Friday, September 16, 2005

How Do You Get Yir Hair Lile Dahvie Vanity

Joachim Kühn, continued

While at the Place de la Victoire already has the ultimate Friday afternoons-tag-Hup-employed concert, I sit in my office, Jeff admonished to greater labor discipline and craft on to my blog. That day was truly ready for 10 blog entries. Specular, in fact be meeting with Joachim Kühn, one of the great jazz pianist this century, international star with a heart, it the occasion of the inauguration of the ambassador did not take, for us (and only institute for the français , but this is now time does not matter) a concert playing.

Now I have the Lord picked grad, and I tell you: It was so awesome. Because the guy is really pretty cool, were just a fag from me (when I have left off a week of smoking, tststs) and then we have maintained during the entire taxi ride to jazz music, when I with him the broken ice with the heart-warming story, had my grandmother was very near his hometown of Leipzig, namely Plauen grown up and have encouraged my piano since early childhood. And where I ever was during babbling (because he knew me yet, I have to tell a little something, of course, what), I told him then also of "Red" told by Uwe Timm and since then that I fully stand on Jazz, because since the main character almost jazz critic (well, also holds funeral orations, but I once left out, though, as has coughed, it would certainly have been a good tip, but now probably more for his children). In any case, he told me then written in the course of our conversation, which took place in the hotel lobby is continued, the ultimate list of wichtigstens in his view 10 Jazz Albums, I will not hide from you:

Miles Davis: Kind of Blue
Bitches Brew

John Coltrane: My Favorite Things

Lee Konitz: Lee Konitz The real
Lennie Tristano: Intuition
Ornette Coleman: The Shape of Jazz to Come

Sonny Rollins: Our Quartet Man in Jazz
Chet Baker with Gerry Mulligan ( has occurred to him not a CD title, no matter !)

What do you think ?


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