Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Patch Itaport Royale 2

World AIDS Day

What the occasion for a great idea, Boris Becker commit to World AIDS Day as "advertising". We remember: Was not he, who was then in his last Wimbledon appearance in 1999 when I was still crying on the sofa in the careers Summary of the DSF to the sounds of My Way and the beautiful Abmoderation by a certain Mr. Gogel , by the way, used to be the unique issues in selection and depth quiz Bayern-Kini moderated, but I digress, at least I howled into the parish road, Mr. Becker has in the broom closet. And if we now draw certain conclusions from the seed predator effects on the contraceptive behavior of our blond gel tray No. 2 (to me) moves, one could consider the suitability of my idol for the very campaign would definitely in doubt.

Where will it all end just because? At the end of Roland Koch promotes plastic surgery, Werner Lorant held etiquette seminars and Matteo Fornasier are German courses.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Desmume Emulator Freezes


just got my godson Magdalene and their godmother gave this blog address, I ask, therefore, raise the level of blog discussions back to a normal ...

Uh, achso: The godmother of the sponsored child, am not I? Uh, yeah, and why then aunt? Gender reassignment in the wake of the end of legal education? Is this the much-awaited full satisfaction? Hmm, sounds like everything The father of the brother of the son of Rembrandt? - Eh? Rembrandt? - Right! No, but because we san so Catholic, so we create's always equal to two sponsors, firm-as godfather. And the same donor Firm like I had it too.

PS: If you do not understand the allusion to Rembrandt, again for "Otto - the book" start and then slowly work your ...

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

How To Cook A Dry Rub Brisket In A Crock Pot

"The one-man formation differs significantly from its foundation by several people. (...) The establishment also an on-GmbH, which creates a real property asset special class of asset of one man is (one-man-on-GmbH). "

Found in my beloved inhibitors script" corporation law. "Yes, well, get with the inhibitor method. But, as looks a one-man well? And there's also a ?-woman A-woman-GmbH or wrote to the then-woman-m-BH And what if the one-man announces exceptionally arises then unclaimed? (Women? los) property of a zero man-GmbH questions on issues that interest me from Friday, thank God no longer employ ...

Tuesday, November 8, 2005

Good Around Items For Lube

The one-man one months ...

has now been passed and a bit more since I this beautiful city with the ugly name (or It was surely not the other way around?) have now left. I know the last photos are still missing, but at present few opportunities remain to take care of it. Next Friday (18.11.) I have my oral exam. Jura is really fun at the time, and indeed Germany in the autumn and winter, especially political life. Does anyone by chance the appearance of Jens, followed uh rubbish, Friedrich Nowotny Maybritt Illner in 3 weeks? An absolute highlight. The relevant blog entries (yes, there's now the google blog search!) Rushed unfortunately only Michl Glos, economy minister who was born, and Renny Künast Dutrout Marc, dressed as Michael Platzeck If ( even the criminal libel? If I had to really just learn ...). No row back, quickly, of course, not Platzeck looks like Marc Dutrout, he is also much thinner. Did you know the way, that was sitting in the cabinet under the East German Prime Minister Hans Modrow? Yes, yes ...

But highlight was definitely still Friedrich Nowotny, the WDR-old director, who was in Opa-Simpson-style one corny joke after the next of itself, and indeed completely without reference to the subject. An example: Marc said Platzeck of "equals" mt of the Union, which could be inferred from the election result. Bursts because Oppa Simpson in with the congenial anecdote, he had 60 years Helmut Kohl (and before him Hindenburg, Bismarck, and probably still Metternich) interviewed and had to always put on a chair to reach the desired eye level. Yes, a lot of fun while propagating the hopefully won insights (???)

PS: The old Burda is dead

Monday, September 26, 2005

Optiplex Gx620 Sound Driver For Windows 7

... Only the sausage ...

and because I have not bitten in the second of the above for so long, I am now almost back in Munich, go on Thursday night at on Monday (29.09. and 03.10.) on the Wiesn, keep so and returns the remaining news from Morocco and the rest of the world when I'm back sobered, best live, but here next week follow photos and and and, therefore, see you later!

