Monday, June 30, 2008

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Federal President Köhler waiting constitutional review to the EU Treaty of Lisbon from

Federal President Horst Köhler is the instrument of ratification on the Lisbon Treaty until the decision of the Federal Constitutional Court on the constitutionality of the law approving the Treaty of Lisbon does not sign

The Federal President announces:

Federal President Horst Köhler is the instrument of ratification to the Treaty of Lisbon of 13 December 2007 - regardless of the outcome of its review of the agreement according to law. Article 82 paragraph 1 GG - no decision until the Federal Constitutional Court on the constitutionality of the law approving the Lisbon Treaty signed. In view of pending applications for interim relief, the Federal President is following a request from the Federal Constitutional Court. This decision is the Federal Constitutional Court has today been formally notified by the Federal President.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

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EU Reform Treaty: Germany and France want the ratification process to continue

European Union, 18.06.2008 - Following the rejection of Ireland to the Lisbon Treaty last week, is so far no plan for further action by the European Union (EU) to recognize. While the Irish Foreign Minister Michael Martin urges to respect the decision and considers it premature to address them, the German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier sees no alternative to continue the ratification process. Even French politicians such as the EU-Secretary of State Jean-Pierre Jouyet consider it "the most important thing to save the ratification process." Berlin and Paris want to isolate Ireland as the only country of Refusals to still a consent to achieve. Concessions to the Irishman it is quite possible, so Jouyet proposes that Ireland could, for example, leaving the defense. The threat of militarization of the EU is one of the concerns of the other party.

The Irish Republic is the only one of the 27 Member States of the EU, will be voted in by referendum on the Treaty of Lisbon; decide on all other countries, the parliaments. 18 countries have already ratified the treaty, which was to replace the 2005 referenda in France and the Netherlands failed constitution negotiated in order to make the EU more effective and more democratic. As long as he, however, not all States is ratified, it can not connect as planned, 2009.

Great Britain and Austria have warned the Irish government to put in a tight spot. One should instead keep a cool head and give her the time they need for the right answer. It was important not to divide Europe, what happens through the isolation of Ireland, but together to find a solution. Quite different to the proposal from the French Exministerin Elisabeth Guigou: She envisages a kind of European "avant-garde" in front: will "Those who do not participate, has the right to do so. The other progress "+ + wikinews

Saturday, June 14, 2008

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referendum say Irishman "No "the EU Reform Treaty

Dublin (Ireland), 14.06.2008. - called in the day before yesterday conducted referendum on the EU reform treaty, even the Treaty of Lisbon, a majority of voters voted "no." Irish Justice Minister Dermot Ahern said early in the afternoon: "It seems that this will be a No vote." The state radio station RTE release the information only in six of counted on that date 43 electoral districts would have the voters most of them with voted yes.

According to RTE, the turnout was only 45 percent. The official final results were expected for the late afternoon. Representatives of the Irish government gave the referendum, however, after more than 80 percent of the precincts have been counted, already lost.

MEP Elmar Brok also (CDU) was apparently already at noon by a No at the referendum in Ireland. The outcome of the referendum he called "extremely regrettable". The ratification process must be continued. Ireland was the only EU member to hold a referendum on the Treaty of Lisbon. In the other EU countries, the parliaments will vote on the work of reform in the EU institutions had a greater effectiveness of the coordination processes within the EU promised. A failure of the treaty would lead to political observers for a serious crisis of the European Union. Martin Schulz (SPD), leader of the Socialists in the EU parliament holds a "deep breach" within the EU possible. He said. "Then the European Union not only gets in the crisis, but in the need for identity clarification," According to Schulz, there is the possibility of a "reorganization of the European Union", einschlösse to a cancellation of all existing contracts. This would allow the 18 EU states that had originally agreed on a new constitution, declare a new base to a new European Union. This model operates under the concept of a "core Europe". According to Mr. Schulz, such a model is however very unlikely. On the other hand, it could given the situation that the other Member States, the contract will probably agree - that the contract was signed on 11 June from three countries (Greece, Estonia and Finland) have ratified - assume that the question of a "core Europe" will be placed on the agenda: "If a country says no, we block all that, then this question is certainly on the table come if this one country can do that and whether the 26 others say no, we can not stop us. "

His colleague, Mr Jo Leinen, Chairman of the Constitutional Committee of the European Parliament, remained of the view, lead to a second referendum "no way". One must seriously question the Irishman: "Was that your last word" euphoria was, however, the conservative British MEP Daniel Hannan, explicit endorsement of a referendum in Britain. With others, he had organized a campaign that called in front of many Irish Embassies Europe to Ireland should do what the other EU citizens could not, say no. A similar thrust was also the European campaign "Irish Friends Say No For Me" represented, from the German, French and Austrian representatives of the anti-globalization have movement Attac, which campaigns for a different Europe, "had traveled on a bus and accompanied by Ireland as an election observer counting.

In a radio interview with the Germany Martin Schulz had already yesterday accused the Irish government, they had "far too late turned into the intensive campaign to inform and educate the people." Many Irishmen were explained in view of the upcoming vote, they do not know what it was all about. Another cause of hostility in Ireland on EU treaty he called a targeted fueled atmosphere of charging all the ills of the European Union: "The Negative is a coalition of people who say otherwise on the road is not good day and have a unifying bond. This is all crap that comes out of Brussels "

course see the winners of the referendum (53.5% No, 46 , 5% yes) else: Declan Ganley, entrepreneur and founder of the initiative 'Libertas', called this a "great day for democracy". The Taoiseach (Prime Minister) Brian Cowen, had to head off the order to Europe and negotiate the best possible. Cowen was only recently in place of the resigned Prime Minister Bertie Ahern came to office. His first visit to the European Council is still pending. Joe Higgins of the Socialist Party spoke in Dublin Castle, where the official result will be announced as positive. Despite the support of the major parties and groups have the "No" side had the better argument. This is now not a disaster but a wake up call for the working population in Europe to push for a more social Europe, against the militarization of the EU, and a stop the downward spiral of workers' rights as they embody the Laval verdict. Mary Lou MacDonald of Sinn Féin in no particular saw a serious concern for the Irish neutrality and the threat of marginalization of the Irish Voice in Europe. Eamon Devoy from one of the larger trade unions Country, the representation of technicians, engineers and electricians, felt confirmed and a "No" to the end result for sure. The non-attached British MEP Daniel Hannan said the online presence of the British newspaper Telegraph, except now it's time to take back the steps in order safely to a credited "yes" were already in place: the border agency Frontex and the European armaments agency and € Just .

18 countries have so far agreed to the Lisbon Treaty. For the Treaty, the replacement for the in referenda in France and the Netherlands rejected the EU Constitutional Treaty can enter into force, but must all EU members agree. After the failed referenda on the EU Constitution this time Ireland was prescribed the only country in which, by the Irish Constitution, a referendum was held. + + Wikinews

Monday, June 2, 2008

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OSCE: Elections in Macedonia violated standards

(WWJ) The OSCE election observers noted in their report on the parliamentary elections, a large number of outbreaks of violence in which people injured and one was shot. The Macedonian government has been criticized for having approved acts of violence. - The EU urges calls redial.