Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Tears In Colon After Colonoscopy

Essaouira and Konstantin

After we had so this lucky with Sandra and Radouane, this wonderful fun couple, I can tell you even photos of Essaouira, preferably of the two and the house we had there lives, and that here:

slide show Essaouira (gmx )

Otherwise, I have downloaded from me a very beautiful, always edgy Konstantin a song on iTunes with the wonderful title "You're so ugly that I can hardly bear it," one of my favorite songs. But there is obviously no connection, that's just me falling grad is so / slipped out. And I want only fast that you all know that the alarm can now download it from Apple there just because it works so beautifully and can really be no room for discussion, whether PC or Mac now, as elsewhere to make.

Before I make clear again here wants this blog is for my friends and therefore just no one wants as falling under it, has the right to me to make a rope out of what I write, just because he context not properly understood (=> his problem not mine! Zefix!) and does not know what is coming for a great, funny, warm, good-natured and likeable person I am now out of recent events, now a quote from one of my Favorite Ballads by Friedrich Schiller (Exactly, exactly, Schiller Year, blah blah and so on!):

But this was hardly the word slipped out,
'd like to 'keep it in my heart's love;
vain! the pale mouth scare
power quickly to debt-conscious customers.
You tear and drag it to the judge,
The scene is a tribunal, confess
And the villains,
revenge taken by the jet.

(Friedrich Schiller, 1759-1805, The Cranes of Ibycus, last verse)

long way, I would ever write about Markus Passlick, but that's another time. Before, I commend you, I am to do the same and Jerry Cotton, read by Harald Schmidt download. Very cool.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Windows Ce Usb Driver

is now once again what happened ...

And believe it or not, I'm so stupid! Because, let's start at the end of the story: I have deleted the photos. All. From Safi, this wonderful place with wonderful weekend with the beautiful Mitpraktikantin.

Weil, namely the camera we get back, and the iPod and also Lisa's still with the same rock to orange, one may argue, but I like it actually quite good. Because as you blog readers all know, has summoned the police and yes, so we could not work Thursday / Friday, that was a bit of a shame, because the work is indeed the most important in life, such as a will also love notified times. God, I'm back evil,'s now called soon. And in any case we were in court on Thursday, which was very funny. Of course we have understood nothing, because everything in Arabic, is indeed legal language, but I'm me but a reprimand from the judge because of gossip captured, Mrs Eberhard, God rest her soul, nothing against it. Or I care for all who know my former Latin teacher not: set simple woman's slate in the text instead of Mrs. Eberhard. And who knows not, is to actually ask me what he has to do on my blog. Because that's all top secret and private here. So, and who might feel stepped on their toes, which includes that, and all others who know me know to take, yes, I mean that's ONLY GOOD! In any case: the judge, this Richterlein, then the three defendants has interrogated. They were so between 12 and 14 years old and were very nice and funny, were then also happy that you have them removed the handcuffs and that Sharia law not the law, quasi Zack, hands down, he must nunter. And what they have condemned, we unfortunately do not know, but when we half an hour later in a cafe sitting, still not knowing, start pouring the mischief (at least for me) on the weekend and would happily ever had, Safi's mean but well with us because were then the 3 guys over, along with large family and they laughed and it sounded all very good. Because the prosecutor nor what he meant by prison for the oldest offender (which exists in my opinion does not, which was invented only to the 3 guys to explain that the other things are gone) and 'reform school for the kiddies and that would indeed been totally overdone really.

And now I have last night because I DEPP also kruzinesen, I want to transfer the photos on my iBook and I thought, worked and then images are deleted on camera and now, bang, pictures on the computer and then all the way . Recovery software downloaded, but need a USB card reader, and to find in this fucking city so something is really not easy.

Yes, exactly, is this win, melted away like that, and then you come back someday to Munich: - not yet anyway "You come from nothing, you're going back to nothing, what have you lost NOTHING" but always very bright side of life.

In between was a wonderful weekend in Essaouira. Lisa and I met a super cool friendly couple, Sandra from N├╝rnberch (yes, Bernhard, really true!) And Radouane (Radouane - such as the Karadciz ") from Casablanca, who met in the Paris Metro 4 years ago and pulled together that evening, and were just wonderful. We then rented a home cooked in Essaouira, situated in the center, together mint tea and tagine, it was wonderful. Sorry, there's been some disagreements with the other interns who are still met. But that's another story ...