Friday, December 11, 2009

Hernia Important People Recent


December, the year draws to a close.

And I, I just renovate my basement. A
bissl plaster repair and some paint on the wall.
has been stunk me a few years that our landlord does not care.
And it's definitely more fun to tinker in the basement that looks simply chic.
cost me but also some coal.
Simply less food and drink, then you have something left.
However, only under the proviso that at home, nothing breaks.
I am confident, as always.

flap but not always.
on my bike is' ne spoke out and should really for repair.
Have not had a spare front wheel and found I can move the repair first.
The cellar was important to me now.
Although he is far from finished, with my health clearly need longer than before. One, two hours a day and then end with my bones.
Well, unfortunately. If, when machine but I could even a job.

War and again in late November to the Office, face control!
work, Ne had they not, for me.

must take care of next week, but intensified around my mom.
Since there are a few before her birthday to do some little things that they do not cope can. Lamps clean, wipe the cabinets above, well, all this creates what they do not, with nearly 75 Lenzen.

keeps me well on the trot.
Ne, at least that's how every day is something rotten and on the skin.
May so again today to do the floor cleaning.
No, that one makes it all like
finally has my mom, too many many years done anything for us.
give and take is, it always!

also my place I need to brush up before Christmas or something.
After all, Mom comes to the holiday feast.

So let's do it!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Removing New Vinyl Smell

little more direct democracy, Europe would have been good

were now chosen people, which hardly anybody knows. It requires national governments to stay strong and weak Europe. Too bad.

Wikinews reports: Herman Van Rompuy is the first permanent EU president

Brussels (Belgium), 19.11.2009 - At a special meeting of the European Union in Brussels today are important personnel decisions have been made.

The Government agreed to the Belgian Prime Minister Herman Van Rompuy as the first permanent President of the Council of Europe and the British EU Trade Commissioner Catherine Ashton as the first High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy. Both offices have been newly created in this form with the Treaty of Lisbon. The presidential term lasts two and a half years and secured to the usual six-month change of a certain continuity in the work.

From the British side included former Prime Minister Tony Blair for the post of EU president was talking. But after a meeting of socialist-oriented leaders, this initiative was rejected.

The decision was made after lengthy discussion among the 27 Member States. The current EU president, the Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt wanted to be necessary to schedule a vote on the candidates and decide the majority.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Intel T1350 Dell D520


Ne, not really.
The 75TE Birthday of my mother on, casting long shadows ahead.
Some things to plan in time and ranschleppen already priced items.
rake leaves, hedge cutting, lawn mowing and do not forget the recurring floor cleaning.
But that's all you do as a son.

For 'a buddy continued to play on the PC.
There was scruffy Bissle the PC.
So you have to do.

to my application: zero feedback.

My yield was also quite thin. 1 bottle of champagne
children and a small bottle of wine spritzer.
The man is happy.

the way I use every little ray of sunshine to be on the road and a few pictures for Wikipedia to shoot.
You have to deal indeed.

few small things I could check off as well.
must be. And sometimes require more time how great things.
But the little things to be done.
Just like the daily housework. But whom do I tell dass
There must indeed by everyone.

between, again in Poland have been a bargain buy.
It's worth every time

Otherwise there is nothing earth shattering.

my bones? Ask not only.
one advantage, the pain yet.
If you wake up with pain in the morning, you know that one is still alive.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Honda Ridgeline Forum Backup Camera

EU reform treaty ratified effective

voted as the last Member State, now the Czech Republic to the EU reform treaty.

Monday, October 12, 2009

I Have A Brown Thick Smelly Discharge


is the last Money from the Office of the heating maintenance there.
it had of course immediately forwarded to my Istallateur. If yes
barely lasted seven weeks.
But everything was all right.

Yesterday was also the carpenter here and have the window repaired properly reinstalled.
Now come the winter.
No, not yet.
are today still the geraniums in the basement.
because it was so freezing for Thursday announced
Yesterday I've raked lots of leaves.
Was again very hard, my bones.

This year was unfortunately also the large mushroom glut.
was already 3 times on mushroom hunting and zero success.
You can not always win.

But, in my basement, it is gone.
It is almost a real gem.
It is loving and growing.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Lord Of The Rings Audiobook Rar

Poland EU Reform Treaty

Polish President Kaczynski signed the EU reform treaty in a ceremony. Berlin responded easier.

