Friday, March 5, 2010

Synyster Gates Short Hairstyle


The week started great! Shortly after
9, I was the shopping on the way home,
I heard a loud bang.
Oh dear, my bike
Yeah, I got my rear shot.
shell and tube from the winter / New Year dirty torn.
Super, only once home.
who loves his bike pushes.
rear wheel removed and the bike shop of vertauen.
I got new tires.
This time, hopefully, a flat-less coat.
had already gone to the Fast 35 Euronen.
Well, it also must be enough money. Nevertheless, I was
And although plentiful.

But Radlfahrer drive is actually cheaper than bell.
And healthier, especially for my bones.

Today again commitment when mom announced.
she once again to do some little things that she can not longer on 75th
And again around 14 days, so the floor cleaning turn.
May I then do the same with me.
My hallway is again ripe.
Then still help a friend on a PC.
Well, one has to do.


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