Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Tears In Colon After Colonoscopy

Essaouira and Konstantin

After we had so this lucky with Sandra and Radouane, this wonderful fun couple, I can tell you even photos of Essaouira, preferably of the two and the house we had there lives, and that here:

slide show Essaouira (gmx )

Otherwise, I have downloaded from me a very beautiful, always edgy Konstantin a song on iTunes with the wonderful title "You're so ugly that I can hardly bear it," one of my favorite songs. But there is obviously no connection, that's just me falling grad is so / slipped out. And I want only fast that you all know that the alarm can now download it from Apple there just because it works so beautifully and can really be no room for discussion, whether PC or Mac now, as elsewhere to make.

Before I make clear again here wants this blog is for my friends and therefore just no one wants as falling under it, has the right to me to make a rope out of what I write, just because he context not properly understood (=> his problem not mine! Zefix!) and does not know what is coming for a great, funny, warm, good-natured and likeable person I am now out of recent events, now a quote from one of my Favorite Ballads by Friedrich Schiller (Exactly, exactly, Schiller Year, blah blah and so on!):

But this was hardly the word slipped out,
'd like to 'keep it in my heart's love;
vain! the pale mouth scare
power quickly to debt-conscious customers.
You tear and drag it to the judge,
The scene is a tribunal, confess
And the villains,
revenge taken by the jet.

(Friedrich Schiller, 1759-1805, The Cranes of Ibycus, last verse)

long way, I would ever write about Markus Passlick, but that's another time. Before, I commend you, I am to do the same and Jerry Cotton, read by Harald Schmidt download. Very cool.


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