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Sarkozy calls for partial nationalization of "key industries"

The Wirschaftsentwicklung China and Russia put some money in cash, in which Sarkozy is worried that they could buy cheaper at present shares in the power of companies that are generally accepted as French. Shall try the French President and current EU President in definition, what were the French and European key industries that would need to be protected from foreign powers and suggested an EU-funds, could acquire the greater part of this industry on the exchange.

The considerations are hardly explained, already rumbles Federal Economics Minister Michael Glos (CSU) going on that the "French proposal to all successful principles of our economic policy" inconsistent and "to distrust state economy in principle" was.

This is good if politicians to admit that their economy must be wary, because to state budgets be plenty of reason, but should that be the style that react with the German politicians on French and European proposals? If the Sun just nervous?

Well, I would be interested, the importance today of the term "key industry" at all, as today's economies seem to me nearly as globalized and mutually intertwined that any self-sufficiency efforts, as the French may be historically important, as for example the can antiques Germans, but also ideas of freedom and sovereignty and to convert, must develop with reality. However, when Sarkozy or
anyone else can explain, as would ensure that European companies are more in the welfare of Europe as an example, Asian companies - and less on profit, it would be against the government purchase of shares less objectionable. Therefore, his interest is not the same complaint. In general should be smoother breathing.

Moreover speaks much for the share acquisition, if it saves the government a say, but the promises the federal government to the taxpayers in return the banks to government assistance. And since the government believes that the "bailout" was necessary to save the banks for the industry, then it would certainly make sense to the industry with less detour to capitalize on the banks. The net interest margin for the taxpayer would be larger.
But once the KfW as well as the country's banks. And, unfortunately, failed - as the private sector. That's crap. But if Glos distrusts the state for such reasons, including not trust your own ability and that of his colleagues, then wonders why the government grants the banks at all due consideration and with what?
Or is such talk just hot air? The renunciation of "bonus payments" and cut salaries of "500,000" does not a summer that is long, is at best a sham, go to the interference it to the collar. If in the credit business nothing changes, not cutting back on speculative transactions, no liability for the officials, then nothing will change the system and therefore not on its crises. And we know to year is not whether we can afford the current crisis at all.
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Zombies in Gori

have in Georgian town of Gori killed many civilians evil Russians (Fig. 1)

The bodies but creep (Fig. 2) ....

Because these zombies determined are interested in tomato (Fig. 3)

Poste this link http://zbs-zombies.blogspot.com/

"The poor kill brother of focus and star thanks Voodoo even plays in the video clip

Screen 1" Gori inhabitants of his dead ( hugging on image determined by killed ) brother "

first move is moving the body ( determined killed on screen from the front ) independently to the remote at 50m building (compare with Figure 1)

Figure 2 uses

means while the other body the paramedics vigorously at (zombies are dangerous, right?)

The Gori residents will no longer know his brother, attracts fast and weep where else (floor compare with Figure 1). After his face he turns into a zombie alive. be

The image must actually number 1: How the brothers have learned to know each other.

on a picture and bomb craters are seen. For example, does a bomb crater in IRAQ

see trees are green and not damaged in total. All SLOW burning (like any top-down), no fire is there and no one save his household.

video clip is added later (I need to convert formats)

Poste this link http://zbs-zombies.blogspot.com/

'aunt dies in fire "at Bild.de

Figure 1

What is burning there on the screen 1? Barbecue lighters? Ruins (background picture 1), this time only "partial ruin", and away.
Figure 2

little fire but new loan on the image

according to taste, there's also 2nd corpse, ruin, and "Big Fire"

Or even "Dead Aunt" without ruin

this out 'ne funny advertisement of Adobe. In the advertisement is shown indicated what one can do with such an impressive amateur actors and Adobe Photoshop.

walks on last picture someone in the background that deletes nor provide assistance or household saving.

