you. I'm very proud of all who think about me and keep me in their hearts."

Then you will not allow me to forget you?

"son should you forget me ever, you will follow My sweet smile devoted. Unbending My Thunder drum up bring soulful."

Father, I'm afraid of your thunder drum. It signaled your death!

"Son, my unbending Thunder drum must be the human in you sometimes a rude awakening. But the divine should feel in you, they drummed only God's song of victory. "

all the same father. Please your sweet smile try first.

" My son, if you see my sweet smile, then you have to come and sit in my lotus feet. "

father, I will do more than that. When I see your sweet smile, I will come and you'll wreathe with the gratitude of my life.

"Then I will not need my thunder drum."

Father, because You have granted me this long interview, I have the G efühl to bathe in your pity-Sun. But I know when I return to my normal consciousness, I will miss you very much.

"Son, if you have the soulful Sensucht see me again is that good. But liberty of your desire not to turn into tears of frustration."

father that human in me, can not live without your physical presence.

"So now the time has come to dwell with the Divine in you, that my soul is always close."


"Yes, my child?"


"Yes, my child."

father ...

poem Michael Howard

Friday, October 15, 2010

How To Get Vaseline Off A Window

soul birds

Sri Chinmoy drew millions of soul birds , of which not one like the other, but these two are for me the most beautiful I have ever seen from him. They are internal representations of the souls of his parents.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Microsoft Usb Mouse Stuurprogramma

Toy Joy

I really do not know where my love comes stuffed animals, but I can not say it any different from what is like it - I have an intimate relationship with you and feel whether they are sad or happy ... yes, they exude a certain confidence.

I once had a cloth mouse, which was very cheerful. When I then gave away, I miss it very much and I went to buy a new one. Unfortunately, this second, even though they looked exactly like the first, not the same happiness. I do not think they tried to happy to be - except now when I put her into the bag, and told her I would take her to New York. Oh, she was so happy!

live our dolls because we give them life. I hope that everyone is clear.

My favorite doll is the duck Jodokus Kwak of Herman van Veen . Judokus Kwak is a funny, thoughtful cartoon series for adults as for children as it exciting - at least for the young at heart.

Pinewood Derby Taxi Cab

apple time

Yes, it herbstelt and not just the apples fall from the trees, but the foliage as well. I like the autumn so much, perhaps because it is the month in which I was born. I remember when cooking the apples on my Grandmother, and our oven that had a lid, and in which we put into apples. After a while they began to smell and we enjoyed it, by a little sugar and cinnamon to do this was. Our cheeks were as red as the apples themselves

If anyone has such a furnace described in any book, our descendants may still learn from them. But today you would probably be described as poor, if you like possessed an oven. Maybe there are some in the Swiss Alps?

The outer life is so fleeting, you can hardly believe how time races. As romantic as it might seem, the time was at that time because again not, but it was difficult as a child to drag the timber and coal from the cellar, and even more difficult, was to kindle a fire in the furnace. But the most tedious it was to remove the ash and disposed of.

Yet one remembers the good things that one has experienced, and baked apples with Grandmother had just one of those beautiful things that I can not forget. I do not have such an oven, but every day I collect the apples that the slope heruntergekullert come to me and I am pleased them.

Sri Chinmoy was so creative that there is almost no area of life, which he had not devoted artistic. Right now I am in search of his songs over the vegetables. I know he has written some songs.

It is still a bit early for apples ... but the chanting of Sri Chinmoy are songs me so much joy, such as collecting apples themselves

Photo: Google Images

Sunday, September 26, 2010

What To Use Instead Of Chicken Broth


Thanks to the good pills from my Doc, I feel it a little better.
But only a little, unfortunately.
All you can do heal, however, are the bones in the bucket goes nothin '.

War on 6 September followed an invitation by the Office.
It was about a new job for me.
Na Finally. The magic word is
It is divided into 2 parts.
In the first six months, called the activation phase. There is
sought in consultation with the Office a job.
In its preparation, of course, the strengths and weaknesses.
is the common job search is unsuccessful, then we obtain for 2 1 / 2 years for work.
This is social insurance. However
be paid no contributions to unemployment insurance.
It therefore falls after work again in Hartz IV immediately returned.
The range of work should be enough according to BA for work of volunteers work in the social sector to work in the home club.

