Thursday, September 1, 2005

Church Thank You Letter Donation

Must love to be beautiful ...

... like the nice pretty lady there on the photo is radiant, right? Or what do you think? So, I'm no expert in this profession, but more like what can my iBook so everything or not, because it is not true to the faith, and therefore the lady radiates since that way on my blog because I'm now actually managed to retrieve the stolen and then only inattentive Photos from Safi. And that's why this here once before as a trailer for the slide show that I can put together tomorrow, because now the work is already at; and that would be my position as public servants do not really agree, because if I push the block even overtime. And gives the rest of the story's so well tomorrow.

only so much even as a tip. Tries never, ever, a mini-CD, as is the case of technical devices such as USB card readers as a carrier of the installation program like included times to put in the slot of iBooks. For that is not good. And not good, after one that tries to equal even a regular CD, because then you hate your apple final!



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