Thursday, November 11, 2010

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November is usually a month before I dread it, just - because the world seems dressed in gray and the sunlight decreases. It is apparently darker side of the planet, while people enjoy in other time zones of the spring.

But not today!

only reluctantly and with some courage, I moved to the running of things when the sun appeared. Ah, I thought, now you tricking me out do not like the other days on which you sent your rays on the earth, and I was attracted to the street, only to all too quickly disappear behind clouds. But she stayed and stayed. I quickly took another photo with the camera and went off happily.

The sun was well-behaved in the sky or the clouds were rather good, and disappeared, or the wind drove them away? Anyway, it was heavenly to walk through the beautiful Swiss landscape (run was not there). I am someone who likes to share and so I made here and there a few pictures of the landscape that enchanted me as occurred. You might want to look at the Sri Chinmoy Photo Gallery .

Somehow I had the feeling that something special was in the air. I wondered whether it might have something to do with the fact that today is the 11th of November - a month after the Sri Chinmoy Mahasamadhi on 11 October 2007. Later I suggested Kedar's page "Inspring Things" on and what did I find? A text on the importance of November 11. I am very pleased that this day will be international Betttag, pray to the millions of people at 11:11 am for inner and outer peace on our planet, as this morning did appear to many people.

Photos: Doris Cott


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