Tuesday, November 8, 2005

Good Around Items For Lube

The one-man one months ...

has now been passed and a bit more since I this beautiful city with the ugly name (or It was surely not the other way around?) have now left. I know the last photos are still missing, but at present few opportunities remain to take care of it. Next Friday (18.11.) I have my oral exam. Jura is really fun at the time, and indeed Germany in the autumn and winter, especially political life. Does anyone by chance the appearance of Jens, followed uh rubbish, Friedrich Nowotny Maybritt Illner in 3 weeks? An absolute highlight. The relevant blog entries (yes, there's now the google blog search!) Rushed unfortunately only Michl Glos, economy minister who was born, and Renny K√ľnast Dutrout Marc, dressed as Michael Platzeck If ( even the criminal libel? If I had to really just learn ...). No row back, quickly, of course, not Platzeck looks like Marc Dutrout, he is also much thinner. Did you know the way, that was sitting in the cabinet under the East German Prime Minister Hans Modrow? Yes, yes ...

But highlight was definitely still Friedrich Nowotny, the WDR-old director, who was in Opa-Simpson-style one corny joke after the next of itself, and indeed completely without reference to the subject. An example: Marc said Platzeck of "equals" mt of the Union, which could be inferred from the election result. Bursts because Oppa Simpson in with the congenial anecdote, he had 60 years Helmut Kohl (and before him Hindenburg, Bismarck, and probably still Metternich) interviewed and had to always put on a chair to reach the desired eye level. Yes, a lot of fun while propagating the hopefully won insights (???)

PS: The old Burda is dead


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