Monday, May 10, 2010

Reupholstering A Boat Seat

work !!!???

end of April once again last post by the Office.
They are happy to inform me that they have for me a job.
an additional job, for 1.30 euros an hour.
In a public facility, such as daycare's, schools or clubs, for 4 hours a day.
is not my first 1 € job.
interview on 3 May So I
to the "educational institution". There
suggested to me before a school near me.
And from the school and introduced myself.
The caretaker, a bit younger than me and very likable.
The headmistress very nice.
I was hired.
The next day began with a short tour, I was pointed in my duties.
Then I got a personal weapon, a rapier and even the garbage collection began on the very spacious area.
The next days went by in a not entirely, but already familiar with the task and the casting and Aufhübschen of the many green plants. So
steps on the staircases.

still well before my party but this evening I got a receipt.
my knee.

Since then I torture myself around with my already frequently mentioned knee pain.
with tablets, bandages and ointment, I try to go against it.
Unfortunately, with only moderate success.
The wide area and the stairs are just bad for my bones.

with my Hausmeisterchen I have already talked yesterday about my health problem.
Today is the first time "school". There, too, I'll
my present problems.
My goal is to at least hold out the announced 2 months.
Despite pain.
For the 100 €, I'm kind of dependent. The
would make my life more bearable.
Even drugs cost so money.
Even the luxury, like Internet and phone, even though my monthly expenses already something could screw down.

occurred at my previous job a € my knee problems not on solid, but that the objects were also each smaller and had fewer floors, resulting in fewer steps.

But ...

'll be fine.


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