Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Maximounds / Biggest Coock


The 29th October, the day that I had the new date at the Office was moved up.
point 5, so as always, my alarm clock rang.
Aaaach am still so tired, put for now.

felt sleepy after an eternity,
The clock showed 5.17 clock already.
nothin 'So get out and how the day started fresh.
ick Man'm tired.

From the bathroom, then made coffee.
newspaper show, half an eternity.
8 clock, the time had ran.
So off to the office.

called item 9 am then the supervisor, call them A woman, a pretty young thing on sches.
you wanted to synchronize my data first, well.
The question for my phone number.
Nope, that did not exist.
have got my mail and I live online.
made easy communication in my eyes.
But if they had to cancel an appointment.
Then I made a loving chic ride to the office, so my answer.
In my other mediators had worked perfectly via Emil.
Why should they get my phone number?
A date perhaps?

This was followed by the question of my education.
I began to talk freely of the liver, of my conversion from my job and
as I refused the post further training.
Also, I declared myself (of course) for any work prepared to give up when my bones.

Mrs A stated after the meeting that my training as an office clerk, would give no chances on the labor market.
It would be quite difficult to work with.
Well, I had the same thought.

This was checked off the Friday for me.
No, not quite, I devoted myself to the daily business.
For Mom bought seltzer, then once again raked leaves in my garden.
Well what you have to do so.

Even the Saturday morning brought nothin exciting. The emphasis is on
Because when I was back home, the post was dated already,
Did I already post office.

Na wa gaze times.

Headline: mediation proposal.

"I am pleased to propose the following workplace.

employers: Fitness Center in Bärlin.

(because there is no unemployment in Berlin.)

workplace: caretaker House technician
starting date: 1 November

(stop, what day is it today is not even the 30 October, a slight smile spread across my face...)

Salary: 400 € uro

(What can you keep it?)

Here, a second mediation proposal.

Employers: A cleaning company in Potsdam
Job: Operating craftsmen
work: Machine and plant operator
Salary: by agreement

(Sounds Not bad, but machinery and plant operator?)

read further overleaf.

the employer required knowledge and skills:

machinery and plant establishment
machine guidance, asset management and operation
quality assurance, quality control
maintenance, repair, maintenance
high-pressure pipes
building services
energy distribution, energy supply
machine technology.

each advanced knowledge??

Watt is that?? Have
with almost all the listed items do nothin 'on his hat. Had to hang
but based on my bones, my learned profession as a gas-water plumbing on the nail. 'm Now actually office clerk.
Since the woman has yet
A. fix what times printed from the computer. I gave him
times fast switching proposals.

scoring but for me to shake their heads out.

The rest is quickly told.
the Saturday still somewhat enjoyed.
early Sunday morning like an application written by Emil.
The 2nd landed shortly before 10 clock in the letter box of the mail.

Do my duty, my honor to apply as well.
Although feeble in my eyes.

Well let's see maybe there really chic paid work.
is not a problem play, as long as my bones.

'll be fine.


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