And who is the DA? Another spectator necrophiliac? Dentist and his assistant (in slippers) definitely need help with body removal, it smells mighty for 'Braised aunt in its own juice "and put more in (at least 80 after Saakashvili detail) Starring dead and half dead next to helpless.

In Germany is to render assistance crime.

§ 323c StGB - Failure assistance

Who in accidents or common danger or distress does not help provide, when required, and him the circumstances reasonably be expected to, especially without significant own risk and without violating other important duties possible, it is a prison sentence of up liable to a year or a fine.

And what is democratic in "Western-oriented Georgia?



I propose currently amusing game: the more images from the series "hurt children" to find and "stupidity" even find out. Make their own sensation.

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Ovulation Instead Of Menstruation

speech Steinmeier at the meeting of the bilateral steering committee of the Petersburg Dialogue

speech Steinmeier at the meeting of the bilateral steering committee of the Petersburg Dialogue, 3 June 2008
shaping the global challenges together - Perspectives of German-Russian Modernization Partnership "

- The spoken word! -

Dear Mr. Mayor, dear Mikhail Gorbachev, very Dear Lothar de Maizière, Ladies and Gentlemen,

in his Berlin speech, the new Russian President Medvedev few weeks ago, based on John Le Carré coined a remarkable phrase. Russia, he said, had "returned from the cold". His country was ready to shape global politics and business design.

few days ago, at the summit of Russia and the European Union, Dmitry Medvedev has backed this announcement specifically. My confidence is rising that the time for substantial refinement and deepening of EU-Russian, but especially the German-Russian relations, and finally matures. This is a great opportunity. We must not lose it under any circumstances.

And so it is good and important that we are discussing together how the Russians and the German can take advantage of this opportunity quickly and decisively. I am also very pleased that our meeting today takes place in Passau. This is an opportunity to congratulate the new mayor of this city. Dear Jürgen Depper, my sincere congratulations and good luck in working for the people of this city, the people with whom I want to thank you for the beautiful frame that sets this conference Passau.

One of the hallmarks of the Petersburg Dialogue, that his activities outside of the capitals to take place - away from government offices and governments. Because that's what the St. Petersburg Dialogue: the dialogue between our civil societies, to build bridges between people, for the open, trusting and even critical dialogue between Germans and Russians far beyond the political talk channels. In this capacity, the Petersburg Dialogue is no longer in the German-Russian relations is indispensable. He is preparing to speak to the humus, sprout from the over and hopefully even more new plants of the German-Russian cooperation.

governments alone can not a long term relationship between living Countries and states receive. First, the exchange and the integration of civil society is really close and fruitful relations. There are the musicians, painters and writers who inspire mutually, the entrepreneur, working together for mutual advantage, the scientists who learn from each other and jointly explore unknown territory, and the journalists to discover the curious and open society of the other country and describe.

why I am aware in May at my last visit to Russia also moved into the regions. In Yekaterinburg, the Urals, an industrial city with 1.5 million inhabitants, where many German companies and scientists are active, I said: We have learned that Russia is not on the ring end of Moscow. There, as in St. Petersburg, I have tried the links between human rights activists, to promote religious and other civil society groups in both countries - in the spirit of the Petersburg Dialogue, this supremacy since its establishment seven years ago.

In these seven years has grown in the German-Russian relations in many areas, something that is in general and particularly for the foreign policy of the most important asset: mutual understanding and trust. This is thanks not least to the work of the bilateral steering committee, the tireless efforts of people like Lothar de Maizière, Manfred Stolpe and Mikhail Gorbachev. I would like to express not only you but all committed partners in the Steering Committee on this occasion to thank!

We all know that understanding and trust grow only slowly. Are necessary for time, patience and constant care. Twenty years have passed since the fall of the Berlin Wall now passed since the end of the cold war between East and West. Some walls - I mean the walls in their minds - but not fallen as fast. Here and there they still have stock. The paradigm of the Cold War and its ideological clichés haunt us as long shadows of the past.

