Monday, October 25, 2010

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father and daughter - Sri Chinmoy

What never ends?
The horizon never ends."
father, who listens
"daughter, desiring
The beggar heard in you
never give up."
What begins incessantly?
the soul."
father, who begins
The aspiring child."
Am I an aspiring child?
You are much more than that
You are a God-manifesting princess."

-Sri Chinmoy

painting Sulamith Wülfing

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

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Your Face Is My Dream

For some time you can meet me in the hour of our small, crowded Library of Sri Chinmoy find Center Winterthur . It makes me fun to see new places and structures for the books and copies of songs, where it appears to be seemingly hopeless. Sri Chinmoy's works are indeed very extensive and we will try as much as possible of its art, books and deliver songs.

be of two hours of fast and only three out of three quickly than four hours. Quite simply because there are so many things I have kept myself have never before in the hand. Most tempting (this is a complicated word) are all copies of the song ... it buzzes here and there, where they know the songs and ... that's where I found a song that I had never heard of. As beautiful as it sounds, that I forgot to look for structures and clean up, but I sat down and began to sing.

The beauty of the melody and the period in which Sri Chinmoy has composed this song reminded me of a photo of my son, who was at that time only two years old. I wish I could sing this song for him when he was so young.

I was very surprised when I read the translation of the lyrics read:

"Your face is my dream,
Your eye is my life, Your banner is the last
. Target
my ambition and dedication "

-Sri Chinmoy

I had thought of my son (photo above) was but now me the deeper meaning of the text content more aware of: * His * face, * His * eye, * his * Banner and yet it is not surprising that a part of me knew the words without having seen him outwardly ever before?

Interestingly, Sri Chinmoy wrote the song in English, but with a different melody composed. She is very beautiful, like all the thousands of songs he wrote during his time on earth and composed, and yet I felt at the Bengal Song drawn, because the mind was not so much involved because I did not understand the text and not had to.

What is even more interesting, it sings soulful for me if I forget the lyrics, and let me carry the melody in an inner awareness - in a world that radiates beauty. This beauty is none other than our own spiritual heart, which then calls into the world of God's face and God's eye and dive with his banner to become one.

God and man are in fact one. Now I sing this song all day long in front of me (or sing it in me?) And hope that soon such a beautiful gem of a song while cleaning up to find.

Purnakama , a friend of mine who is a music teacher and lives in Winnipeg, has a similar experience with Sri Chinmoy's songs made that one on the English Sri Chinmoy Inspiration Group by side.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

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third memorial in honor of Sri Chinmoy Mahasamadhi

many years I am more or less regularly flown to NY to visit my spiritual master Sri Chinmoy . In his present life was like a dream of beauty and fulfillment. Now that he outwardly the world three years ago has left, I notice especially how happy I was when I was near its outer, although I felt his inner near always, as soon as I focused on him. It was perhaps the only happy time, which I remember. It is a time that can bring back any more. I

the last two years in October have not flown to NY because I was afraid not cope with the situation, to accept his outward absence. This year, a week ago, I am flying to NY and although I missed Sri Chinmoy's very presence, it was a very nice time, because again it was as if they arrived home. Our Aspiration-Ground, as we call the tennis court, at the Sri Chinmoy meditated for so many years with us, his students beamed from the same peaceful atmosphere, as if Sri Chinmoy just only once gone shortly, and would have come back.

was all the more difficult it this time, fly back and immerse yourself in everyday life. I had the feeling of falling into a hole from which I seemed difficult to get out. Since I outwardly almost no contact with other students, I remembered the poems that Michael has written for our master and I was able to translate part. I am so glad that they exist, because they give me to understand that other people can be in similar situations. It is even amazing * how * can be similar emotions. These poems, which Michael has written in the form of a poetic tribute for our masters are so crystal clear as if they were written by the master himself, as master and pupil had become inseparable one. Perhaps I love these poems so so much for speaking to me from the heart.

The following poem has somehow taken out again from the hole, I do not even know how, but I feel much better since I read it again. I would like to thank Michael, where I put it here again copy into the blog and hope that spiritual people who need new lease on life, get some of his poems.

The top photo was the first time stood before my master. This was in November 1990 in the former East Berlin. On the lower photo was Sri Chinmoy, the last time seen. It was in Belek, Turkey, in 2006, and we sang for him.

* * *

sweet smile and thunder-drum

my Lord, forgive me, but I miss your e presence so much.

"My son, how can my presence ? Miss I'm so close, so close to you all! "

My Lord, I believe that You are with us, but I can feel it * really * that you are with us?

" My children love me more. Open your heart more , you will feel it. "

My Lord, how you spend your time now that you're no longer on the earth?