Our Potsdamer model employment office, but one still has no plan.
is currently working on the creation of such bodies.
It should be "to be ATTRACTIVE Potsdam" under the motto.
this work is funded with 900 € gross, what is there to also still
could add the office any information.
They said that cooperation between beneficiaries and Office will close and current. However
give the next date before the end of October.
Got so 3 days later post where I my date 29 October indicated.

So think positive and continue to apply!

How's else?
really no big changes. Get up every day
time (even by 5 clock in the morning at the latest by 6) in order to not let me go. Try every day to move and to do something.
Only those who lose it.
Could apply again my heating maintenance and I can perform this well.
is now waiting to whether my application will be returned instead.
Hartz IV recipients to be is just annoying.
Had a job, you could live a quiet, rather persistent requests to be completed and the money often have to run after.

Have rumgeschlagen me with my landlord.
It's about the wetness of my basement walls.
After 4 mails, a phone call and a personal visit, it was finally inspected the damage to the facade of our house and in my basement.
And it will happen even more.
However, not drained the foundation.
The actual cause of the damage.

War again priced between Poland, to go shopping.
Since one can always find a bargain.
And despite the rather high Travel expenses, it pays off.

Even the forest is my diet again look a little more plentiful.
War several times to hunt mushrooms.
And even quite find.
has so far passed every time for a modest lunch.
Since starting the game park less than 300 meters behind my house can, at times even go quickly to the search. Do this however still accessible by bike, it's faster and I do not tiptoe so far. After all, this is bad for my bones.

my belongings in trash cans last week made plenty of prey.
but has since disposed of someone half a gift basket.
goods nor 4 beautiful apples, 3 peaches and even a few grapes in it.
I have it conjured a tasty sauce.

also Hartz IV recipients can live healthy.

'll be fine.

Friday, July 23, 2010

What Happens If You Swollow Mouthwash ?

sick! Finally

After my knee problems I am so much accumulated in late June to Doc.
Again, after a very long time.
He gave me strong tablets, but he wrote me sick for a week. So when I
education provider the medical card then delivered to my school and said decision.
After a phone conversation with the teacher of our educational institution, I turned to my mediator by the Office. There I also got an appointment very quickly to clarify, for my pain was unbearable.
This was then a show and I
fired from my 1 € job. The
was actually written out only for 2 months, with the option to extend it.
was added but also my argument, I was supposed to help with the toy issue of the kiddies, but a week later began
yes the school holidays. And there are no
nunmal kids in school.

No, there is, from classrooms, and rearrange. So
hard work which really is not more profit. For
as such was indeed the work being considered official.

But the Municipal Property Service, which is responsible for schools and day care centers, relies on a €-forces, which are actually considered Setting the caretaker or farm work would.
confirmed this to me also a member of the HIS.

The Office places great importance though, that this work be omitted, so that they can still profit, but this is not in reality.
I also cleaned in the 2 months door windows.
daily cleaned the large outdoor area and moved some cabinets.
shelves carried about, moving full boxes of books and even helped lay the carpet.
all voluntary of course.

The whole thing had, of course, affect my broken bones,
Thus, the pain unbearable.
blame yourself?

I would have only during the Hofpause the scooters have to give out for the kiddies. Then I would
geschindert for half an hour but hard and maintained the remainder of the working day.
This is not my thing.

It makes even that goes.
up loving it no longer does!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Reupholstering A Boat Seat

work !!!???

end of April once again last post by the Office.
They are happy to inform me that they have for me a job.
an additional job, for 1.30 euros an hour.
In a public facility, such as daycare's, schools or clubs, for 4 hours a day.
is not my first 1 € job.
interview on 3 May So I
to the "educational institution". There
suggested to me before a school near me.
And from the school and introduced myself.
The caretaker, a bit younger than me and very likable.
The headmistress very nice.
I was hired.
The next day began with a short tour, I was pointed in my duties.
Then I got a personal weapon, a rapier and even the garbage collection began on the very spacious area.
The next days went by in a not entirely, but already familiar with the task and the casting and Aufhübschen of the many green plants. So
steps on the staircases.

still well before my party but this evening I got a receipt.
my knee.

Since then I torture myself around with my already frequently mentioned knee pain.
with tablets, bandages and ointment, I try to go against it.
Unfortunately, with only moderate success.
The wide area and the stairs are just bad for my bones.

with my Hausmeisterchen I have already talked yesterday about my health problem.
Today is the first time "school". There, too, I'll
my present problems.
My goal is to at least hold out the announced 2 months.
Despite pain.
For the 100 €, I'm kind of dependent. The
would make my life more bearable.
Even drugs cost so money.
Even the luxury, like Internet and phone, even though my monthly expenses already something could screw down.

occurred at my previous job a € my knee problems not on solid, but that the objects were also each smaller and had fewer floors, resulting in fewer steps.