Warsaw (Poland), 11.10.2009 wikinews - Polish President Lech Kaczynski was yesterday, on 10 October, signed the Lisbon Treaty, the legal basis of cooperation intended to govern between the new members of the European Union. Poland is the penultimate of the 27 EU members that have ratified the document. Kaczynski had made his willingness to depend on the attitude of Ireland. The Irishman had a referendum on the third October the treaty approved. Now only the signature of the Czech President Vaclav Klaus, that the Lisbon Treaty to enter into force.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Best Receivers Of The 1970's

Second attempt: Ireland approved the Lisbon Treaty

Wikinews reports: Dublin (Irand), 04.10.2009 - In a referendum, Ireland on Friday voted overwhelmingly to the EU Reform Treaty (also called Treaty of Lisbon) to. After the reform which the rights of Member States within the European Union seeks to regulate in some important new points have been rejected by a majority in a first vote in June 2008, was now 67.1 percent voted for the contract. The camp of the other party was now only 32.9 percent of the vote. In June 2008, 53.4 percent had voted against the reform.

The changed voting behavior of Ireland is seen by observers in the context of economic and financial crisis. Ireland has been hit particularly hard by the economic crisis. Many Irishmen are hoping for support from the European Union in this difficult time.

The Lisbon Treaty was brought as a successor to the failed project of a common European Constitution on the way been. To enter the treaty into force, must now ratify two of the 27 EU member states the Treaty: Poland and the Czech Republic. The presidents of both countries are considered as outspoken opponents of the European Union. Even the opposition leader in the United Kingdom, the Conservative leader David Cameron wants to bring the Lisbon Treaty in the case of an electoral victory at the next general election a referendum on a case.

Czech President Vaclav Klaus said after the referendum in Ireland, he sees no rush for a signing of the Czech Parliament has already approved by the contract, because he first of a pending action before the Constitutional Court wanted to wait for the Czech Republic against the Treaty of Lisbon. At the request of 17 senators to the Czech Constitutional Court based in Brno (Brno) examine the legality of the contract. The Czech Supreme Court had in November 2008 have been integrated with the contract and found no contradiction with the Czech constitution. Czech President Klaus had said after the court ruling last November that he would make his willingness to sign an agreement sanctioned by Parliament of the Czech Republic depends on the attitude of Ireland.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Leveling Floor Joists

herbstet It!

It herbstet and with a vengeance.
why I've done fine winter in the last week of my garden.
Only my geraniums on the window are still standing.
They come just before the first frost in the basement.

How are me?
Well actually, as always.

The Office has still not sent a notice because of the heating maintenance.
But it's still time!

works with my landlord, it at least.
sent me a carpenter because of a broken window.
Although it is only 10 years old, but already durchgefault.
Well, quality work-loving.

The yield of the last few weeks sounds pretty thin. A rifle
Red Bull, a kilo of beans, a chocolate bar and a granola bar.
But man is happy.

belongings in the meantime set back many images on Wikipedia.
has become almost a real addiction.
But you deal at least.

The arbor behind the house has again cost some time.
now missing only a few bars as visual decoration.
create Perhaps I still this year.

Will but also make progress in my basement.
repair the floor.
Well, if it's not the landlord manages to do it loving yourself.

I let it get me down!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Open Patella Versus Closed Patella Knee Braces

EU investigation: GEORGIA war

There was a lot of research on site, which on the night 08/08/2008 happened. Now, the EU Commission of Inquiry submitted its report. At 1000 pages, the accusation raised by Russia finds confirmed that the war was started by Georgian President Saakashvili. While Russia is accused of a provocation of guilt, because the distribution of Russian passports in the separatist province was illegal under international law, but that does not change the question of war guilt. Provocation and war are very important to distinguish.
Merkel, Bush and others have too much time on the side of Georgia.

Report>> EU report (PDF)

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  • Sunday, September 13, 2009

    Haunted House Symptoms

    September, harvest time!

    Could another tomato and pepper harvest already. The zucchini
    it looks bad, not a single turn.
    Man has at least tried.
    There were plenty of harvest from a garbage bin.
    Half melon, a yogurt, a fresh roll, a banana and 2 bottles of beer.
    honestly, everything was still edible and almost fresh.

    've also got lots of fresh apples and some peaches given.
    goods, not for storage, but for juice and jam simply delicious.
    As a bonus there was a large zucchini, because I "loved" bin.
    Also some dill and fresh spinach I could harvest with a friend.
    Helps everything to survive.