Monday, September 19, 2005

Happy Anniversary Candles Toronto

choice IV: Spiegel Online

How stupid you are allowed to still publish in mirror online, proves today Mr. Sebastian Fischer in Munich (I suspect the only reported from London that he is from Munich can not imagine I) :

This is a threat to Edmund Stoiber. The top priority for the CSU is always their retention of power in Bavaria, the absolute majority. If it were here to share government power or even lose all, was their special role in federal policy, found their status in the Berlin Group, Community, and the CDU in question. Stoiber, the party, more so than his predecessor Franz Josef Strauss, understood as the spearhead of the opposition in Berlin, a "Bavarian party with a nationwide political aspirations," he has "formed federal political party that is limited in her constituency to Bavaria is" one, as the Munich political scientist and CSU expert Andreas Kiessling expresses.

therefore mean 49.3 percent: Edmund Stoiber is the 18th September 2005, 19:45 clock no longer untouchable in the CSU. With yesterday's result it does not provide satisfactory power perspective on the state elections in 2008.

Daweil but must be clear that this result means one thing: No one in Bavaria had just kind of mood for a chancellor Merkel. Stoiber had they chosen the safe everyone. So how stupid you have to in order to mortise rubbish? Ridiculous, what to write there.

Image Of Muscle And Lymph Nodes In Arm Pit

election III: Elephant Round

So because the good Düsseldorf Kollesch Krawitz is right, the elephants round yesterday was awesome, a totally zugekokster Gerd Schroeder has once again brought to the point: I will stay as long as chancellor, until we reach the 5% hurdle fail.

sister shaft in good shape, but I found more Stoiber, very confident yesterday, without Hašpl. Maybe he will still chancellor.

Fischer ingeniously: Jamaica, the association makes me very wonderful. Very cool.

Merkel: Merkel? Was there at all? Against the yes of Bisky is pure political miracle.

Does Victoria Secret Luggage Fall Apart

election II: Et altera pars audiatur!

Kam grad Mr Krawitz, I personally's I did not read because you know that does not bring you what writes this intellectual non-swimmer there, this political bumpkin, but I publish's time anyway, not that is, the blog is one-sided:

I know you're a different opinion, but just because! I would now like to
editor in a major newspaper, I am not, so you must listen to it you now:
The article title would "???".
What was that again? What a result! A grand bad and ill-run campaign of the union, added. You can not lead with two control concepts election campaign, one can not but fishermen give as a forum for foreign policy and not bring Viasaffäre and other shortcomings, one must still make a talent like Merz in the first row, one has to admit even heard of Mueller, after all, for work and economic conditions, hear! All granted.

But at least Merkel was honest and relevant. But the will of the supposedly intelligent voter who achso important sovereign not know. How bad it must Germany to go in, nor how bad the numbers will have any idea how high the debt is to actually get to? But this is not the issue. The voters will be cheated and misled. The lower the numbers, not the greater the desire for some to say how bad it is! This is the truth!

are or how else to explain the numbers (net loss for the CDU / CSU and FDP together, 25% CDU in the east when the wall will have again, your love, for which I paid like solos; SPD for first-time voters to 40% off! ! the PISA generation ...; eigtl where are all the women who think that more women in politics are so important)? Even after 16 years of coal was not suffering from such a large loss of reality as our last night of drug-Chancellor, who spoke from the fact that the voters do not have to be dismayed by media manipulation (TV-Duell ???). What a verbal rampage by Schroeder! If you then Stoiber accused that he was a bad loser, what can you then say now to Schroeder?

Under normal circumstances, would have both Merkel and Schroeder have to resign immediately, but there is the dilemma should be Kauder Chancellor? Or Wowereit? In the second row can see it from even darker. Therefore, we have ran! And Christian Wulff Chancellor! Or emigrate ...

shaking his head and greets are in a mood for change you Thomas resigned from the capital of North Rhine-Westphalia (where the SPD was well over 40% ...)

