Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Use Of Susten 300 Tablet

Zombies in Gori

have in Georgian town of Gori killed many civilians evil Russians (Fig. 1)

The bodies but creep (Fig. 2) ....

Because these zombies determined are interested in tomato (Fig. 3)

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"The poor kill brother of focus and star thanks Voodoo even plays in the video clip

Screen 1" Gori inhabitants of his dead ( hugging on image determined by killed ) brother "

first move is moving the body ( determined killed on screen from the front ) independently to the remote at 50m building (compare with Figure 1)

Figure 2 uses

means while the other body the paramedics vigorously at (zombies are dangerous, right?)

The Gori residents will no longer know his brother, attracts fast and weep where else (floor compare with Figure 1). After his face he turns into a zombie alive. be

The image must actually number 1: How the brothers have learned to know each other.

on a picture and bomb craters are seen. For example, does a bomb crater in IRAQ

see trees are green and not damaged in total. All SLOW burning (like any top-down), no fire is there and no one save his household.

video clip is added later (I need to convert formats)

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'aunt dies in fire "at

Figure 1

What is burning there on the screen 1? Barbecue lighters? Ruins (background picture 1), this time only "partial ruin", and away.
Figure 2

little fire but new loan on the image

according to taste, there's also 2nd corpse, ruin, and "Big Fire"

Or even "Dead Aunt" without ruin

this out 'ne funny advertisement of Adobe. In the advertisement is shown indicated what one can do with such an impressive amateur actors and Adobe Photoshop.

walks on last picture someone in the background that deletes nor provide assistance or household saving.

And who is the DA? Another spectator necrophiliac? Dentist and his assistant (in slippers) definitely need help with body removal, it smells mighty for 'Braised aunt in its own juice "and put more in (at least 80 after Saakashvili detail) Starring dead and half dead next to helpless.

In Germany is to render assistance crime.

§ 323c StGB - Failure assistance

Who in accidents or common danger or distress does not help provide, when required, and him the circumstances reasonably be expected to, especially without significant own risk and without violating other important duties possible, it is a prison sentence of up liable to a year or a fine.

And what is democratic in "Western-oriented Georgia?



I propose currently amusing game: the more images from the series "hurt children" to find and "stupidity" even find out. Make their own sensation.