Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Patch Itaport Royale 2

World AIDS Day

What the occasion for a great idea, Boris Becker commit to World AIDS Day as "advertising". We remember: Was not he, who was then in his last Wimbledon appearance in 1999 when I was still crying on the sofa in the careers Summary of the DSF to the sounds of My Way and the beautiful Abmoderation by a certain Mr. Gogel , by the way, used to be the unique issues in selection and depth quiz Bayern-Kini moderated, but I digress, at least I howled into the parish road, Mr. Becker has in the broom closet. And if we now draw certain conclusions from the seed predator effects on the contraceptive behavior of our blond gel tray No. 2 (to me) moves, one could consider the suitability of my idol for the very campaign would definitely in doubt.

Where will it all end just because? At the end of Roland Koch promotes plastic surgery, Werner Lorant held etiquette seminars and Matteo Fornasier are German courses.


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