Monday, November 29, 2010

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Year in Review what happened in the last 4 weeks?

is only an acquaintance to the hospital, stroke.
Not smart.
waited at home for him and his cat too much laundry he had also not there. So I was
hinzitiert and could do some other things.
He then moved to Berlin and I took for 2 weeks cat care.
What do you do this all.

went the way, this time a buddy to the hospital voluntarily.
Was not quite so bad and I needed outright watering the flowers.

drew To make matters worse for my mom to the hospital thing.
She had an attack of gout.
before but never had anything Sun
So I could also carry out there a hospital visit and things to bring.

Well, not all dramatic.
All three are back out of the hospital. However, the
Known to rehab, he had three bypasses.
his cat he was able to place well, obviating the need to work for me.

My PC constantly annoys me again. He wants
partout some things do not work as I want it. If
's me or the PC?
If the PC is female, but does not want to hear. Or is
's on Vista?
matter, just annoying.

now raises the 76th Birthday of his mom again shadow.
attach curtains Again after washing again and remove lights for cleaning.
the way even the floor cleaning.

Well, before mom was there for us.
And today we have to be there for you.

invitation by the Office. The 23

November was ran.
My appointment at the office.
Was there on time, of course, no question.
Mademoiselle from office, unfortunately, had no job for me.

But you offered me that the position on 1 December Agreement is being restructured, and you do not know if we meet again.

Then you told me that the citizens are available for work 900. It
but only 300 jobs for its existence.
So no guarantee that I gotten a job.
Sch ... ... ....

was out after 20 minutes, so no changes.

find anything.
Bin did last week to find my tons become. 3 bottles of alcopop
expiration date 2005th
But what's wrong with alcohol be?
was delicious anyway and I'm still alive.
As a bonus, there was 4 liters of green tea.
expiry date of 20 November 2010.

Does such a tea calendar?

Had not just 26 November.
Ne, the tea and it really helps my wallet.

'll be fine.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Hallelujah Piano Chords

light into the darkness I fly In

Sri Chinmoy has hated it really, to lift weights, which he reveals in several books . Why would someone do something if he hates to do it? In his book My Weightlifting Tears and Smiles, Part 2 " he writes that it would be a tremendous achievement for mankind, light in the world of the unconscious to bring - weights are unconscious, just heavy metal.

Sri Chinmoy was always an inner guidance, which he said should raise when, how long and how heavy it weights. He started doing that in the year 1986 and hoped to stop the end of that year, with the weight lifting, but history shows that he at least over the next fifteen years continues hineinhob light in the darkness of our world.

To make it easy for us men more visible and understandable, he began to objects such as cars, ships, large animals and even to raise trees.

I admire Sri Chinmoy Oneness with an inner source, which are hidden from most people for the most part is. It is an invisible source, which leads all mankind to a higher consciousness to our Mother Earth. become a perfect instrument of this source to be, is an incredible achievement.

There are so many things I hate to do, things that I do not know if I should do, or should just leave because they are too difficult for me to do. I push things many times before me, although I know that is not canceled postponed. At some point you then loaded a cart full of times with things and wear out his unfinished work off things.

It helps me inside and out, remind me of Sri Chinmoy's feats of strength, even though he hated. He was excellent in all things, which he started over again. He had many names - commitment, perfection, confidence, patience and gratitude always.

About the photo (above), he said it was his favorite photo of all photos taken.

It shows a 350-pound calf compared to the same heavy weights, which he raised his 1986th He loved this picture since his dog canoe and the calf was very happy. How can a man have so much love? It touched me again and again. Sri Chinmoy has lifted all the weights only to us to help people in our inner and outer development. And it helps me tremendously! If I

catch me here that I hate anything to do, I'll do it anyway and as soon as possible, because I know there was someone who has done all his duties with love, determination and joy again and again. And what I have to do are usually only small, daily things that are hung with seemingly invisible, heavy weights, so that they appear difficult for me, even though they are really easy. Is that logical?

