Monday, November 15, 2010

Cookworks Xbm1129s Manual


Sri Chinmoy language is highly poetic and mystical - always a surprise to the searching heart. However, it requires daily internal collection to the true depth of his poems and Songs to truly grasp.

"I fly in the sky of my heart-beloved Supreme" is a song that Sri Chinmoy on the occasion of his 67th composed birthday in 67 different melodies. I often try to focus myself internally and gain access to the inner depths of these songs world, which is difficult, although the melodies are full of soul, light and cheerful. Can anyone imagine the heart-heaven of the beloved Supreme? I do not. The heart-heaven of the beloved Supreme is Bigger than the universe itself

Sri Chinmoy, the only non-white, but living permanently in this reality. He recommends us to understand not only to try it. He says we should not even there feel to try, but to let fly and the spontaneous bird in our own heart-sky. Hmm .. not so easy.

As I write these few lines, I hear a CD of the women's ensemble "Mountain Silence", which has arranged 25 different melodies easy. I especially like the upper voices, the violin and the lovely music of Sri Chinmoy. The songs are to sing along, because the text is very simple. Thanks, Sri Chinmoy!

Photo: Doris Cott


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