    When Mom finally finished the arbor is repaired and painted.
    She was very happy about it. But please do not ask
    to my bones. Then they had
    also visit her and I could help a bit.
    But you do have for his mother.

    Also have a buddy can help on the PC and small at its bower. But everything costs
    hell of a lot of time.
    had I used it not mentioned probably because you have so much done besides work.
    But one is not young and healthy now.

    War and in the meantime and start shopping Poland, cheap.
    also helps.

    From application front, nothin 'new.
    No feedback, well, what's intended.

    The Plumber for heating maintenance was already there.
    belongings at once (as required) submitted the bill at the Office. However
    has the expert for his work is still not his money.
    If yes only 3 weeks ago.
    But everything will be fine. Go

    today when shopping for bargains, there are some offers in advertising.
    Somewhere you have to save, yes.
    care of me then to my garden and view other little things in my shed. It must indeed

    Go farther.

    Thursday, August 13, 2009

    What Is Incubation Period Of Impetigo


    Hurrah, finally some feedback on my many other applications.
    War again sent an application, but because of a tip. Man
    my writing was certainly interesting, because you wanted to redirect my documents to another department, or register with vacancies at me.
    tangible item is nothin ', but at least once a response.

    How are me?

    modest Actually, my bones.

    But there are other positive messages. Could
    in my garden already 4 harvest strawberries and even a tomato.
    The man is happy.
    Also my pepperoni looks very promising.
    My flowers can also be seen in full bloom.
    Can not eat, but looks good.

    Also from the office only on the good, my extension is there.
    Also my heater maintenance is taken over.
    If after all operating costs.
    belongings, as I much much better, given 12 years ago a heater.
    And since then have to assume the maintenance costs.
    Up Hartz's uncle came, since he is responsible.
    But by its own heating installation so my rents are very low.
    for 55 m, not 350 Eus Warm, including electricity!
    Well, now a real job and I would be financially out fine.

    utility billing, Oh dear!
    Nöööö! Have
    again saved plenty.
    It returns almost 53 Eus.
    get but our office. yes Belongs to the operating costs.
    But no problem is, how it is.

    Otherwise, plenty of work, the PC needs to be looked after so well.
    also my mom.


    the weekend is here Schlössernacht in Potsdam.
    Perhaps one can make some nice photos.
    Schaun wa times.

    Friday, July 10, 2009

    Cnet Cn200 Pro Fast Ethernet


    The yield for the marathon, was lousy.
    What was certainly due to the cold weather. In return, the monthly
    hears yield not bad:
    2 bottles of wine 1 Fast
    whole, well chilled melon
    1 avocado.

    Ne'm not dissatisfied.

    My aunt by the Office, has sent me to the LVA, my pension provider.
    I should apply for there services for integration into working life.
    Probably a good move to get out of the unemployment statistics. Then I get
    of the PAGA no application costs and also no one euro job more.

    Otherwise, as before.
    My garden looks like jewelry.
    For Mom must be mowed the lawn again and cleaning the floor today is also your turn again. Have
    for 'a lad, plenty of video tapes digitized.
    Was also work.
    one other dude in the pre- and helped follow up a celebration.
    Was this tasty beer.

    Help others and it's worth it.

    Wednesday, June 3, 2009

    Jeff Hardy's Favorite Clothing Line

    Hurra, older??

    There you are, another year older now.
    My birthday was smart, I sipped with a few mates in the garden, delicious beer.
    Well, was perhaps but one too much, because the next morning, slight headache.
    But it was a holiday, because you may have.

    Pentecost I also recovered well.
    But what a hassle!
    Well, the Office has once again lost my money.
    But who needs money?
    Except that on 2 equal power and gas have been debited from the account.

    I had in my first Life as a gas-water plumbing worked so could I spend the rest of my life in prison. For
    as gas plumber one must make no mistakes.

    So yesterday written a few emails to the same office.
    For yesterday was Wednesday and so there is no department has the power of talk time.
    However, to date received no reply. Na
    visit. Well

    otherwise as before.
    My bones do not hurt the end.
    Oh, my back got there.
    Something different from pain, so one should not live so monotonous.

    Otherwise, I help my mother.
    get soda and do some other things.
    is also in her garden always work.
    must be done so in spite of pain.
    Also in my room I can not just rummjammern, but yes they will have in surplus and not degenerate.
    But it works already.

    technical work has still done nothing, and it is getting harder to find something.
    Ne, pain and even now my knowledge extends only to a rescuer.
    attempts to take care of me anyway and think positive.
    Everything will be fine!