And that's why I promote the fact that we understand each other: we have entered a new era after the Cold War, an era of growing interdependence. For the first time in human history, we will only be able to solve important problems together - from climate change to energy security. So I put on a policy for more mutual understanding, cooperation and dialogue. In this way we will see that we have many more interests in common than some may think!

We are open and curious about progress in this direction! Then we have the chance to misunderstandings and false perceptions to recognize and overcome. I will in this context the open letter from Mikhail Gorbachev remember that invoked in this March, the German media to review their view of Russia occasionally somewhat self-critical. Not every report, its decision is marked by an unbiased towards one another. Consider these comments by Mikhail Gorbachev, who passionately strives to promote dialogue and cooperation, seriously!

But I will also say: When building mutual trust between Germans and Russians we have come far, and this is the policy of a downfield pass.

The chances for a new relationship between the U.S., EU and Russia are so good, even if we consider the differences that exist, no need to deny. But the common interests are far greater than the differences.

I mean: the growing networking and integration, new global challenges and risks, which must provide the U.S., EU and Russia together - these are starting points for a new common agenda.

President Medvedev has shown the end of May in his speech in Berlin that he sees a similar view. He has made clear that Russia sees as part of European civilization. A common civilization, he added that North America, including the European Union and Russia.

comes These words not only a geographical Orientation, but a focus on common culture and history expressed. And willingness to shape the future of joint!

The Russian president has called for an equal partnership in a common Euro-Atlantic space from Vancouver to Vladivostok. With this statement he has set a goal that we all have reaffirmed in the Charter of Paris.

For a European peace order based on common interests, common values and a common and indivisible security has always been our goal.

In public discussions have Hans-Dietrich Genscher and the defense expert Lothar Rühl the past days emphasized how recent and how important the issue of understanding is above us in contact with security interests in common. This too must be

part of our common agenda - which I understand in terms of a global community of shared responsibility. A community of responsibility, should make it if we want our children and grandchildren to live as peaceful and well as ourselves - and the kids there in some parts of the world, there have even been better.

For Germany and the EU, Russia is such an indispensable partner in shaping the world of tomorrow. We need Russia as a partner. And share responsibility for security and stability also in Europe and far beyond. Only together with Russia, our energy supply in the long run to be safe and peaceful, only together with Russia, we are making progress on the disarmament and the global fight against terrorism to be successful. I am certain that it will be in Europe, the whole Eurasian region no security without or against Russia.

Russia needs Europe too - to bring his country forward politically and to modernize economically. That is why I have proposed a German-Russian Modernization Partnership. In essence, this involves cooperation in areas in which decides our common future: the climate and energy policy, common commitment to energy efficiency, health policy, to mitigate the effects of an aging society, the areas of education and science or the rule of law.

I am pleased that President Medvedev has taken up in my discussions with him in Moscow and Berlin this proposal positively. Are we doing everything we can to understand the modernization partnership as an engine for a good future together.

recently I have told young students at Ural University, Yekaterinburg: We live in a time of decision for the but not the number of tanks and missiles on the strength of a country, but the performance of its Economy, the number of its best brains, the application of knowledge, international networking and the openness of its society.

exactly what we have with the German-Russian Modernization Partnership in view: to make us fit for the global 21st Century. This is not the task of governments. The state can set the frame and flanking the side stand. A partnership is alive but only with concrete ideas, concepts and projects of dedicated people on both sides. A task especially for the Petersburg Dialogue.

Let me give two examples for this.

First, education, training and research are fundamental to any society. Knowledge is the key resource of the future - as we know here at the University of Passau, very accurate! Therefore, we, Germany and Russia, agreed three years ago in a strategic partnership of education, research and innovation. This partnership has contributed to Germany today with almost any other country in the world so close research and academic relations as with Russia. Some 12,000 Russian students study with us, many have done it on their return to top jobs.

