Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Dinosaur Robots Cartoon


What's New?

made in recent weeks, some bargains.
2 bottles of champagne, a bowl of punch, and a kilo of carrots.
Gab's Free. Found in my
wegscmeißen What people can do.
Well, I'm happy.

technical work has unfortunately done nothing.
Unfortunately, because man needs to do coal.
And make new flavors I want to yes too.
Or go on vacation again.
Oh man!

pusselt Otherwise you around Sun
has since started the gardening season, there is always something to do.
course in the garden of my mother. May
afterwards to catch up with the weeds on . Make
with my scales I am again come bissl vowärts. In
buddies I could help some other things.
of articles on Wikipedia, I also worked on.
power, of course fun too, because if you can add some things or pictures to publish.

Unfortunately, my company went broke bike. Does
again coal for the repair.

There was also a highlight.
Was last Sunday to visit the airport BBI.
with my cycling buddies.
was again a real pleasure to watch some friends.
Have also thrown the buffet.
In the usual quality.
No problem.

The tour went from Ludwigsfelde back to Schönefeld and again. In between my
Buffett and the visit.
was simply chic.
But also very, very tiring.
my bones!
And yes, I am only driven by car.
also needed almost 2 days to be back some reasonably fit.

The next day I will also be times for the blossoming season. Just look
Also I like to spend time other new flavors.
visit Then another buddy.
And tonight it goes to a ceremony in the Potsdam City.