Monday, November 8, 2010

Cellulitis And Bloody Nose

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times recently I had a job for a few months accepted in an art museum. As I wandered enchanted sometimes with eyes along the rows of shelves and read the names of all the great artists. Sometimes I hit here and there on a catalog, but it is almost impossible to study the full range of all styles and eras.

One of my tasks was to edit the incoming mail, which consisted mainly of invitations to art openings around the world. I was well informed about what is in London, New York, Paris and small towns was going on. Well, I'm not an artist and I can only make a very low opinion about art, but as a spiritual seeker I am naturally drawn to inwardly pure art. But what nowadays when everything is sold under the title of art, partly ludicrous. Yes, you even have to be careful not confronted with horrible facts be. C'est la vie ...

look at human art. You are frustrated.
Look at the human artist. You are disappointed.
Look at Divine Art Your own soul is manifested.
Look at the Divine Artist. Your very breath is fulfilled. "

- Sri Chinmoy

as a suitable all-rounder, I had access to all departments. Particularly attractive and satisfying was my short-term work in the studio of the restorer. It was all so exciting, I would have liked to stay there. But all is welcome to his end, and so remain for the moment only the memories. I often think that I would be in my next life restorer, or it may be that I was before?

A picture that I can not forget is, "read The Monk" by Odilon Redon. But also pictures of Lorenzo Costa, Antonello da Messina, Camille Corot and some other painters of the Renaissance at allowing the eyes and the soul deep viewing the performance Madonnas .

Painting Odilon Redon


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