But we can do much more. A common theme is the education of young people and a hands-on training. Many companies, by the way German companies are looking for in Russia desperately seeking skilled workers. But the public administration must also work when the economy is to grow.

to education in the broad sense includes the youth exchange. Only when meeting German and Russian young people, if they develop interest in each other and learn the language of another country, the German-Russian relationship remains alive in the future.

The Petersburg Dialogue has always rightly insisted that we do everything from both sides to strengthen the youth exchange. That is the central concern of the Foundation German-Russian Youth Exchange, which emerged from the work of the Petersburg Dialogue.

I would in this context to highlight once again how great is the importance of the mutual language skills. Who speaks the language of others is more easily to one another - whether in business, in research or in the culture. The Initiative builds partner schools precisely this point.

why we do our part for more Russian classes at German schools, more courses at German universities. Can we catch up to the Russians of curiosity and willingness to have some! Thanks also to our cultural and educational policy in Russia, we can see that in any other country in the world to learn German as so many people in Russia!

The second modernization theme, I would like to call it, has approached President Medvedev himself repeatedly. He said that in Russia the improvement of the legal system and rule of law must be implemented when the modernization is to succeed in the country. The support we do!

For example, with advice on laws. With the ongoing education and training of practitioners of judges, prosecutors, lawyers and notaries. We should break new ground with the right scientific cooperation. I am thinking of increasing "train the trainer" programs for young scientists or common law promotion programs. could provide a framework I imagine I look at a German-Russian Center of Competence Law.

these are just two of many future-oriented fields, we can create together. Also in health policy and demography, energy or transport infrastructure, we have very specific ideas about how we can work together concretely and to win both of there! In the area of health care has the Petersburg dialogue, especially with the "cooking Mentschnikow Forum" has a substantial contribution to the modernization agenda done.

Many of these future areas have a European dimension. Therefore, I am very glad that the EU-Russia summit in Khanty-Mansiysk last week is able to give the go-ahead for negotiations on a new Partnership and Cooperation Agreement. For two years we have each other in the EU and Moscow down stones and rocks in its path. Ready to go last, and hopefully we can now see more clearly how much we have to give us long term. I also think the long term a free trade area between the EU and Russia are not a utopia, if Russia for a while the world trade organizations.

Leo Tolstoy has given us the following advice on the way: "It is easier to write ten volumes on philosophy than to put a principle into practice."

So let us set to work . Go Let us use the Petersburg Dialogue in order to deepen the partnership between Germany and Russia with new ideas and deeds!

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm looking forward to your suggestions, Mr. Gorbachev and Mr. de Maizière.

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Can You Tan Before A Brazilian Wax

Germany: 18.6 billion for the European Union in 2007

Brussels (Belgium), 01.07.2008 + + wikinews The national contribution of Germany for the financing of the European Union (EU) in 2007 was 18.6 billion euros. This means an increase by one billion. Other than customs revenue and other revenue.

The net contribution rises to more than 7.4 billion euros. As a reason for EU enlargement to include countries such as Romania and Bulgaria will be accepted. The significantly higher level of support for the neighboring country of Poland plays a role. There, the expenditure in the previous year by over two billion euros in the same rose to 2006. The dynamic economic growth in Germany in 2007 also contributed to the increase. Thus, Germany remains the largest Nettozuzahler the EU.

EU Budget Commissioner Dalia Grybauskaite also stated that Germany was part of the EU funds, 66 million euros, forfeit.

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How To Sell Someone Fake Weed

Federal President Köhler waiting constitutional review to the EU Treaty of Lisbon from

Federal President Horst Köhler is the instrument of ratification on the Lisbon Treaty until the decision of the Federal Constitutional Court on the constitutionality of the law approving the Treaty of Lisbon does not sign

The Federal President announces:

Federal President Horst Köhler is the instrument of ratification to the Treaty of Lisbon of 13 December 2007 - regardless of the outcome of its review of the agreement according to law. Article 82 paragraph 1 GG - no decision until the Federal Constitutional Court on the constitutionality of the law approving the Lisbon Treaty signed. In view of pending applications for interim relief, the Federal President is following a request from the Federal Constitutional Court. This decision is the Federal Constitutional Court has today been formally notified by the Federal President.

