Tuesday, October 5, 2010

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apple time

Yes, it herbstelt and not just the apples fall from the trees, but the foliage as well. I like the autumn so much, perhaps because it is the month in which I was born. I remember when cooking the apples on my Grandmother, and our oven that had a lid, and in which we put into apples. After a while they began to smell and we enjoyed it, by a little sugar and cinnamon to do this was. Our cheeks were as red as the apples themselves

If anyone has such a furnace described in any book, our descendants may still learn from them. But today you would probably be described as poor, if you like possessed an oven. Maybe there are some in the Swiss Alps?

The outer life is so fleeting, you can hardly believe how time races. As romantic as it might seem, the time was at that time because again not, but it was difficult as a child to drag the timber and coal from the cellar, and even more difficult, was to kindle a fire in the furnace. But the most tedious it was to remove the ash and disposed of.

Yet one remembers the good things that one has experienced, and baked apples with Grandmother had just one of those beautiful things that I can not forget. I do not have such an oven, but every day I collect the apples that the slope heruntergekullert come to me and I am pleased them.

Sri Chinmoy was so creative that there is almost no area of life, which he had not devoted artistic. Right now I am in search of his songs over the vegetables. I know he has written some songs.

It is still a bit early for apples ... but the chanting of Sri Chinmoy are songs me so much joy, such as collecting apples themselves

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