Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Retaining Wall Price Estimate

grand coalition?

Today on mirror online :

Stoiber does not like to talk about the grand coalition, because he basically in Bavaria in the form of disguised social democrats such as Horst Seehofer has already. On the other hand, an alliance of the CDU and SPD, a formation in which Stoiber is considering the move to Berlin would again. With black and yellow Stoiber is not a Registrar. With black and red because some bills are reopened. So: keep the ball very flat now.

Uh? How? Perhaps it would be nice if one of them would stop by drop me a hamburger grease in Bavaria, before such nonsense dovetailed, as it has done wrong this Malzahn there again. As the already actually only underground products by themselves. By the way, was so not nice Damme in "Jim Button and Luke the Engine Driver"?

While in Germany the way the campaign is raging, we are made all the preparations: Thanks to overwhelming use our press front ... uh ... Front-woman, Heike we can on Sunday at the Goethe Institute from 15:30 pursue the outcome of the elections. Anyone who wonders about that time, he must have just forgot the time difference (Gell, Oliver !!!!!). And then it comes out also the correct result, Alexander and Rene have now but still found a way to vote: Voting papers were in fact yesterday, and the head of Lufthansa Maroc has kindly agreed to aufzutun a pilot to take the election in the cockpit with letters to Germany so they arrive in time. Very good!


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