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Parent Teahcer Conference Forms

EU Reform Treaty: Germany and France want the ratification process to continue

European Union, 18.06.2008 - Following the rejection of Ireland to the Lisbon Treaty last week, is so far no plan for further action by the European Union (EU) to recognize. While the Irish Foreign Minister Michael Martin urges to respect the decision and considers it premature to address them, the German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier sees no alternative to continue the ratification process. Even French politicians such as the EU-Secretary of State Jean-Pierre Jouyet consider it "the most important thing to save the ratification process." Berlin and Paris want to isolate Ireland as the only country of Refusals to still a consent to achieve. Concessions to the Irishman it is quite possible, so Jouyet proposes that Ireland could, for example, leaving the defense. The threat of militarization of the EU is one of the concerns of the other party.

The Irish Republic is the only one of the 27 Member States of the EU, will be voted in by referendum on the Treaty of Lisbon; decide on all other countries, the parliaments. 18 countries have already ratified the treaty, which was to replace the 2005 referenda in France and the Netherlands failed constitution negotiated in order to make the EU more effective and more democratic. As long as he, however, not all States is ratified, it can not connect as planned, 2009.

Great Britain and Austria have warned the Irish government to put in a tight spot. One should instead keep a cool head and give her the time they need for the right answer. It was important not to divide Europe, what happens through the isolation of Ireland, but together to find a solution. Quite different to the proposal from the French Exministerin Elisabeth Guigou: She envisages a kind of European "avant-garde" in front: will "Those who do not participate, has the right to do so. The other progress "+ + wikinews

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Radio Control Flying Birds

referendum say Irishman "No "the EU Reform Treaty

Dublin (Ireland), 14.06.2008. - called in the day before yesterday conducted referendum on the EU reform treaty, even the Treaty of Lisbon, a majority of voters voted "no." Irish Justice Minister Dermot Ahern said early in the afternoon: "It seems that this will be a No vote." The state radio station RTE release the information only in six of counted on that date 43 electoral districts would have the voters most of them with voted yes.

According to RTE, the turnout was only 45 percent. The official final results were expected for the late afternoon. Representatives of the Irish government gave the referendum, however, after more than 80 percent of the precincts have been counted, already lost.

MEP Elmar Brok also (CDU) was apparently already at noon by a No at the referendum in Ireland. The outcome of the referendum he called "extremely regrettable". The ratification process must be continued. Ireland was the only EU member to hold a referendum on the Treaty of Lisbon. In the other EU countries, the parliaments will vote on the work of reform in the EU institutions had a greater effectiveness of the coordination processes within the EU promised. A failure of the treaty would lead to political observers for a serious crisis of the European Union. Martin Schulz (SPD), leader of the Socialists in the EU parliament holds a "deep breach" within the EU possible. He said. "Then the European Union not only gets in the crisis, but in the need for identity clarification," According to Schulz, there is the possibility of a "reorganization of the European Union", einschlösse to a cancellation of all existing contracts. This would allow the 18 EU states that had originally agreed on a new constitution, declare a new base to a new European Union. This model operates under the concept of a "core Europe". According to Mr. Schulz, such a model is however very unlikely. On the other hand, it could given the situation that the other Member States, the contract will probably agree - that the contract was signed on 11 June from three countries (Greece, Estonia and Finland) have ratified - assume that the question of a "core Europe" will be placed on the agenda: "If a country says no, we block all that, then this question is certainly on the table come if this one country can do that and whether the 26 others say no, we can not stop us. "

His colleague, Mr Jo Leinen, Chairman of the Constitutional Committee of the European Parliament, remained of the view, lead to a second referendum "no way". One must seriously question the Irishman: "Was that your last word" euphoria was, however, the conservative British MEP Daniel Hannan, explicit endorsement of a referendum in Britain. With others, he had organized a campaign that called in front of many Irish Embassies Europe to Ireland should do what the other EU citizens could not, say no. A similar thrust was also the European campaign "Irish Friends Say No For Me" represented, from the German, French and Austrian representatives of the anti-globalization have movement Attac, which campaigns for a different Europe, "had traveled on a bus and accompanied by Ireland as an election observer counting.

