Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Breast Exam Halloween Costume

I know that I do not know

He was invited by Czech friends and he came ! Pulak is one of the oldest student of Sri Chinmoy, who was in the seventies on the spiritual path. The legend goes that in a past incarnation Pulak was a great philosopher.

Sri Chinmoy often stressed that it was not important to know who we once were, because it would stir up for only a curiosity, and other, could it be that it would not make us really happy, because we really do not know what kind of a villain, we might. Pulak, we know from our master was a great philosopher.

Pulak is also one of Sri Chinmoy's closest disciples. Often, the Master said, jokingly, if he talked about Pulak, "He is my best student." Whether this is so, God alone knows, but if you looked at Pulak only briefly, one felt a profound humility in him. It was precisely this deep humility that struck me again when he spoke of the Moderator of our event last weekend, was called to the stage. He was greeted with stormy applause, but his only Reaction was, very quietly and peacefully speaking into the microphone, "I did not expect."

He was standing there, confident as a child, and just as we know it, when in the vicinity of the champion was, for the simple, humble, modest. And just as he dresses modestly. He wears white stuff, usually a jacket that is packed with something invisible. It can be assumed that it was the little things that people need Sun It would not surprise me if he had come without any case, because the used it for the sale of so-called transcendental pictures of Sri Chinmoy in New York on Aspiration-Ground. Later we drove

to the temple to Heidelberg and Pulak was naturally there. It is not easy to describe what you feel when someone there sees his life in New York, has lived in the vicinity of the champion. Yes, as he descended the steps of the temple, with a slight limp, as it seemed to me that I would dream. But I was not dreaming. Pulak was all the way across the sea flown out to visit us in Europe. When I saw him go down and slowly sank to step in, I could not think of anything else, as he had done his masters in his thoughts. In fact, I can not think of anything else when I see Pulak. His absent presence is apparent to me often feel that he lives in a different World.

As a philosopher is simply, there are some funny anecdotes about Pulak. I like the word, but sometimes they call him a space cadet. The master himself told us many funny incidents of students and Pulak it to us to enjoy the stories. What have we laughed. What could motivate

him more than to give us joy, of course, he told us about his experiences with the Master. I have to say definitely not - we have our good giggle with laughter.

I have to tell a story in which Pulak an important role. Our master gave us regularly to the meditations Prasad (blessed food). Sometimes made joy to him to throw it and we had to catch it. Who started it was not a bad student. Of course it was just a game that the champion was playing with us, to teach us in this way. from

From my seat, I watched the spectacle. As the turn of Pulak was the slowly walked to the master, the master took the Prasad and threw it in a direction that would be Pulak never been able to catch it. It was all predetermined, that he was a so-called bad student. Pulak was seemingly indifferent to the corner and picked it up. He seemed to have been touched at all so by the happening of what there. I, however, burst into tears because I was sorry, how the master treated the student. But when I Pulak humility and love for the Master felt, my attitude changed instantly.

I do not know how it happened and why it happened, but I felt maternal love in that moment. What did the tears, I know, unfortunately, to this day. I cried and cried when I had swallowed an invisible Ungerechigkeit that came to light now, but nothing with the external event had to do.


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