Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Walkthrough For Bloon On Ipod


In honor of our new intern Doris, the unprecedented use in Groningen (NL) has not tired to look for me a replacement charger for my camera battery and can also be found (that will not her suitcase arrived, is again a different story, but now everything is all good, a week later, like so much here in Morocco) and in view of the magnificent climate at the time here, which has increased significantly along with other factors, my current well-being in this beautiful city, it here is a photo flight from Casablanca , recorded between my home and my workplace.

Yes it is, as so often in life: one must simply look for the beauty, be prepared to discover it, then you will find it even here in Casablanca (!).

the weekend so was the Emperor (lighting designer) in Marrakech, at its 60th to celebrate birthday, but more on that later ...


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