But ...

'll be fine.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Cute Dresses For Bat Mitzvahs Uk

Belgium derogatory language debate

The resignation of Prime Minister Yves Leterme on grounds of language dispute between Flemish and francophone Belgians - Belgium would like such on 1 July the EU presidency to take over? And Brussels as the capital of our multilingual Europe?
Belgium is currently all the trouble - or not notice it to be a recommendation for a united Europe and the common world. This is unfortunate. And a defeat of the Belgian intellect.

Mark Rabago>> discussion

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Drythroat During Pregnagcy

Fall of Greece: "45 billion €"

beginning of the year were excluded grants for Greece or categorical. Reason: incompatibility with laws in force in the euro zone, which provides for penalties on the contrary, in case of excessive deficits. A few weeks later bypass financing were considered, the IMF could help, otherwise create the euro zone a precedent for Portugal, Spain, Italy, ...
with vague pledges support experimented, probably committed at the same time, the Greek Government on the award to need no help to ease the speculation on the state of bankruptcy, but Greece's credit continued to deteriorate. Experiment failed. Government people-perspective, however, positive: the taxpayers of the euro zone are used to the idea of Greek loads. And last week, then came the three lines from Greece, that € 45 billion would be needed. Who expects to it?

Subject to a "credible austerity package" now apply grants / guarantees as almost inevitable, even if Schäuble threatens a veto. The composition: € € 15 billion IMF and the EU-zone 30 billion. On the package of the euro zone, Germany is 28 percent here, so € 8.4 billion, missing messages so far, how high the German contribution to the IMF aid. Certainly not too tight. Chancellor Angela Merkel speaks of the "guarantee" and supposedly expected that Greece will remain solvent, which already "bank rescue" was not true. It just makes a difference whether someone is guarantor for productive investments or debt consolidation. This explains the key media to the citizens do not prepare all appropriate, to even higher loads, as the interest rate calculation indicates when the interest rate does not increase.

will initially issue the guarantee by the Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KFW), which were to the "bad bank" is the Ministry of Finance, because the difference between KFW commitment and budget items in the federal budget is only that we, the government deficit will be fined. This is another example of the sleight, the financial crisis worsened, in which the politicians lose the overview and control. "Athens has to save"

sounds more human than "the Greeks are to save," but politically probably an even tougher austerity program to fail because it seems unnecessary to the Greeks, while others pay for them - can and indeed in debt, so that ( ). And the Greek economy has anything but growth has nothing to counter financing.

A common currency without a common fiscal policy, as required by the Euro-model, needs either either the exclusion of members from the stability criteria or misconduct is illusory.
Mark Rabago>> discussion

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Breakfast Invitation Text

April Fools!

is finally better weather, we can again enjoy the first rays of sun in the garden. Nevertheless, one expects
in the garden and work. Had
in my big garden (40x5) but proud 2 m², some Reconstruction measures. Looks
now again fashionable.
Also in mom's garden, I was allowed to do something.
There were times when one would have made no fuss drum.
But if not play more than bone, it is about every little laurels and pride. was

The last few weeks it unusual.
In Potsdam!

neugegossenen The bells of the Nikolaikrche were chauffeured in a procession through the town and hung a few days later in the bell towers.
This can not be allowed to as Potsdam and amateur photographer missed.
also broke ground on the city palace took place under my eyes. When, on

Easter Sunday, the bells of St. Nicholas Church for the first time were again sounded their sound, I turned my first video. Unfortunately, my sound is not perfect.
But never mind, you learn to always loving. It was still a great feeling.

Otherwise there is not much excitement. Pretty much spend my time in my basement.
There is always something to tinker and repair.
Also my PC I dedicate much time.
No, not games.
But actually training.
Even if much has to do at first glance to do with professional training.
I am working with Word and Excel, so we brought to his brain and remains at least mentally fit. Also
though much on the PC is annoying simply because it sometimes does not work.
A subject is to VISTA.
It is not stupid.

