Friday, November 5, 2010

Female Genital Stretching

A history of God - Herman van Veen

When I had nothing else to do ...

... I watched all 52 episodes of the charming Jodokus Alfred Kwak (Herman van Veen), with its more amiable voice (Ryan van den Akker).

good or not, you tube right now is certainly a vast source of cheap and useful Information, and is an opportunity for a wonderful short story by Herman van Veen to their attention.

Much has been already said of Herman, (by the way, I named my son in 1982). There is no doubt it no one seems to be his equal. Artist, musician, poet, clown, magician, he is called by many.

It is above all the honest, simple, clear and present clownish in his works, combined with wisdom and depth of feeling, vision and charm that makes him so special for me lovable. Very popular with titles such as me are: ". I have a tender feeling" "All right, I'm not" and

A History of God:


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