Monday, October 12, 2009

I Have A Brown Thick Smelly Discharge


is the last Money from the Office of the heating maintenance there.
it had of course immediately forwarded to my Istallateur. If yes
barely lasted seven weeks.
But everything was all right.

Yesterday was also the carpenter here and have the window repaired properly reinstalled.
Now come the winter.
No, not yet.
are today still the geraniums in the basement.
because it was so freezing for Thursday announced
Yesterday I've raked lots of leaves.
Was again very hard, my bones.

This year was unfortunately also the large mushroom glut.
was already 3 times on mushroom hunting and zero success.
You can not always win.

But, in my basement, it is gone.
It is almost a real gem.
It is loving and growing.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Lord Of The Rings Audiobook Rar

Poland EU Reform Treaty

Polish President Kaczynski signed the EU reform treaty in a ceremony. Berlin responded easier.

Warsaw (Poland), 11.10.2009 wikinews - Polish President Lech Kaczynski was yesterday, on 10 October, signed the Lisbon Treaty, the legal basis of cooperation intended to govern between the new members of the European Union. Poland is the penultimate of the 27 EU members that have ratified the document. Kaczynski had made his willingness to depend on the attitude of Ireland. The Irishman had a referendum on the third October the treaty approved. Now only the signature of the Czech President Vaclav Klaus, that the Lisbon Treaty to enter into force.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Best Receivers Of The 1970's

Second attempt: Ireland approved the Lisbon Treaty

Wikinews reports: Dublin (Irand), 04.10.2009 - In a referendum, Ireland on Friday voted overwhelmingly to the EU Reform Treaty (also called Treaty of Lisbon) to. After the reform which the rights of Member States within the European Union seeks to regulate in some important new points have been rejected by a majority in a first vote in June 2008, was now 67.1 percent voted for the contract. The camp of the other party was now only 32.9 percent of the vote. In June 2008, 53.4 percent had voted against the reform.

The changed voting behavior of Ireland is seen by observers in the context of economic and financial crisis. Ireland has been hit particularly hard by the economic crisis. Many Irishmen are hoping for support from the European Union in this difficult time.

The Lisbon Treaty was brought as a successor to the failed project of a common European Constitution on the way been. To enter the treaty into force, must now ratify two of the 27 EU member states the Treaty: Poland and the Czech Republic. The presidents of both countries are considered as outspoken opponents of the European Union. Even the opposition leader in the United Kingdom, the Conservative leader David Cameron wants to bring the Lisbon Treaty in the case of an electoral victory at the next general election a referendum on a case.

Czech President Vaclav Klaus said after the referendum in Ireland, he sees no rush for a signing of the Czech Parliament has already approved by the contract, because he first of a pending action before the Constitutional Court wanted to wait for the Czech Republic against the Treaty of Lisbon. At the request of 17 senators to the Czech Constitutional Court based in Brno (Brno) examine the legality of the contract. The Czech Supreme Court had in November 2008 have been integrated with the contract and found no contradiction with the Czech constitution. Czech President Klaus had said after the court ruling last November that he would make his willingness to sign an agreement sanctioned by Parliament of the Czech Republic depends on the attitude of Ireland.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Leveling Floor Joists

herbstet It!

It herbstet and with a vengeance.
why I've done fine winter in the last week of my garden.
Only my geraniums on the window are still standing.
They come just before the first frost in the basement.

How are me?
Well actually, as always.

The Office has still not sent a notice because of the heating maintenance.
But it's still time!

works with my landlord, it at least.
sent me a carpenter because of a broken window.
Although it is only 10 years old, but already durchgefault.
Well, quality work-loving.

The yield of the last few weeks sounds pretty thin. A rifle
Red Bull, a kilo of beans, a chocolate bar and a granola bar.
But man is happy.

belongings in the meantime set back many images on Wikipedia.
has become almost a real addiction.
But you deal at least.

The arbor behind the house has again cost some time.
now missing only a few bars as visual decoration.
create Perhaps I still this year.

Will but also make progress in my basement.
repair the floor.
Well, if it's not the landlord manages to do it loving yourself.

I let it get me down!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Open Patella Versus Closed Patella Knee Braces

EU investigation: GEORGIA war

There was a lot of research on site, which on the night 08/08/2008 happened. Now, the EU Commission of Inquiry submitted its report. At 1000 pages, the accusation raised by Russia finds confirmed that the war was started by Georgian President Saakashvili. While Russia is accused of a provocation of guilt, because the distribution of Russian passports in the separatist province was illegal under international law, but that does not change the question of war guilt. Provocation and war are very important to distinguish.
Merkel, Bush and others have too much time on the side of Georgia.

Report>> EU report (PDF)

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