Monday, September 19, 2005

Does Victoria Secret Luggage Fall Apart

election II: Et altera pars audiatur!

Kam grad Mr Krawitz, I personally's I did not read because you know that does not bring you what writes this intellectual non-swimmer there, this political bumpkin, but I publish's time anyway, not that is, the blog is one-sided:

I know you're a different opinion, but just because! I would now like to
editor in a major newspaper, I am not, so you must listen to it you now:
The article title would "???".
What was that again? What a result! A grand bad and ill-run campaign of the union, added. You can not lead with two control concepts election campaign, one can not but fishermen give as a forum for foreign policy and not bring Viasaffäre and other shortcomings, one must still make a talent like Merz in the first row, one has to admit even heard of Mueller, after all, for work and economic conditions, hear! All granted.

But at least Merkel was honest and relevant. But the will of the supposedly intelligent voter who achso important sovereign not know. How bad it must Germany to go in, nor how bad the numbers will have any idea how high the debt is to actually get to? But this is not the issue. The voters will be cheated and misled. The lower the numbers, not the greater the desire for some to say how bad it is! This is the truth!

are or how else to explain the numbers (net loss for the CDU / CSU and FDP together, 25% CDU in the east when the wall will have again, your love, for which I paid like solos; SPD for first-time voters to 40% off! ! the PISA generation ...; eigtl where are all the women who think that more women in politics are so important)? Even after 16 years of coal was not suffering from such a large loss of reality as our last night of drug-Chancellor, who spoke from the fact that the voters do not have to be dismayed by media manipulation (TV-Duell ???). What a verbal rampage by Schroeder! If you then Stoiber accused that he was a bad loser, what can you then say now to Schroeder?

Under normal circumstances, would have both Merkel and Schroeder have to resign immediately, but there is the dilemma should be Kauder Chancellor? Or Wowereit? In the second row can see it from even darker. Therefore, we have ran! And Christian Wulff Chancellor! Or emigrate ...

shaking his head and greets are in a mood for change you Thomas resigned from the capital of North Rhine-Westphalia (where the SPD was well over 40% ...)

PS: I am now for the Jamaican Schwampel or coalition only because the name!
PPS: And the winner elephant round yesterday clearly sister shaft, said Schroeder, "I do not know what you did before the show ..." and "Although I am younger, but not stupid as you"


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