Friday, November 19, 2010

Oakland County Mi Appraisal District

Desertec - Monopoly with major projects

Desertec provides in desert regions to generate solar and wind power and to lead others from the Sahara to the consumption areas in Europe. - The closer would be better: First, the local states to change their current production of Regeneration (previously 0%), but the oil is still plenty of them just and cheap.
That our sunny Spain bought from Morocco fossil produced electricity, is an indictment of both states.

Mark Rabago>> discussion
More information will>>

Monday, November 15, 2010

Cookworks Xbm1129s Manual


Sri Chinmoy language is highly poetic and mystical - always a surprise to the searching heart. However, it requires daily internal collection to the true depth of his poems and Songs to truly grasp.

"I fly in the sky of my heart-beloved Supreme" is a song that Sri Chinmoy on the occasion of his 67th composed birthday in 67 different melodies. I often try to focus myself internally and gain access to the inner depths of these songs world, which is difficult, although the melodies are full of soul, light and cheerful. Can anyone imagine the heart-heaven of the beloved Supreme? I do not. The heart-heaven of the beloved Supreme is Bigger than the universe itself

Sri Chinmoy, the only non-white, but living permanently in this reality. He recommends us to understand not only to try it. He says we should not even there feel to try, but to let fly and the spontaneous bird in our own heart-sky. Hmm .. not so easy.

As I write these few lines, I hear a CD of the women's ensemble "Mountain Silence", which has arranged 25 different melodies easy. I especially like the upper voices, the violin and the lovely music of Sri Chinmoy. The songs are to sing along, because the text is very simple. Thanks, Sri Chinmoy!

Photo: Doris Cott

Friday, November 12, 2010

2009 Altima Coupe Headers

memories of Belek

Photos: Hrishikesh Karov

Thursday, November 11, 2010

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November is usually a month before I dread it, just - because the world seems dressed in gray and the sunlight decreases. It is apparently darker side of the planet, while people enjoy in other time zones of the spring.

But not today!

only reluctantly and with some courage, I moved to the running of things when the sun appeared. Ah, I thought, now you tricking me out do not like the other days on which you sent your rays on the earth, and I was attracted to the street, only to all too quickly disappear behind clouds. But she stayed and stayed. I quickly took another photo with the camera and went off happily.

The sun was well-behaved in the sky or the clouds were rather good, and disappeared, or the wind drove them away? Anyway, it was heavenly to walk through the beautiful Swiss landscape (run was not there). I am someone who likes to share and so I made here and there a few pictures of the landscape that enchanted me as occurred. You might want to look at the Sri Chinmoy Photo Gallery .

Somehow I had the feeling that something special was in the air. I wondered whether it might have something to do with the fact that today is the 11th of November - a month after the Sri Chinmoy Mahasamadhi on 11 October 2007. Later I suggested Kedar's page "Inspring Things" on and what did I find? A text on the importance of November 11. I am very pleased that this day will be international Betttag, pray to the millions of people at 11:11 am for inner and outer peace on our planet, as this morning did appear to many people.

Photos: Doris Cott

Monday, November 8, 2010

Cellulitis And Bloody Nose

Art & Artists

times recently I had a job for a few months accepted in an art museum. As I wandered enchanted sometimes with eyes along the rows of shelves and read the names of all the great artists. Sometimes I hit here and there on a catalog, but it is almost impossible to study the full range of all styles and eras.

One of my tasks was to edit the incoming mail, which consisted mainly of invitations to art openings around the world. I was well informed about what is in London, New York, Paris and small towns was going on. Well, I'm not an artist and I can only make a very low opinion about art, but as a spiritual seeker I am naturally drawn to inwardly pure art. But what nowadays when everything is sold under the title of art, partly ludicrous. Yes, you even have to be careful not confronted with horrible facts be. C'est la vie ...

look at human art. You are frustrated.
Look at the human artist. You are disappointed.
Look at Divine Art Your own soul is manifested.
Look at the Divine Artist. Your very breath is fulfilled. "

- Sri Chinmoy

as a suitable all-rounder, I had access to all departments. Particularly attractive and satisfying was my short-term work in the studio of the restorer. It was all so exciting, I would have liked to stay there. But all is welcome to his end, and so remain for the moment only the memories. I often think that I would be in my next life restorer, or it may be that I was before?

