Monday, November 29, 2010

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Year in Review what happened in the last 4 weeks?

is only an acquaintance to the hospital, stroke.
Not smart.
waited at home for him and his cat too much laundry he had also not there. So I was
hinzitiert and could do some other things.
He then moved to Berlin and I took for 2 weeks cat care.
What do you do this all.

went the way, this time a buddy to the hospital voluntarily.
Was not quite so bad and I needed outright watering the flowers.

drew To make matters worse for my mom to the hospital thing.
She had an attack of gout.
before but never had anything Sun
So I could also carry out there a hospital visit and things to bring.

Well, not all dramatic.
All three are back out of the hospital. However, the
Known to rehab, he had three bypasses.
his cat he was able to place well, obviating the need to work for me.

My PC constantly annoys me again. He wants
partout some things do not work as I want it. If
's me or the PC?
If the PC is female, but does not want to hear. Or is
's on Vista?
matter, just annoying.

now raises the 76th Birthday of his mom again shadow.
attach curtains Again after washing again and remove lights for cleaning.
the way even the floor cleaning.

Well, before mom was there for us.
And today we have to be there for you.

invitation by the Office. The 23

November was ran.
My appointment at the office.
Was there on time, of course, no question.
Mademoiselle from office, unfortunately, had no job for me.

But you offered me that the position on 1 December Agreement is being restructured, and you do not know if we meet again.

Then you told me that the citizens are available for work 900. It
but only 300 jobs for its existence.
So no guarantee that I gotten a job.
Sch ... ... ....

was out after 20 minutes, so no changes.

find anything.
Bin did last week to find my tons become. 3 bottles of alcopop
expiration date 2005th
But what's wrong with alcohol be?
was delicious anyway and I'm still alive.
As a bonus, there was 4 liters of green tea.
expiry date of 20 November 2010.

Does such a tea calendar?

Had not just 26 November.
Ne, the tea and it really helps my wallet.

'll be fine.


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