" Who says that I am no longer on the earth? .. Only an ungrateful heart "

Forgive me father What I wanted is: How you spend your time now that you no longer linger in the physical?

"My child, I am close to you, I am close to you, close to all. I have thousands of inner experience and through you. I remember you with so much love, affection and nostalgia. I am now a pensioner.'s why I spend all my time trying to visit you. "

My Lord, why do you visit us?

"I will visit to learn the latest gossip."

Father, You're kidding!

"Son, I'm an old man, I can not allow the joke?" I have the right not earned? "

Please father, I did not mean. Only, my heart longs to it, knowing it ... all you have done on earth, had a spiritual significance. So I would like to know the spiritual reason for your visit.

"My child, I visit you and all, all, all because I love you with ceaseless gratitude. You have my heart with your orphan tears caught. I treaty even if e not to be parted from you. "

Sir, there is another reason why you visit us?

" Yes, my child. I visit for comfort-light Wisdom Light and Forgiveness light anzuerbieten. "

father when you were on the ground, suffering You had to very much. Please let me you do not bind to me by my orphan tears. Fly away to the highest heaven! You the rest deserve.

"Son, as long as I dwelt on the earth, I have learned to live simultaneously in the lowest hell, and in the highest heaven. So I have to go anywhere else. How could I bear it, somewhere to go? I have so much joy to my spiritual children. Your love fills me with great pride. "

My Lord, what spiritual love of your children you most?

"I have immense love and affection for my spiritual children. But there is a special place in my heart for those who except me nobody on this earth for those who are suffering so much now."

My Lord, what did you mean when you wrote, "I will leave m a dream boat here on Earth on the last day"?

"I thought we all sweet dreams, hopes and plans we had together, I let them all with you, in my spiritual children."

Then you let it back?

"Let me say it clear: I leave you my dream boat here on earth, so that all may enter and sail."

Sir, what is in your dream boat?

"all my spiritual children are there, and millions of poems, songs, pictures, plays and sporting achievements."

you mean things you've done while you were on earth?

"No, new things, new things to discover. From you. From you to do and manifest."

My Lord, who sails your dream boat? "

"My child, I am the one who controls it, but it is you who sail in it ."

My Lord, how do you manage to control your dream boat from the other shore?

"My child, have doubts in my ability to you?"

father, no, never! Only, my mind wants to know exactly how it is possible.

"My child, I am close to you, I'm close, I am close to you. You think that the other bank is far away, but for me it's just a hair's breadth."

Father, may I express a wish?

"Son, you always ask for requests and I grant you always provided that they are imbued with wisdom-light."

father, I would not wait for you visit me. I m öchte visit you too.

"Son, granted. You are always welcome to visit me. I will be delighted to see you."

Father, what should I bring with you when I visit you?

"My child, there are two possibilities. One way is to come with your aspiration to Me, your love, devotion and Selbstüberantwortung."

father, in case that is too difficult, which is the other way?

"The other way is to come up with completely empty-handed, to stand before me and cry, like an orphan. Then I'll give you everything you need to meet me. Now going which way you going? "

father, I would like to say that I always go the first way, but something tells me that I must go the second route.

"Very well, my child, I appreciate your honesty."

father, I'm sorry that I stop you, but you know what I our marathon conversation remember? She reminds me of your days on earth where you were with us late into the night together, to listen to your admirers when she sang spiritual songs.

"son, shall I tell you a sweet secret?"

Father, please, I'll all about to find out!

"Even now when I hear her soulful songs with my inner ear, I am completely intoxicated with divine ecstasy!"

father, it can be true? Your inner distance is not effective at that time?

"Son, My inner distance and My divine ecstasy go hand in hand. They are the front and back of the same coin. As a hell-bound souls tormented my innocent heart on earth, because I was playing its role of infinite distance. If singing heaven-bound souls Dankbarkeitslieder to God, then played my divine ecstasy of their role. "

father, I may you a shameful secret with you?

" Go on, my son, I promise verrraten it no soul .

When you were still on earth, I sometimes had the feeling that you would be too strict with the singers. Mercilessly you corrected her pronunciation and phrases, and you test it perfect, if not the scale practiced.

"Do you still that way, my son?"

No, Father.

"Please tell me why?"

The day they buried your earthly body was unbearable for me. I felt I had to throw myself into the stream. Then began my spiritual sisters sweet, to sing spiritual songs. Suddenly, I felt your presence, you blessed my heart with your infinite compassion.

"And what did you learn from this child of my heart, my child divine compassion? "

O Father, You have them well informed in the knowledge that constitute their perfect sky-bound songs the safest way to your consciousness to embody.

" It is true my son, I can your orphans tears-not resist and I can not resist their sky-bound songs do not. "

Father May I ask a question?