PS: I am now for the Jamaican Schwampel or coalition only because the name!
PPS: And the winner elephant round yesterday clearly sister shaft, said Schroeder, "I do not know what you did before the show ..." and "Although I am younger, but not stupid as you"

I Need A Simple Printable Room Rental Contract

choice I: Max Emanuel Gruber Schmalz

So, here therefore the ultimate proof of the subversive satanic intentions of Constance H. In my opinion, A case for constitutional protection. Now that you really grind the whole Old Left and neo-communists in your favorite beer garden is not to believe really. I can not imagine any case, the Max email as soon again to visit, as a good Catholic!

Friday, September 16, 2005

How Do You Get Yir Hair Lile Dahvie Vanity

Joachim Kühn, continued

While at the Place de la Victoire already has the ultimate Friday afternoons-tag-Hup-employed concert, I sit in my office, Jeff admonished to greater labor discipline and craft on to my blog. That day was truly ready for 10 blog entries. Specular, in fact be meeting with Joachim Kühn, one of the great jazz pianist this century, international star with a heart, it the occasion of the inauguration of the ambassador did not take, for us (and only institute for the français , but this is now time does not matter) a concert playing.

Now I have the Lord picked grad, and I tell you: It was so awesome. Because the guy is really pretty cool, were just a fag from me (when I have left off a week of smoking, tststs) and then we have maintained during the entire taxi ride to jazz music, when I with him the broken ice with the heart-warming story, had my grandmother was very near his hometown of Leipzig, namely Plauen grown up and have encouraged my piano since early childhood. And where I ever was during babbling (because he knew me yet, I have to tell a little something, of course, what), I told him then also of "Red" told by Uwe Timm and since then that I fully stand on Jazz, because since the main character almost jazz critic (well, also holds funeral orations, but I once left out, though, as has coughed, it would certainly have been a good tip, but now probably more for his children). In any case, he told me then written in the course of our conversation, which took place in the hotel lobby is continued, the ultimate list of wichtigstens in his view 10 Jazz Albums, I will not hide from you:

Miles Davis: Kind of Blue
Bitches Brew

John Coltrane: My Favorite Things

Lee Konitz: Lee Konitz The real
Lennie Tristano: Intuition
Ornette Coleman: The Shape of Jazz to Come

Sonny Rollins: Our Quartet Man in Jazz
Chet Baker with Gerry Mulligan ( has occurred to him not a CD title, no matter !)

What do you think ?

Homemade Us In The Night

Addendum: Ifrane

One of the most beautiful weekends that one, in early July with Christopher in Ifrane and Volubilis was, alas, almost blog-technically, I was always too dumb to lug the computer when I've seen Chris. Now he has long since perished in Vorarlberg back there for it but here the overdue photos.

Can Gay Christians Go To Heaven?

Joachim Kühn

Ha, I do not believe so: After the commercial come-chamber on-the Monday a soirée for the new German Ambassador to Morocco Gottfried HAAS (a first name that really suits my blog, and by the surname I would not even start !!!!) and that he has done it, but it actually Joachim Boldly to win the great jazz pianist, is to me a totally unexpected as supplied are the object of those said Kuehn (also a good name, but the first name is never again!) Now at the airport to pick up.

Ui, ui, ui, ui, ui. Let's see Sun

Have I downloaded the same course to better prepare one of his great albums on iTunes (because before that I've still never heard of what had that), but does not work. No matter what it is to me vollklimpern stop at the hotel while I canapés and sparkling wine Timing ...

So now said El Jefe degree yet, I do not how else would be put to flappsig therefore speak, because with Artists never know ... (???) Where have noticed here but all that I am in everyone, but act in every situation adequately know, right? Well, I'll restrain myself and stop talking about it a bit technical for him, then later give For Elise the best!

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Denıse Mılanı Vikipedi

Martin Hohmann

Over a SZ article
deals with the direct nomination of the totally am in error against the CDU excluded Martin Hohmann (I mean the fei seriously!, Even if Joschka got my second vote yet) I was made aware of a provision in federal election law, which I think in the article and thus in the election campaign understood completely false. My opinion on § 6 I 2 BWahlG :

(will not be considered while the second votes of those voters who cast their first votes for a constituency successful candidates in accordance with § 20 para 3 or by a party in the the country concerned no national list is approved, is proposed.)

does not question the passage in the federal election law to ensure that the voices do not count the Hohmann voters. It only prevents it necessarily in the direct election Hohmann's a kind of "overhang mandates" is: If Hohmann directly elected, no longer need the CDU-party votes counted to be there "her husband" yes already chosen over the direct mandate. Otherwise, the voters would benefit the greater weight of her voice, which might argue in turn for clear and not against the primary vote choice of individual candidates. The result shall therefore § 6 I 2 BWahlG only for a fair weighting of the votes.

