Monday, November 22, 2010

Hallelujah Piano Chords

light into the darkness I fly In

Sri Chinmoy has hated it really, to lift weights, which he reveals in several books . Why would someone do something if he hates to do it? In his book My Weightlifting Tears and Smiles, Part 2 " he writes that it would be a tremendous achievement for mankind, light in the world of the unconscious to bring - weights are unconscious, just heavy metal.

Sri Chinmoy was always an inner guidance, which he said should raise when, how long and how heavy it weights. He started doing that in the year 1986 and hoped to stop the end of that year, with the weight lifting, but history shows that he at least over the next fifteen years continues hineinhob light in the darkness of our world.

To make it easy for us men more visible and understandable, he began to objects such as cars, ships, large animals and even to raise trees.

I admire Sri Chinmoy Oneness with an inner source, which are hidden from most people for the most part is. It is an invisible source, which leads all mankind to a higher consciousness to our Mother Earth. become a perfect instrument of this source to be, is an incredible achievement.

There are so many things I hate to do, things that I do not know if I should do, or should just leave because they are too difficult for me to do. I push things many times before me, although I know that is not canceled postponed. At some point you then loaded a cart full of times with things and wear out his unfinished work off things.

It helps me inside and out, remind me of Sri Chinmoy's feats of strength, even though he hated. He was excellent in all things, which he started over again. He had many names - commitment, perfection, confidence, patience and gratitude always.

About the photo (above), he said it was his favorite photo of all photos taken.

It shows a 350-pound calf compared to the same heavy weights, which he raised his 1986th He loved this picture since his dog canoe and the calf was very happy. How can a man have so much love? It touched me again and again. Sri Chinmoy has lifted all the weights only to us to help people in our inner and outer development. And it helps me tremendously! If I

catch me here that I hate anything to do, I'll do it anyway and as soon as possible, because I know there was someone who has done all his duties with love, determination and joy again and again. And what I have to do are usually only small, daily things that are hung with seemingly invisible, heavy weights, so that they appear difficult for me, even though they are really easy. Is that logical?


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