A picture that I can not forget is, "read The Monk" by Odilon Redon. But also pictures of Lorenzo Costa, Antonello da Messina, Camille Corot and some other painters of the Renaissance at allowing the eyes and the soul deep viewing the performance Madonnas .

Painting Odilon Redon

Friday, November 5, 2010

Female Genital Stretching

A history of God - Herman van Veen

When I had nothing else to do ...

... I watched all 52 episodes of the charming Jodokus Alfred Kwak (Herman van Veen), with its more amiable voice (Ryan van den Akker).

good or not, you tube right now is certainly a vast source of cheap and useful Information, and is an opportunity for a wonderful short story by Herman van Veen to their attention.

Much has been already said of Herman, (by the way, I named my son in 1982). There is no doubt it no one seems to be his equal. Artist, musician, poet, clown, magician, he is called by many.

It is above all the honest, simple, clear and present clownish in his works, combined with wisdom and depth of feeling, vision and charm that makes him so special for me lovable. Very popular with titles such as me are: ". I have a tender feeling" "All right, I'm not" and

A History of God:

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Breast Exam Halloween Costume

I know that I do not know

He was invited by Czech friends and he came ! Pulak is one of the oldest student of Sri Chinmoy, who was in the seventies on the spiritual path. The legend goes that in a past incarnation Pulak was a great philosopher.

Sri Chinmoy often stressed that it was not important to know who we once were, because it would stir up for only a curiosity, and other, could it be that it would not make us really happy, because we really do not know what kind of a villain, we might. Pulak, we know from our master was a great philosopher.

Pulak is also one of Sri Chinmoy's closest disciples. Often, the Master said, jokingly, if he talked about Pulak, "He is my best student." Whether this is so, God alone knows, but if you looked at Pulak only briefly, one felt a profound humility in him. It was precisely this deep humility that struck me again when he spoke of the Moderator of our event last weekend, was called to the stage. He was greeted with stormy applause, but his only Reaction was, very quietly and peacefully speaking into the microphone, "I did not expect."

He was standing there, confident as a child, and just as we know it, when in the vicinity of the champion was, for the simple, humble, modest. And just as he dresses modestly. He wears white stuff, usually a jacket that is packed with something invisible. It can be assumed that it was the little things that people need Sun It would not surprise me if he had come without any case, because the used it for the sale of so-called transcendental pictures of Sri Chinmoy in New York on Aspiration-Ground. Later we drove

to the temple to Heidelberg and Pulak was naturally there. It is not easy to describe what you feel when someone there sees his life in New York, has lived in the vicinity of the champion. Yes, as he descended the steps of the temple, with a slight limp, as it seemed to me that I would dream. But I was not dreaming. Pulak was all the way across the sea flown out to visit us in Europe. When I saw him go down and slowly sank to step in, I could not think of anything else, as he had done his masters in his thoughts. In fact, I can not think of anything else when I see Pulak. His absent presence is apparent to me often feel that he lives in a different World.

As a philosopher is simply, there are some funny anecdotes about Pulak. I like the word, but sometimes they call him a space cadet. The master himself told us many funny incidents of students and Pulak it to us to enjoy the stories. What have we laughed. What could motivate

him more than to give us joy, of course, he told us about his experiences with the Master. I have to say definitely not - we have our good giggle with laughter.

I have to tell a story in which Pulak an important role. Our master gave us regularly to the meditations Prasad (blessed food). Sometimes made joy to him to throw it and we had to catch it. Who started it was not a bad student. Of course it was just a game that the champion was playing with us, to teach us in this way. from

From my seat, I watched the spectacle. As the turn of Pulak was the slowly walked to the master, the master took the Prasad and threw it in a direction that would be Pulak never been able to catch it. It was all predetermined, that he was a so-called bad student. Pulak was seemingly indifferent to the corner and picked it up. He seemed to have been touched at all so by the happening of what there. I, however, burst into tears because I was sorry, how the master treated the student. But when I Pulak humility and love for the Master felt, my attitude changed instantly.

