Monday, April 26, 2010

Cute Dresses For Bat Mitzvahs Uk

Belgium derogatory language debate

The resignation of Prime Minister Yves Leterme on grounds of language dispute between Flemish and francophone Belgians - Belgium would like such on 1 July the EU presidency to take over? And Brussels as the capital of our multilingual Europe?
Belgium is currently all the trouble - or not notice it to be a recommendation for a united Europe and the common world. This is unfortunate. And a defeat of the Belgian intellect.

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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Drythroat During Pregnagcy

Fall of Greece: "45 billion €"

beginning of the year were excluded grants for Greece or categorical. Reason: incompatibility with laws in force in the euro zone, which provides for penalties on the contrary, in case of excessive deficits. A few weeks later bypass financing were considered, the IMF could help, otherwise create the euro zone a precedent for Portugal, Spain, Italy, ...
with vague pledges support experimented, probably committed at the same time, the Greek Government on the award to need no help to ease the speculation on the state of bankruptcy, but Greece's credit continued to deteriorate. Experiment failed. Government people-perspective, however, positive: the taxpayers of the euro zone are used to the idea of Greek loads. And last week, then came the three lines from Greece, that € 45 billion would be needed. Who expects to it?

Subject to a "credible austerity package" now apply grants / guarantees as almost inevitable, even if Schäuble threatens a veto. The composition: € € 15 billion IMF and the EU-zone 30 billion. On the package of the euro zone, Germany is 28 percent here, so € 8.4 billion, missing messages so far, how high the German contribution to the IMF aid. Certainly not too tight. Chancellor Angela Merkel speaks of the "guarantee" and supposedly expected that Greece will remain solvent, which already "bank rescue" was not true. It just makes a difference whether someone is guarantor for productive investments or debt consolidation. This explains the key media to the citizens do not prepare all appropriate, to even higher loads, as the interest rate calculation indicates when the interest rate does not increase.

will initially issue the guarantee by the Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KFW), which were to the "bad bank" is the Ministry of Finance, because the difference between KFW commitment and budget items in the federal budget is only that we, the government deficit will be fined. This is another example of the sleight, the financial crisis worsened, in which the politicians lose the overview and control. "Athens has to save"

sounds more human than "the Greeks are to save," but politically probably an even tougher austerity program to fail because it seems unnecessary to the Greeks, while others pay for them - can and indeed in debt, so that ( ). And the Greek economy has anything but growth has nothing to counter financing.

A common currency without a common fiscal policy, as required by the Euro-model, needs either either the exclusion of members from the stability criteria or misconduct is illusory.
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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Breakfast Invitation Text

April Fools!

is finally better weather, we can again enjoy the first rays of sun in the garden. Nevertheless, one expects
in the garden and work. Had
in my big garden (40x5) but proud 2 m², some Reconstruction measures. Looks
now again fashionable.
Also in mom's garden, I was allowed to do something.
There were times when one would have made no fuss drum.
But if not play more than bone, it is about every little laurels and pride. was

The last few weeks it unusual.
In Potsdam!

neugegossenen The bells of the Nikolaikrche were chauffeured in a procession through the town and hung a few days later in the bell towers.
This can not be allowed to as Potsdam and amateur photographer missed.
also broke ground on the city palace took place under my eyes. When, on

Easter Sunday, the bells of St. Nicholas Church for the first time were again sounded their sound, I turned my first video. Unfortunately, my sound is not perfect.
But never mind, you learn to always loving. It was still a great feeling.

Otherwise there is not much excitement. Pretty much spend my time in my basement.
There is always something to tinker and repair.
Also my PC I dedicate much time.
No, not games.
But actually training.
Even if much has to do at first glance to do with professional training.
I am working with Word and Excel, so we brought to his brain and remains at least mentally fit. Also
though much on the PC is annoying simply because it sometimes does not work.
A subject is to VISTA.
It is not stupid.

One surprise remains. The annual payroll
electricity and gas. After
was read in March, is as yet no account there. A good
I do not know.
wait and think positively about the future.