Monday, September 19, 2005

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choice IV: Spiegel Online

How stupid you are allowed to still publish in mirror online, proves today Mr. Sebastian Fischer in Munich (I suspect the only reported from London that he is from Munich can not imagine I) :

This is a threat to Edmund Stoiber. The top priority for the CSU is always their retention of power in Bavaria, the absolute majority. If it were here to share government power or even lose all, was their special role in federal policy, found their status in the Berlin Group, Community, and the CDU in question. Stoiber, the party, more so than his predecessor Franz Josef Strauss, understood as the spearhead of the opposition in Berlin, a "Bavarian party with a nationwide political aspirations," he has "formed federal political party that is limited in her constituency to Bavaria is" one, as the Munich political scientist and CSU expert Andreas Kiessling expresses.

therefore mean 49.3 percent: Edmund Stoiber is the 18th September 2005, 19:45 clock no longer untouchable in the CSU. With yesterday's result it does not provide satisfactory power perspective on the state elections in 2008.

Daweil but must be clear that this result means one thing: No one in Bavaria had just kind of mood for a chancellor Merkel. Stoiber had they chosen the safe everyone. So how stupid you have to in order to mortise rubbish? Ridiculous, what to write there.


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