Sun So I did that as well this spasm hens-SZ editorial written to the Levites. Whether it's true, I really do not know. Anyway, it's me can read simply for its proximity to Pope Benedict XVI. That we here , a special inner need to support this great politician of the presence in person.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Retaining Wall Price Estimate

grand coalition?

Today on mirror online :

Stoiber does not like to talk about the grand coalition, because he basically in Bavaria in the form of disguised social democrats such as Horst Seehofer has already. On the other hand, an alliance of the CDU and SPD, a formation in which Stoiber is considering the move to Berlin would again. With black and yellow Stoiber is not a Registrar. With black and red because some bills are reopened. So: keep the ball very flat now.

Uh? How? Perhaps it would be nice if one of them would stop by drop me a hamburger grease in Bavaria, before such nonsense dovetailed, as it has done wrong this Malzahn there again. As the already actually only underground products by themselves. By the way, was so not nice Damme in "Jim Button and Luke the Engine Driver"?

While in Germany the way the campaign is raging, we are made all the preparations: Thanks to overwhelming use our press front ... uh ... Front-woman, Heike we can on Sunday at the Goethe Institute from 15:30 pursue the outcome of the elections. Anyone who wonders about that time, he must have just forgot the time difference (Gell, Oliver !!!!!). And then it comes out also the correct result, Alexander and Rene have now but still found a way to vote: Voting papers were in fact yesterday, and the head of Lufthansa Maroc has kindly agreed to aufzutun a pilot to take the election in the cockpit with letters to Germany so they arrive in time. Very good!

Walkthrough For Bloon On Ipod


In honor of our new intern Doris, the unprecedented use in Groningen (NL) has not tired to look for me a replacement charger for my camera battery and can also be found (that will not her suitcase arrived, is again a different story, but now everything is all good, a week later, like so much here in Morocco) and in view of the magnificent climate at the time here, which has increased significantly along with other factors, my current well-being in this beautiful city, it here is a photo flight from Casablanca , recorded between my home and my workplace.

Yes it is, as so often in life: one must simply look for the beauty, be prepared to discover it, then you will find it even here in Casablanca (!).

the weekend so was the Emperor (lighting designer) in Marrakech, at its 60th to celebrate birthday, but more on that later ...

Monday, September 12, 2005

Flashing Phone Women For Men

The last few weeks

While Matteo's free time for the next few weeks, apparently already gebongt, I was yesterday for the first time in the large (huge huge) Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca, according LonelyPlanet "the tourist attractions of Morocco." A ruling that opens up to me not quite, but it's nice in there, only Disneyland can not be compared really. And also: no organ of it, no steeple, no praise of God, only a leader who wanted desperately to compare every Muslim act with any Christian ritual and that of man (only as a minaret, but the largest in the world with 200m height!) it also learned that in Holland have to sit men and women in the church remains divided. Otherwise, you pretty much killed by the huge dimensions this church, see the 25,000 people alone in the interior space. Thank God, for it would close, would the smelly feet of fellow visitors (you need to take off shoes) can not stand.

All in all, but a worthwhile visit, especially if one finds oneself afterwards in search of a freshly squeezed orange juice in some fucked up market streets of Casablanca.

Anyone else want to make a picture of the beautiful mosque (I had my own camera present, and my cell phone Photo thing is not compatible with my standard computer!), This can do here .

Thursday, September 8, 2005

Denıse Mılani Vikipedi

Our Edi

So so, that's amazing, these findings indicate that the burner so meek about it. However, I have to say again: The worst thing that has sinned, this man is simply his daughter Sabine. Incredibly, this Hackfresse. And I have to say, well that there was at least Konrad Tönz and Peter Nidetzky because'd put me in the show no fun when added back someone cut off anyone the thumb with pruning shears, just to get to the ugly wedding ring, and the whole experiment performed by actors from the Theatre Academy. No, no, no!