    Oh Menno,
    can sometimes cry I, for my life I've actually me differently.

    Today is back in fashion light gardening.
    A few students have replanted flowers or be re-potted.
    In my apartment, does the daily chores already.
    morning a buddy a helping hand.
    Well, one has to do.

    on Sunday here is Sanssouci Marathon We'll see if one can measure something.
    Since there are certainly a few remains of the fruit you get paid or can collect.
    Well hopefully learns nothing about the office.
    For there are indeed non-monetary benefits and be counted. But how to calculate
    half banana and battered apples?

    Well it's a cross with the Hartz IV recipients.
    No, I let it get me down.
    I try diligently to be and think positive.

    Tuesday, June 2, 2009

    Do Wigs Stunt Hair Growth

    started from Europe of nation-bureaucrats to citizens' Europe

    The EU is in deep crisis of legitimacy. With the failed constitution and Member States, "including" do indeed, but only with entitlements, not obligations.
    The turnout will be low. For a parliament with no legislative power and extremely expensive, with its three homes in Brussels and Strasbourg (plenary) and Luxembourg (General Secretary).

    No citizen would notice if the EU Parliament would be dissolved, because the rights of initiative and decisions lie in the distribution of European Commission and EU Council of Ministers.

    more details on Wikipedia, because the parties want us to the circus "historic" by transfigure when she could not help it, because it was always political inability or unwillingness to find compromises that cost us less bureaucracy, but this bureaucracy assures them more jobs. 785 members and thousands of people in the administration. Exact figures are not found. Government without end. And ahead on the posters, the smiling politicians who would give up dieting, if they had decency, for they decide nothing and we can not democratically represented, as long as they're expecting their national parties posting no power.

    select Go anyway! And while those who do at least as if they a united Europe was important because the European Agreement there is no alternative.

    Who wants to modernize Europe "closer to the people" want, the use must ensure that the Member States to cede power to the EU actually, therefore, reduce government bodies in the Member States. - The promises none of the "EU campaigner. We citizens must demand and enforce it.

    Mark Rabago>> discussion

    Tuesday, April 28, 2009

    Dinosaur Robots Cartoon


    What's New?

    made in recent weeks, some bargains.
    2 bottles of champagne, a bowl of punch, and a kilo of carrots.
    Gab's Free. Found in my
    wegscmeißen What people can do.
    Well, I'm happy.

    technical work has unfortunately done nothing.
    Unfortunately, because man needs to do coal.
    And make new flavors I want to yes too.
    Or go on vacation again.
    Oh man!

    pusselt Otherwise you around Sun
    has since started the gardening season, there is always something to do.
    course in the garden of my mother. May
    afterwards to catch up with the weeds on . Make
    with my scales I am again come bissl vowärts. In
    buddies I could help some other things.
    of articles on Wikipedia, I also worked on.
    power, of course fun too, because if you can add some things or pictures to publish.

    Unfortunately, my company went broke bike. Does
    again coal for the repair.

    There was also a highlight.
    Was last Sunday to visit the airport BBI.
    with my cycling buddies.
    was again a real pleasure to watch some friends.
    Have also thrown the buffet.
    In the usual quality.
    No problem.

    The tour went from Ludwigsfelde back to Schönefeld and again. In between my
    Buffett and the visit.
    was simply chic.
    But also very, very tiring.
    my bones!
    And yes, I am only driven by car.
    also needed almost 2 days to be back some reasonably fit.

    The next day I will also be times for the blossoming season. Just look
    Also I like to spend time other new flavors.
    visit Then another buddy.
    And tonight it goes to a ceremony in the Potsdam City.

    Thursday, March 12, 2009

    Hp 56 Ink Cartridge For Hp Deskjet F4180

    Unemployed Again!

    children as time goes by.
    is Another year around.
    had indeed the entire year 1Euro my job.
    The work was finally productive and have fun.
    When she was very stressful for my broken bones.

    Since 1 March, I'm unemployed again, oh well.

    But one can deal and do something.
    began with the gardening.
    The spring flowers already chic look. The clean
    made nesting box is rented to an already Great Tits.

    War 2 times already in Poland to buy cheap.
    It's worth immensely.

    On my mother is really everything is ok
    Have finished the regular floor cleaning already on the last Saturday.
    Yesterday was my own hall turn.
    Well must be yes.

    between, also helped a buddy. The
    has obviously extremely pleased.

