Monday, September 12, 2005

Flashing Phone Women For Men

The last few weeks

While Matteo's free time for the next few weeks, apparently already gebongt, I was yesterday for the first time in the large (huge huge) Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca, according LonelyPlanet "the tourist attractions of Morocco." A ruling that opens up to me not quite, but it's nice in there, only Disneyland can not be compared really. And also: no organ of it, no steeple, no praise of God, only a leader who wanted desperately to compare every Muslim act with any Christian ritual and that of man (only as a minaret, but the largest in the world with 200m height!) it also learned that in Holland have to sit men and women in the church remains divided. Otherwise, you pretty much killed by the huge dimensions this church, see the 25,000 people alone in the interior space. Thank God, for it would close, would the smelly feet of fellow visitors (you need to take off shoes) can not stand.

All in all, but a worthwhile visit, especially if one finds oneself afterwards in search of a freshly squeezed orange juice in some fucked up market streets of Casablanca.

Anyone else want to make a picture of the beautiful mosque (I had my own camera present, and my cell phone Photo thing is not compatible with my standard computer!), This can do here .


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