Sunday, September 26, 2010

What To Use Instead Of Chicken Broth


Thanks to the good pills from my Doc, I feel it a little better.
But only a little, unfortunately.
All you can do heal, however, are the bones in the bucket goes nothin '.

War on 6 September followed an invitation by the Office.
It was about a new job for me.
Na Finally. The magic word is
It is divided into 2 parts.
In the first six months, called the activation phase. There is
sought in consultation with the Office a job.
In its preparation, of course, the strengths and weaknesses.
is the common job search is unsuccessful, then we obtain for 2 1 / 2 years for work.
This is social insurance. However
be paid no contributions to unemployment insurance.
It therefore falls after work again in Hartz IV immediately returned.
The range of work should be enough according to BA for work of volunteers work in the social sector to work in the home club.

Our Potsdamer model employment office, but one still has no plan.
is currently working on the creation of such bodies.
It should be "to be ATTRACTIVE Potsdam" under the motto.
this work is funded with 900 € gross, what is there to also still
could add the office any information.
They said that cooperation between beneficiaries and Office will close and current. However
give the next date before the end of October.
Got so 3 days later post where I my date 29 October indicated.

So think positive and continue to apply!

How's else?
really no big changes. Get up every day
time (even by 5 clock in the morning at the latest by 6) in order to not let me go. Try every day to move and to do something.
Only those who lose it.
Could apply again my heating maintenance and I can perform this well.
is now waiting to whether my application will be returned instead.
Hartz IV recipients to be is just annoying.
Had a job, you could live a quiet, rather persistent requests to be completed and the money often have to run after.

Have rumgeschlagen me with my landlord.
It's about the wetness of my basement walls.
After 4 mails, a phone call and a personal visit, it was finally inspected the damage to the facade of our house and in my basement.
And it will happen even more.
However, not drained the foundation.
The actual cause of the damage.

War again priced between Poland, to go shopping.
Since one can always find a bargain.
And despite the rather high Travel expenses, it pays off.

Even the forest is my diet again look a little more plentiful.
War several times to hunt mushrooms.
And even quite find.
has so far passed every time for a modest lunch.
Since starting the game park less than 300 meters behind my house can, at times even go quickly to the search. Do this however still accessible by bike, it's faster and I do not tiptoe so far. After all, this is bad for my bones.

my belongings in trash cans last week made plenty of prey.
but has since disposed of someone half a gift basket.
goods nor 4 beautiful apples, 3 peaches and even a few grapes in it.
I have it conjured a tasty sauce.

also Hartz IV recipients can live healthy.

'll be fine.