    Otherwise, there really is not much new. My
    Bewerbungsanstrengugen had been in vain.
    Na gaze times as it goes.

    Monday, February 23, 2009

    Big Green Egg Boston Butt 5 Lb

    sign of life

    Yeah, I'm still alive.

    What the last few weeks was going on?
    War in January with a hammer event.
    The six-day race at the Berlin Velodrome.
    I'm just feeling goose bumps, especially at the Sports Palace Waltz.
    Ne was saugeil.
    had been given 2 tickets and I have a colleague with him.
    course, he was thrilled.

    beginning of February, then my buddies and I went shopping times to Poland, cheap.
    Was a very pleasant day and above all very cheap.
    1 kilo fish already for 2.78 € and saulecker.
    was a very successful day.
    Even the train ride went by pretty fast.
    And with such a Brandenburg-Ticket and affordable.

    mid-February, then a surprise I had taken part in a photo contest and was among the winners. There were only a book price for it, but man is happy.
    Ne'm already a bissl proud to be with almost 3,300 photos in the top 15th

    Shortly thereafter also published an article in the newspaper, my then authored letter to the editor. There were no more Recognition, but my contribution was very critical and has many fallen. It makes an effort.

    Otherwise, the days passed as usual. Monday school, then to work. Take care of Mom, of course, without forgetting my own.
    From time to time on photo safari, as the fresh-fallen asked for pictures.
    'm also glad that the snow is finally gone, for in spite of the weather each day with the way his bike is quite exhausting.
    It is time that spring comes.

    Yesterday started my work last week, of course with school.
    If, however, went against 10 for the exhibition of the Potsdam garrison church.
    was quite interesting and finally a change.
    The last few days we will also work rumbekommen yet.
    on Friday will be celebrated farewell, well then once again a year around.

    's Saturday will then go shopping again to Poland.
    gaze times, which gives it very very cheap.
    is thus but half the weekend gone again.

    My application efforts forward in the meantime, unfortunately not, so I do not know how it goes on Monday.
    especially financially, because if you do not get a real job, it must at least a mini Job ago. Whatever.
    work I would have enough at home, my doors are still waiting for the completion and so are there is always something to do.

    is not, however, individual performance pay.
    So you have more work here and fast.

    Monday, January 19, 2009

    Fotos De Baze Da Capoeira


    After I got over the weekend well.
    A mixture of a lot of work and rest, went there again in the school.
    But it was not that exciting because I was already at 9 clock to the department.
    had an appointment there.

    then continued shopping a bissl must be yes.
    had for lunch today Komplekt.
    So the use of military rations.
    with me was the e-ration of the U.S. Army on the plan. Although already a
    expired bissl but yes verrotungsfest.
    also released by the U.S. Agriculture.
    Very important!

    Having already enjoyed the coffee at breakfast, there was the Chicken Stew lunches too, so crazed chicken with sauce.
    then Crackers and Peanut Butter, was edible.
    Ne. has not really tasted so bad. As an interim
    Leckerlie then Milk Caramels. Well
    chewy caramel.
    went like this. As

    then stewed Peaches. Somehow
    peaches with puffed rice, but really fruity and delicious.

    So even after 19 years of Potsdam Westerners unit be finite Care package.
    Saves money in any case. will

    Let's see just how charged the Office of the monetary benefits.
    War, after all, already expired. But
    what 'is to * s.

    've also yesterday a, well not quite dewy pepper found in the Mültonne. The
    there tomorrow. Something with it.
    gaze time.

    So even Hartz IV recipients do not need to suffer hunger and can still eat vitamins.

    Thursday, January 8, 2009

    96 Zrt 600 Stock Top Speed


    Slate Tabletop Maintence


    So, got over the holidays.
    Thanks to my friend, the risen Peter Hartz, no kilos.
    to Sylvester, there was still delicious sparkling wine, a gift from a stranger in my trash tour.
    The new year started great, too.
    about half past 11, I slipped on a frozen puddle hidden under snow grains. Well, 3 min. loud acoustic Auaweh.
    trousers broke and a grazed knee.

    The last few days was of course also cold, bitter cold.
    had only attracted plenty of heat to move my bike.
    Bin every day on the road, did after all work.

    Even at home, work is progressing.
    the basement drill sorted and cleaned up.
    maintained in the shack the floors.
    Well done and still many little things.

    On weekends, then help my mother to it.
    The hallway cleaning to be done and the Christmas tree must be abgehübscht.

    So you have to do ibid.