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Your Face Is My Dream

For some time you can meet me in the hour of our small, crowded Library of Sri Chinmoy find Center Winterthur . It makes me fun to see new places and structures for the books and copies of songs, where it appears to be seemingly hopeless. Sri Chinmoy's works are indeed very extensive and we will try as much as possible of its art, books and deliver songs.

be of two hours of fast and only three out of three quickly than four hours. Quite simply because there are so many things I have kept myself have never before in the hand. Most tempting (this is a complicated word) are all copies of the song ... it buzzes here and there, where they know the songs and ... that's where I found a song that I had never heard of. As beautiful as it sounds, that I forgot to look for structures and clean up, but I sat down and began to sing.

The beauty of the melody and the period in which Sri Chinmoy has composed this song reminded me of a photo of my son, who was at that time only two years old. I wish I could sing this song for him when he was so young.

I was very surprised when I read the translation of the lyrics read:

"Your face is my dream,
Your eye is my life, Your banner is the last
. Target
my ambition and dedication "

-Sri Chinmoy

I had thought of my son (photo above) was but now me the deeper meaning of the text content more aware of: * His * face, * His * eye, * his * Banner and yet it is not surprising that a part of me knew the words without having seen him outwardly ever before?

Interestingly, Sri Chinmoy wrote the song in English, but with a different melody composed. She is very beautiful, like all the thousands of songs he wrote during his time on earth and composed, and yet I felt at the Bengal Song drawn, because the mind was not so much involved because I did not understand the text and not had to.

What is even more interesting, it sings soulful for me if I forget the lyrics, and let me carry the melody in an inner awareness - in a world that radiates beauty. This beauty is none other than our own spiritual heart, which then calls into the world of God's face and God's eye and dive with his banner to become one.

God and man are in fact one. Now I sing this song all day long in front of me (or sing it in me?) And hope that soon such a beautiful gem of a song while cleaning up to find.

Purnakama , a friend of mine who is a music teacher and lives in Winnipeg, has a similar experience with Sri Chinmoy's songs made that one on the English Sri Chinmoy Inspiration Group by side.


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