Friday, September 16, 2005

Can Gay Christians Go To Heaven?

Joachim Kühn

Ha, I do not believe so: After the commercial come-chamber on-the Monday a soirée for the new German Ambassador to Morocco Gottfried HAAS (a first name that really suits my blog, and by the surname I would not even start !!!!) and that he has done it, but it actually Joachim Boldly to win the great jazz pianist, is to me a totally unexpected as supplied are the object of those said Kuehn (also a good name, but the first name is never again!) Now at the airport to pick up.

Ui, ui, ui, ui, ui. Let's see Sun

Have I downloaded the same course to better prepare one of his great albums on iTunes (because before that I've still never heard of what had that), but does not work. No matter what it is to me vollklimpern stop at the hotel while I canapés and sparkling wine Timing ...

So now said El Jefe degree yet, I do not how else would be put to flappsig therefore speak, because with Artists never know ... (???) Where have noticed here but all that I am in everyone, but act in every situation adequately know, right? Well, I'll restrain myself and stop talking about it a bit technical for him, then later give For Elise the best!


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