I do not know how it happened and why it happened, but I felt maternal love in that moment. What did the tears, I know, unfortunately, to this day. I cried and cried when I had swallowed an invisible Ungerechigkeit that came to light now, but nothing with the external event had to do.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Maximounds / Biggest Coock


The 29th October, the day that I had the new date at the Office was moved up.
point 5, so as always, my alarm clock rang.
Aaaach am still so tired, put for now.

felt sleepy after an eternity,
The clock showed 5.17 clock already.
nothin 'So get out and how the day started fresh.
ick Man'm tired.

From the bathroom, then made coffee.
newspaper show, half an eternity.
8 clock, the time had ran.
So off to the office.

called item 9 am then the supervisor, call them A woman, a pretty young thing on sches.
you wanted to synchronize my data first, well.
The question for my phone number.
Nope, that did not exist.
have got my mail and I live online.
made easy communication in my eyes.
But if they had to cancel an appointment.
Then I made a loving chic ride to the office, so my answer.
In my other mediators had worked perfectly via Emil.
Why should they get my phone number?
A date perhaps?

This was followed by the question of my education.
I began to talk freely of the liver, of my conversion from my job and
as I refused the post further training.
Also, I declared myself (of course) for any work prepared to give up when my bones.

Mrs A stated after the meeting that my training as an office clerk, would give no chances on the labor market.
It would be quite difficult to work with.
Well, I had the same thought.

This was checked off the Friday for me.
No, not quite, I devoted myself to the daily business.
For Mom bought seltzer, then once again raked leaves in my garden.
Well what you have to do so.

Even the Saturday morning brought nothin exciting. The emphasis is on
Because when I was back home, the post was dated already,
Did I already post office.

Na wa gaze times.

Headline: mediation proposal.

"I am pleased to propose the following workplace.

employers: Fitness Center in Bärlin.

(because there is no unemployment in Berlin.)

workplace: caretaker House technician
starting date: 1 November

(stop, what day is it today is not even the 30 October, a slight smile spread across my face...)

Salary: 400 € uro

(What can you keep it?)

Here, a second mediation proposal.

Employers: A cleaning company in Potsdam
Job: Operating craftsmen
work: Machine and plant operator
Salary: by agreement

(Sounds Not bad, but machinery and plant operator?)

read further overleaf.

the employer required knowledge and skills:

machinery and plant establishment
machine guidance, asset management and operation
quality assurance, quality control
maintenance, repair, maintenance
high-pressure pipes
building services
energy distribution, energy supply
machine technology.

each advanced knowledge??

Watt is that?? Have
with almost all the listed items do nothin 'on his hat. Had to hang
but based on my bones, my learned profession as a gas-water plumbing on the nail. 'm Now actually office clerk.
Since the woman has yet
A. fix what times printed from the computer. I gave him
times fast switching proposals.

scoring but for me to shake their heads out.

The rest is quickly told.
the Saturday still somewhat enjoyed.
early Sunday morning like an application written by Emil.
The 2nd landed shortly before 10 clock in the letter box of the mail.

Do my duty, my honor to apply as well.
Although feeble in my eyes.

Well let's see maybe there really chic paid work.
is not a problem play, as long as my bones.

'll be fine.

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UK and France are nuclear alliance

France and Great Britain in London today include an alliance that combines their nuclear forces and nuclear weapons research common aircraft carrier use, etc. should be subject

, despite the high public debt in the ownership of the expensive nuclear weapons to be noted as they did not apply the requirement of Article 6: Disarmament Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. Unfortunate because it is the continuation of a global Imperialprotzerei which in turn provoked resistance and terrorist aggression.
the effects and stock power, the agreement remains to be seen, for the bites to junior partnership with the U.S. politicians concerned with Britain's sometimes self-image of France as an EU superpower.

advantageous if all that such cooperation be accidental clash of French and British nuclear submarines preventable ( However, struggling German shipyards that are super-quiet submarines sold around the world, or given away at taxpayer expense, why the accident risks not diminish.