One surprise remains. The annual payroll
electricity and gas. After
was read in March, is as yet no account there. A good
I do not know.
wait and think positively about the future.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Meagen Good In Papers

German-Turkish Translation Prize

Minister of State Pieper and Turkish Culture Minister Günay agree German-Turkish Translation Prize

Cornelia Pieper, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs and the Minister of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Turkey, Ertugrul Günay, today (09.03.) Launched a German-Turkish Translation Prize. He should be awarded for this year for the first time. The price is outstanding translations of German literature into Turkish as well as distinguished translations of Turkish literature into German.

The translation prize is part of the Ernst Reuter Initiative for Intercultural Dialogue and understanding between cultures. The Ernst Reuter Initiative (ERI) Founded in 2006, following the cartoon crisis. Meanwhile, there is the initiative of many successful projects in the fields of art, culture and media, youth, science and integration, including the joint master program of the Humboldt-University Berlin and the Middle East University Ankara or "Jungenç" - a German-Turkish Youth Orchestra.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Synyster Gates Short Hairstyle


The week started great! Shortly after
9, I was the shopping on the way home,
I heard a loud bang.
Oh dear, my bike
Yeah, I got my rear shot.
shell and tube from the winter / New Year dirty torn.
Super, only once home.
who loves his bike pushes.
rear wheel removed and the bike shop of vertauen.
I got new tires.
This time, hopefully, a flat-less coat.
had already gone to the Fast 35 Euronen.
Well, it also must be enough money. Nevertheless, I was
And although plentiful.

But Radlfahrer drive is actually cheaper than bell.
And healthier, especially for my bones.

Today again commitment when mom announced.
she once again to do some little things that she can not longer on 75th
And again around 14 days, so the floor cleaning turn.
May I then do the same with me.
My hallway is again ripe.
Then still help a friend on a PC.
Well, one has to do.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Bmw Gasket Replacement Price


Well, not quite.
But we have survived the winter.

Anything new?
had to do because of the smoothness too much for my mom.
you had room arrest. Until
taken away through to waste.
you should at the smoothness indeed happen.
But now it's all better again.
War wegens much under foot, my bone was not received so well.
Cycling is loving for me easier, but because of the weather was run, simply because of the risk of falling more healthy.
War sledding also works with a buddy.
Yes, you read that right sledding, 2 old men. (Together almost 110 years old)
However, on a wok, because we do not have a sled for a long time.
were quite out of breath, but was fun.

could give me on my basement.
Some utensils to prepare for the gardening season.
power now really fun.
In my apartment I started very cautiously with the spring cleaning. My
pepperoni at the window is currently showing a lot of flowers.
It could be the third be harvested in one year.

Greulich Sometimes. The Hartz IV Disskusion
especially Mrs Westerwelle.
I get only 661 € TOTAL! And it must
rent, electricity / gas (alone is 98 euros), insurance, telephone and Internet.
The only thing spared, the sch ... GEZ.
remains as much about.
But I'm not complaining.

No, I am doing something for years to the public.
holding the land behind our house clean.
lawn mowing, planting flowers, pulling weeds.
Did the garage behind the house painted, gemalert the shed next to it.
even deleted the basement corridor with us.
4 metal rails at the corners of the basement attached as Stosschutz.
And 90% even at my own expense! Have
for 3 days now, with the elimination of the splits and the remnants of New Year started. However
let my bones, only a limited time.
Then I'm flat on his knees, although I do something every day.
And I move too. (And have no excess weight, only 66 pounds 1.76)

Even with my applications, it is gone.
I even, for many, getting back a written cancellation.
Finally a feedback.
Even if it's not really helping.

Na wa gaze times.
'll be fine.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Stripper Amateur Nightlos Angeles

€ crisis and government bonds

located in the States give the financial troubles in financial difficulties troubled banks cheap money to the banks lend the cheap money more expensive to the State which is in dire financial straits. Something like that and pulled the horse of Baron von Munchausen from the bottom.

Mark Rabago>> Discussion

Background: public debt of Greece, Spain, Italy, Ireland, Portugal, France, ... and Germany.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Cnet Cn200 Pro Fast Ethernet Adapter

New year, new luck!

And Another year around. What has
it brought.
found some small things. Many things to be done
thing work?
nil, despite great efforts.
my bones?
No improvement, as well as well.
Have not played in the Bundesliga so.
my mom?
is doing well.
Only the snow and ice make her create.
But she has me, too.
And so I have to do.
my basement?
gemalert Finish.
Now you can finally craft reasonable.
Could be more.
No, but no debt.

Let's see what's in store for New Year for me.
I think positive.