In a radio interview with the Germany Martin Schulz had already yesterday accused the Irish government, they had "far too late turned into the intensive campaign to inform and educate the people." Many Irishmen were explained in view of the upcoming vote, they do not know what it was all about. Another cause of hostility in Ireland on EU treaty he called a targeted fueled atmosphere of charging all the ills of the European Union: "The Negative is a coalition of people who say otherwise on the road is not good day and have a unifying bond. This is all crap that comes out of Brussels "

course see the winners of the referendum (53.5% No, 46 , 5% yes) else: Declan Ganley, entrepreneur and founder of the initiative 'Libertas', called this a "great day for democracy". The Taoiseach (Prime Minister) Brian Cowen, had to head off the order to Europe and negotiate the best possible. Cowen was only recently in place of the resigned Prime Minister Bertie Ahern came to office. His first visit to the European Council is still pending. Joe Higgins of the Socialist Party spoke in Dublin Castle, where the official result will be announced as positive. Despite the support of the major parties and groups have the "No" side had the better argument. This is now not a disaster but a wake up call for the working population in Europe to push for a more social Europe, against the militarization of the EU, and a stop the downward spiral of workers' rights as they embody the Laval verdict. Mary Lou MacDonald of Sinn Féin in no particular saw a serious concern for the Irish neutrality and the threat of marginalization of the Irish Voice in Europe. Eamon Devoy from one of the larger trade unions Country, the representation of technicians, engineers and electricians, felt confirmed and a "No" to the end result for sure. The non-attached British MEP Daniel Hannan said the online presence of the British newspaper Telegraph, except now it's time to take back the steps in order safely to a credited "yes" were already in place: the border agency Frontex and the European armaments agency and € Just .

18 countries have so far agreed to the Lisbon Treaty. For the Treaty, the replacement for the in referenda in France and the Netherlands rejected the EU Constitutional Treaty can enter into force, but must all EU members agree. After the failed referenda on the EU Constitution this time Ireland was prescribed the only country in which, by the Irish Constitution, a referendum was held. + + Wikinews

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Do I Neeed A Music License To Play A Song?

OSCE: Elections in Macedonia violated standards

(WWJ) The OSCE election observers noted in their report on the parliamentary elections, a large number of outbreaks of violence in which people injured and one was shot. The Macedonian government has been criticized for having approved acts of violence. - The EU urges calls redial.

Monday, April 14, 2008

0x80004005 Lizenz Problem

Italy reelected Berlusconi

won in Italy the right-wing party Alliance of the media entrepreneur Silvio Berlusconi, the early parliamentary election well before Walter Veltroni and his center-left coalition. In Palermo
disappeared hundreds ballot. In Naples, there were arrests for violations of the cell phone ban in the polling booths. This prohibition should be prevented from corrupted voters to document their voting decision with purchased camera phones for their customers.

Berlusconi's election victory had been expected since the austerity measures the government Prodi at the same time prices increase the cost of living led to greater dissatisfaction. Ironically, many of Berlusconi Italians hope for the third time that his personal wealth will come somehow benefit the country.


Thursday, April 10, 2008

Unblock Rune Scape At School

Spanish PSOE won parliamentary elections

Madrid (Spain), wikinews 10.03.2008 - From the English general elections last Sunday, the English Socialist Workers' Party (Partido Socialista Obrero Español, PSOE) under the current Prime Minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero has emerged as the winner.

