Monday, April 14, 2008

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Italy reelected Berlusconi

won in Italy the right-wing party Alliance of the media entrepreneur Silvio Berlusconi, the early parliamentary election well before Walter Veltroni and his center-left coalition. In Palermo
disappeared hundreds ballot. In Naples, there were arrests for violations of the cell phone ban in the polling booths. This prohibition should be prevented from corrupted voters to document their voting decision with purchased camera phones for their customers.

Berlusconi's election victory had been expected since the austerity measures the government Prodi at the same time prices increase the cost of living led to greater dissatisfaction. Ironically, many of Berlusconi Italians hope for the third time that his personal wealth will come somehow benefit the country.


Thursday, April 10, 2008

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Spanish PSOE won parliamentary elections

Madrid (Spain), wikinews 10.03.2008 - From the English general elections last Sunday, the English Socialist Workers' Party (Partido Socialista Obrero Español, PSOE) under the current Prime Minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero has emerged as the winner.

Its classified as a social democratic party could win 169 out of 350 seats in the English Parliament. So they missed, however, the absolute majority, which means that Zapatero received either a fixed coalition with another party or seek political must be enforced according to the project multiple partners. In the last legislative period, he had chosen the latter path. The expert, Charles Powell of the University CEU San Pablo told the news agency Reuters to the fact that it is quite possible because of the relatively small distance with seven seats the party an absolute majority, to seek a majority in parliament again from case to case.

The same news agency reported, citing the political center associated newspaper "La Vanguardia", Zapatero had already held talks with the party Convergència i Unió (freely translated conformity and unity), a Catalan Liberal Party set. Observers expect this will take a larger share of tax revenue for its own region.

A big issue in Zapatero's future government should work according to Analysts are the English economy, which has been discussed already in the campaign intensified. Thus, the country is in economic terms currently in a problematic situation: inflation is on a 10-year high, and unemployment reached record levels and the English property market is characterized by an unstable situation.

Zapatero had announced before the election, especially in fiscal terms, to act. This is done in income tax refund to take place from 400 € and the net assets and the value added tax to be heavily customized. Gilles Moec, analyst at Bank of America, was told Reuters from the fact that Zapatero following his announcement quickly deeds will be already in the next two weeks could be a fiscal "emergency package" to be announced.

The chairman of the conservative People's Party (Partido Popular, PP) and opposition candidate, Zapatero, Mariano Rajoy, has already admitted his defeat. In hindsight, analysts conclude from his defeat that Rajoys tough opposition politics, which was often designed for confrontation, did not work. Nevertheless, keep Rajoy announced his office to do.

In the elections was achieved with about 75 percent of a similarly high turnout as in the 2004 elections. At that time, the turnout was 77 percent. Zapatero said his victory, saying: "The English people have clearly expressed and has decided to enter into a new section "

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Slovakia: State violence against women

Prievidza (Slovakia), 10.04.2008 -. is about five Slovak police investigation for sexual abuse and abuse of office. A 15-year-old girl was repeatedly abused in the service car and a police station sexually. In return it received guarantees that he not be prosecuted for minor violations. Added to this was the fear that their parents would learn from the smaller offenses. The girl will often have been drunk at night and have been on the road noise.

was a similar case is also available in the Slovak Capital Bratislava. Here, a woman had been abused at the police station, after having been intimidated.