Thursday, September 15, 2005

Denıse Mılanı Vikipedi

Martin Hohmann

Over a SZ article
deals with the direct nomination of the totally am in error against the CDU excluded Martin Hohmann (I mean the fei seriously!, Even if Joschka got my second vote yet) I was made aware of a provision in federal election law, which I think in the article and thus in the election campaign understood completely false. My opinion on § 6 I 2 BWahlG :

(will not be considered while the second votes of those voters who cast their first votes for a constituency successful candidates in accordance with § 20 para 3 or by a party in the the country concerned no national list is approved, is proposed.)

does not question the passage in the federal election law to ensure that the voices do not count the Hohmann voters. It only prevents it necessarily in the direct election Hohmann's a kind of "overhang mandates" is: If Hohmann directly elected, no longer need the CDU-party votes counted to be there "her husband" yes already chosen over the direct mandate. Otherwise, the voters would benefit the greater weight of her voice, which might argue in turn for clear and not against the primary vote choice of individual candidates. The result shall therefore § 6 I 2 BWahlG only for a fair weighting of the votes.

Sun So I did that as well this spasm hens-SZ editorial written to the Levites. Whether it's true, I really do not know. Anyway, it's me can read simply for its proximity to Pope Benedict XVI. That we here , a special inner need to support this great politician of the presence in person.


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