Its classified as a social democratic party could win 169 out of 350 seats in the English Parliament. So they missed, however, the absolute majority, which means that Zapatero received either a fixed coalition with another party or seek political must be enforced according to the project multiple partners. In the last legislative period, he had chosen the latter path. The expert, Charles Powell of the University CEU San Pablo told the news agency Reuters to the fact that it is quite possible because of the relatively small distance with seven seats the party an absolute majority, to seek a majority in parliament again from case to case.

The same news agency reported, citing the political center associated newspaper "La Vanguardia", Zapatero had already held talks with the party Convergència i Unió (freely translated conformity and unity), a Catalan Liberal Party set. Observers expect this will take a larger share of tax revenue for its own region.

A big issue in Zapatero's future government should work according to Analysts are the English economy, which has been discussed already in the campaign intensified. Thus, the country is in economic terms currently in a problematic situation: inflation is on a 10-year high, and unemployment reached record levels and the English property market is characterized by an unstable situation.

Zapatero had announced before the election, especially in fiscal terms, to act. This is done in income tax refund to take place from 400 € and the net assets and the value added tax to be heavily customized. Gilles Moec, analyst at Bank of America, was told Reuters from the fact that Zapatero following his announcement quickly deeds will be already in the next two weeks could be a fiscal "emergency package" to be announced.

The chairman of the conservative People's Party (Partido Popular, PP) and opposition candidate, Zapatero, Mariano Rajoy, has already admitted his defeat. In hindsight, analysts conclude from his defeat that Rajoys tough opposition politics, which was often designed for confrontation, did not work. Nevertheless, keep Rajoy announced his office to do.

In the elections was achieved with about 75 percent of a similarly high turnout as in the 2004 elections. At that time, the turnout was 77 percent. Zapatero said his victory, saying: "The English people have clearly expressed and has decided to enter into a new section "

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Slovakia: State violence against women

Prievidza (Slovakia), 10.04.2008 -. is about five Slovak police investigation for sexual abuse and abuse of office. A 15-year-old girl was repeatedly abused in the service car and a police station sexually. In return it received guarantees that he not be prosecuted for minor violations. Added to this was the fear that their parents would learn from the smaller offenses. The girl will often have been drunk at night and have been on the road noise.

was a similar case is also available in the Slovak Capital Bratislava. Here, a woman had been abused at the police station, after having been intimidated.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Is Beadboard Waterproof

Nationalist riots in Serbia

After the Serbian prime minister reiterated in a "fiery" speech of perhaps 200 000 Serbian demonstrators who INDEPENDENCE Kosovo "never" recognize the U.S. embassy from nationalist rioters stormed and set on fire. There was no protection from the Serbian police observed. Even the West German embassy was attacked.

In an interview with ARD in Belgrade, the Serbian foreign minister regretted the incidents in a very affected way, as completely unacceptable. - Who nationalist Ghost calls, ...

After more and more countries recognize Kosovo calls, Belgrade's ambassador back from them. This is a course in self-isolation, because Russia, Serbia can probably not compensate for what is lost to Serbia relations.

-msr->> discussion

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Handle On Side Of Fireplace


Europas.de - Notes and Comments

What will become of Europe? Let's look at Europe. The history of political disasters on the one hand, the small states before and after great empires, the scientific and cultural development with an impressive standard of living on the other hand, in a world that is increasingly networked and better many of the problems can solve together. This is Europe Community to a European Union to its citizens, the United Nations and all human inspiration for freedom, solidarity, common sense and prosperity.

Project Development: Stalled

The European idea, which is not just "bad", but has reasons. Our Europas.de will inform, discuss and get involved. This requires preparation. In addition to editorial issues we deal first with the securities being offered background information and test content management systems for their suitability for the participants. Expected in the 4th Quarter it is in the beta phase. 2009, the public start his project.

Europe NEWS

find being, the Euro-News still Internet Journal .


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