Tuesday, November 2, 2010

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UK and France are nuclear alliance

France and Great Britain in London today include an alliance that combines their nuclear forces and nuclear weapons research common aircraft carrier use, etc. should be subject

, despite the high public debt in the ownership of the expensive nuclear weapons to be noted as they did not apply the requirement of Article 6: Disarmament Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. Unfortunate because it is the continuation of a global Imperialprotzerei which in turn provoked resistance and terrorist aggression.
the effects and stock power, the agreement remains to be seen, for the bites to junior partnership with the U.S. politicians concerned with Britain's sometimes self-image of France as an EU superpower.

advantageous if all that such cooperation be accidental clash of French and British nuclear submarines preventable (http://unsere.de/atom-u-boot-unfaelle.htm). However, struggling German shipyards that are super-quiet submarines sold around the world, or given away at taxpayer expense, why the accident risks not diminish.


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