Sunday, November 20, 2005

Desmume Emulator Freezes


just got my godson Magdalene and their godmother gave this blog address, I ask, therefore, raise the level of blog discussions back to a normal ...

Uh, achso: The godmother of the sponsored child, am not I? Uh, yeah, and why then aunt? Gender reassignment in the wake of the end of legal education? Is this the much-awaited full satisfaction? Hmm, sounds like everything The father of the brother of the son of Rembrandt? - Eh? Rembrandt? - Right! No, but because we san so Catholic, so we create's always equal to two sponsors, firm-as godfather. And the same donor Firm like I had it too.

PS: If you do not understand the allusion to Rembrandt, again for "Otto - the book" start and then slowly work your ...


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