Thursday, December 16, 2010

Invitation For Grihaprevesh

My dream of Jesus

I as a student of Sri Chinmoy, I had a dream that I'm sure he was held to a higher soul level. I can remember him so well as I would have dreamed it yesterday.

In my dreams sat Sri Chinmoy with some of his disciples at the sea and painted. The students sat across from him and watched him while painting. I came across a highway that led through the desert, to him and sat down opposite to him.

then took a photo of Sri Chinmoy and handed it to someone who was sitting next to me. For a moment I thought he would want to give it to me. As he noticed, he told me he would give the photo to my neighbors, because this Jesus is not very long to see. At that moment Sri Chinmoy disappeared behind a bright light and Jesus stood before me in all his glory.

He had golden hair, which reminded me of the gold of the grain. And when he smiled, shone light through its glass teeth. He handed me a glass of wine and took even one in his hand. He wore a purple, long pants and a white shirt Prince. Furthermore, he wore a vest that was magenta.

When I wanted to collide with his glasses, he disappeared - but his smile I had to this day.

The image that Faustina has painted of Jesus, I am one of the favorite images of Jesus.

Mary Christmas!


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