Thursday, December 30, 2010

Gloves For Nordic Walking

what a year 2010?

Well, really sad, because this year marks the resume rather sparse.
No real work, no money.
given the infamous bone pain.
Ne face it could, but again many little things execute.
But who creates a lot makes this all.
thus remained still much work undone.
I think of my doors?

by the Office is not much new.
But, there again have a new mediator.
I was on 14 December, may also be back on January 4th down. If
me but not inconvenient.
because my heater was broken just before Christmas.
must now submit the bill.

The winter brought me new job.
Shopping for Mom and the bank.
mom to the doctor and the hairdresser support.
is now being expected 76 Lenze A. ..... and the roads are smooth.
So mom a helping hand.
But her birthday, we have recovered well.
Also that was my work.
But it's my mom, so you do it.

With my cellar I'm still not satisfied.
There are still a few holes in the floor is repaired.
nothin 'But without going on moss.
must therefore wait until spring.
Then it looks to coal to hopefully better.
For just the beginning of the New Year insurance, etc. go down from the account.
This has indeed every fight, a good fortune.

also need new clothes.
T-shirts and 'ne pants.
But it has to wait times.

There were also lots of fun this year,
because you could go sledding.
Also tiring, but so can any normal.
goods and sledding yesterday.
third to 166 years since were on the small sledding hill.
was fun and was bitter cold.
The joys of the little man.

No, really I am not yet satisfied this year.
'll see what the next one brings.

'll be fine.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Invitation For Grihaprevesh

My dream of Jesus

I as a student of Sri Chinmoy, I had a dream that I'm sure he was held to a higher soul level. I can remember him so well as I would have dreamed it yesterday.

In my dreams sat Sri Chinmoy with some of his disciples at the sea and painted. The students sat across from him and watched him while painting. I came across a highway that led through the desert, to him and sat down opposite to him.

then took a photo of Sri Chinmoy and handed it to someone who was sitting next to me. For a moment I thought he would want to give it to me. As he noticed, he told me he would give the photo to my neighbors, because this Jesus is not very long to see. At that moment Sri Chinmoy disappeared behind a bright light and Jesus stood before me in all his glory.

He had golden hair, which reminded me of the gold of the grain. And when he smiled, shone light through its glass teeth. He handed me a glass of wine and took even one in his hand. He wore a purple, long pants and a white shirt Prince. Furthermore, he wore a vest that was magenta.

When I wanted to collide with his glasses, he disappeared - but his smile I had to this day.

The image that Faustina has painted of Jesus, I am one of the favorite images of Jesus.

Mary Christmas!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Midnight Meat Train Cutting Chest

duck duck

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Pandora Media, Inc Stock Symbol

Everything Good On Christmas Trip