Friday, July 23, 2010

What Happens If You Swollow Mouthwash ?

sick! Finally

After my knee problems I am so much accumulated in late June to Doc.
Again, after a very long time.
He gave me strong tablets, but he wrote me sick for a week. So when I
education provider the medical card then delivered to my school and said decision.
After a phone conversation with the teacher of our educational institution, I turned to my mediator by the Office. There I also got an appointment very quickly to clarify, for my pain was unbearable.
This was then a show and I
fired from my 1 € job. The
was actually written out only for 2 months, with the option to extend it.
was added but also my argument, I was supposed to help with the toy issue of the kiddies, but a week later began
yes the school holidays. And there are no
nunmal kids in school.

No, there is, from classrooms, and rearrange. So
hard work which really is not more profit. For
as such was indeed the work being considered official.

But the Municipal Property Service, which is responsible for schools and day care centers, relies on a €-forces, which are actually considered Setting the caretaker or farm work would.
confirmed this to me also a member of the HIS.

The Office places great importance though, that this work be omitted, so that they can still profit, but this is not in reality.
I also cleaned in the 2 months door windows.
daily cleaned the large outdoor area and moved some cabinets.
shelves carried about, moving full boxes of books and even helped lay the carpet.
all voluntary of course.

The whole thing had, of course, affect my broken bones,
Thus, the pain unbearable.
blame yourself?

I would have only during the Hofpause the scooters have to give out for the kiddies. Then I would
geschindert for half an hour but hard and maintained the remainder of the working day.
This is not my thing.

It makes even that goes.
up loving it no longer does!


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