" Son, a long interview! Is there really any questions that I have not been answered today? "

Father, forgive me, but what about your messages ...

"Yes, my son?"

Some people say that they would receive messages from you. Should I believe them?

"It depends entirely on it. If my mind is there, whom you n your heart says that they are genuine, and not contradict my teachings, then there is no harm. But give ambassadors too much faith . Realize me in you. Then you can fool no one. "

father if someone brings a message from you, it means that the person is a noble soul?

"No, not at all. It just means that I am a little sorry for that person had.

Someone brings a message from me, but how many other messages they have ignored or not followed? I can even work through your impurities. So if someone brings a message that does not show that they are high souls. "

father when I felt your inner presence, I was so full of joy that I wanted to pray to you, leave me never.

But now you have given me wisdom light, and so my prayer is different.

"What is your prayer, my son?"

I pray that you give me the Open your eyes, the eyes of my brothers and sisters, and the eyes of the world, so we know that you are with us that you are for us and that you never leave us.

"My son, please I beg the fullness of time to fulfill your prayer."

father, I realize it is a big request. May I pray for something simpler?

"What is your simple prayer?"

I pray that you will allow me never to forget you, whatever happens in my life.


father, I feel that you have not only answered my prayer, but you've embraced me very much!

"Son, I can not forget you. I'm very proud of you. I'm very proud of all who think about me and keep me in their hearts."

Then you will not allow me to forget you?

"son should you forget me ever, you will follow My sweet smile devoted. Unbending My Thunder drum up bring soulful."

Father, I'm afraid of your thunder drum. It signaled your death!

"Son, my unbending Thunder drum must be the human in you sometimes a rude awakening. But the divine should feel in you, they drummed only God's song of victory. "

all the same father. Please your sweet smile try first.

" My son, if you see my sweet smile, then you have to come and sit in my lotus feet. "

father, I will do more than that. When I see your sweet smile, I will come and you'll wreathe with the gratitude of my life.

"Then I will not need my thunder drum."

Father, because You have granted me this long interview, I have the G efühl to bathe in your pity-Sun. But I know when I return to my normal consciousness, I will miss you very much.

"Son, if you have the soulful Sensucht see me again is that good. But liberty of your desire not to turn into tears of frustration."

father that human in me, can not live without your physical presence.

"So now the time has come to dwell with the Divine in you, that my soul is always close."


"Yes, my child?"


"Yes, my child."

father ...

poem Michael Howard

Friday, October 15, 2010

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soul birds

Sri Chinmoy drew millions of soul birds , of which not one like the other, but these two are for me the most beautiful I have ever seen from him. They are internal representations of the souls of his parents.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

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Toy Joy

I really do not know where my love comes stuffed animals, but I can not say it any different from what is like it - I have an intimate relationship with you and feel whether they are sad or happy ... yes, they exude a certain confidence.

I once had a cloth mouse, which was very cheerful. When I then gave away, I miss it very much and I went to buy a new one. Unfortunately, this second, even though they looked exactly like the first, not the same happiness. I do not think they tried to happy to be - except now when I put her into the bag, and told her I would take her to New York. Oh, she was so happy!

live our dolls because we give them life. I hope that everyone is clear.

My favorite doll is the duck Jodokus Kwak of Herman van Veen . Judokus Kwak is a funny, thoughtful cartoon series for adults as for children as it exciting - at least for the young at heart.

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apple time

Yes, it herbstelt and not just the apples fall from the trees, but the foliage as well. I like the autumn so much, perhaps because it is the month in which I was born. I remember when cooking the apples on my Grandmother, and our oven that had a lid, and in which we put into apples. After a while they began to smell and we enjoyed it, by a little sugar and cinnamon to do this was. Our cheeks were as red as the apples themselves

If anyone has such a furnace described in any book, our descendants may still learn from them. But today you would probably be described as poor, if you like possessed an oven. Maybe there are some in the Swiss Alps?

The outer life is so fleeting, you can hardly believe how time races. As romantic as it might seem, the time was at that time because again not, but it was difficult as a child to drag the timber and coal from the cellar, and even more difficult, was to kindle a fire in the furnace. But the most tedious it was to remove the ash and disposed of.

Yet one remembers the good things that one has experienced, and baked apples with Grandmother had just one of those beautiful things that I can not forget. I do not have such an oven, but every day I collect the apples that the slope heruntergekullert come to me and I am pleased them.

Sri Chinmoy was so creative that there is almost no area of life, which he had not devoted artistic. Right now I am in search of his songs over the vegetables. I know he has written some songs.

It is still a bit early for apples ... but the chanting of Sri Chinmoy are songs me so much joy, such as collecting apples themselves

Photo: Google Images