Wednesday, September 7, 2005

How To Change Diana Film

celebrity love

long time, I knew the question of whether there no Star weiblicherseits exist, I'd love an answer. But now it's there, the answer

Susanne Stichler, earlier still in the ZDF "Volle Kanne", now in the news. How cool. And I find that very simply great, with this charming, friendly, professional charisma that always reminds me of Sandra (most of you probably noticed the "Sandy" or just "worm" known. Good luck for the exam, by the way times!). Simply beautiful. Must find out once the fan address, hehe!

Tuesday, September 6, 2005

Sample Letter Of Church Budget Request

The clerk

Tues Kan dat?

For those who still need a decision-support, and do not want us to next 4 years old speeches by Ronald Reagan hear.

Daweil we all know: Do not cry, when the Reagan falls, dam dam, dam dam ...

Gameshark Cheats For Pokemon Ruby On Vba On Vba

hematoma Hieger

crazy what the lions because times have come again let : two liters of beer for umme! Unbelievable. Since they probably have a marketing strategist provides for a comprehensive market analysis of the incredible money-mad idea: beer fefzig and, like any ZAMM!

Yes, indemnify, and I sold out here in these squatting Islami, no beer, no lions, no Allianz-Arena (by the way to Dresden, was so clear, however, if Dynamo is not ...), Giesinger alcohol corpses. Life is hard ...

Friday, September 2, 2005

Birthstone Chart 2010

But now at last! Eric Idle

So now you all know why we are so sorry for doing the photos from Safi, come here now the ultimate slide show . I can only pass each try. Real nice pictures. Wau. Madness. And moreover, I refer to my entry of Eric Idle as before.

Ice Skate Sharpening Machines

Apart from the fact that Eric looks Idle as a centenarian, and thus its counterpart in the pigeon issue in "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" has approached visually frightening (or remembers it just to Paul McCartney ???), I find the playlist on iTunes but very amazing, especially the marketing of the own blockbuster "Sit on my face": "Because of the feelings!" Yes, beautiful, and therefore, because of my heart now the whole schmaltzy lyrics of this classic of Western culture:

Sit On My Face

Sit on my face, and tell me that you love me.
I'll sit on your face and tell you I love you, too.
I love to hear you quite completed
When I'm between your thighs.
You blow me away!

Sit on my face and let my lips embrace you.
I'll sit on your face and then I'll love you truly.
Life can be fine if we're both 69
If we sit on our faces in all sorts of places and play Till we're blown away

Yes, exactly, and because it's so beautiful, another behind, hehe:

Never Be Rude to an Arab

Never be rude to an Arab, An Israeli or Saudi or
Never be rude to an Irishman
No matter what you do.

Never pull fun at a nigger, spic or a wop
A or a herb, And never poke fun at
a - [BOOM]


Never be rude to a Polack - [BOOM! ]

Oh yes, with wop Spadjettis the way and the terms spic the Spaniards, have I found out leo is thanks. And herb must be the Austrians ...

Thursday, September 1, 2005

Church Thank You Letter Donation

Must love to be beautiful ...

... like the nice pretty lady there on the photo is radiant, right? Or what do you think? So, I'm no expert in this profession, but more like what can my iBook so everything or not, because it is not true to the faith, and therefore the lady radiates since that way on my blog because I'm now actually managed to retrieve the stolen and then only inattentive Photos from Safi. And that's why this here once before as a trailer for the slide show that I can put together tomorrow, because now the work is already at; and that would be my position as public servants do not really agree, because if I push the block even overtime. And gives the rest of the story's so well tomorrow.

only so much even as a tip. Tries never, ever, a mini-CD, as is the case of technical devices such as USB card readers as a carrier of the installation program like included times to put in the slot of iBooks. For that is not good. And not good, after one that tries to equal even a regular CD, because then you hate your apple final!


Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Tears In Colon After Colonoscopy

Essaouira and Konstantin

After we had so this lucky with Sandra and Radouane, this wonderful fun couple, I can tell you even photos of Essaouira, preferably of the two and the house we had there lives, and that here:

slide show Essaouira (gmx )

Otherwise, I have downloaded from me a very beautiful, always edgy Konstantin a song on iTunes with the wonderful title "You're so ugly that I can hardly bear it," one of my favorite songs. But there is obviously no connection, that's just me falling grad is so / slipped out. And I want only fast that you all know that the alarm can now download it from Apple there just because it works so beautifully and can really be no room for discussion, whether PC or Mac now, as elsewhere to make.

Before I make clear again here wants this blog is for my friends and therefore just no one wants as falling under it, has the right to me to make a rope out of what I write, just because he context not properly understood (=> his problem not mine! Zefix!) and does not know what is coming for a great, funny, warm, good-natured and likeable person I am now out of recent events, now a quote from one of my Favorite Ballads by Friedrich Schiller (Exactly, exactly, Schiller Year, blah blah and so on!):

But this was hardly the word slipped out,
'd like to 'keep it in my heart's love;
vain! the pale mouth scare
power quickly to debt-conscious customers.
You tear and drag it to the judge,
The scene is a tribunal, confess
And the villains,
revenge taken by the jet.

(Friedrich Schiller, 1759-1805, The Cranes of Ibycus, last verse)

long way, I would ever write about Markus Passlick, but that's another time. Before, I commend you, I am to do the same and Jerry Cotton, read by Harald Schmidt download. Very cool.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Windows Ce Usb Driver

is now once again what happened ...

And believe it or not, I'm so stupid! Because, let's start at the end of the story: I have deleted the photos. All. From Safi, this wonderful place with wonderful weekend with the beautiful Mitpraktikantin.

Weil, namely the camera we get back, and the iPod and also Lisa's still with the same rock to orange, one may argue, but I like it actually quite good. Because as you blog readers all know, has summoned the police and yes, so we could not work Thursday / Friday, that was a bit of a shame, because the work is indeed the most important in life, such as a will also love notified times. God, I'm back evil,'s now called soon. And in any case we were in court on Thursday, which was very funny. Of course we have understood nothing, because everything in Arabic, is indeed legal language, but I'm me but a reprimand from the judge because of gossip captured, Mrs Eberhard, God rest her soul, nothing against it. Or I care for all who know my former Latin teacher not: set simple woman's slate in the text instead of Mrs. Eberhard. And who knows not, is to actually ask me what he has to do on my blog. Because that's all top secret and private here. So, and who might feel stepped on their toes, which includes that, and all others who know me know to take, yes, I mean that's ONLY GOOD! In any case: the judge, this Richterlein, then the three defendants has interrogated. They were so between 12 and 14 years old and were very nice and funny, were then also happy that you have them removed the handcuffs and that Sharia law not the law, quasi Zack, hands down, he must nunter. And what they have condemned, we unfortunately do not know, but when we half an hour later in a cafe sitting, still not knowing, start pouring the mischief (at least for me) on the weekend and would happily ever had, Safi's mean but well with us because were then the 3 guys over, along with large family and they laughed and it sounded all very good. Because the prosecutor nor what he meant by prison for the oldest offender (which exists in my opinion does not, which was invented only to the 3 guys to explain that the other things are gone) and 'reform school for the kiddies and that would indeed been totally overdone really.

And now I have last night because I DEPP also kruzinesen, I want to transfer the photos on my iBook and I thought, worked and then images are deleted on camera and now, bang, pictures on the computer and then all the way . Recovery software downloaded, but need a USB card reader, and to find in this fucking city so something is really not easy.

Yes, exactly, is this win, melted away like that, and then you come back someday to Munich: - not yet anyway "You come from nothing, you're going back to nothing, what have you lost NOTHING" but always very bright side of life.

In between was a wonderful weekend in Essaouira. Lisa and I met a super cool friendly couple, Sandra from Nürnberch (yes, Bernhard, really true!) And Radouane (Radouane - such as the Karadciz ") from Casablanca, who met in the Paris Metro 4 years ago and pulled together that evening, and were just wonderful. We then rented a home cooked in Essaouira, situated in the center, together mint tea and tagine, it was wonderful. Sorry, there's been some disagreements with the other interns who are still met. But that's another story ...