Friday, December 11, 2009

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December, the year draws to a close.

And I, I just renovate my basement. A
bissl plaster repair and some paint on the wall.
has been stunk me a few years that our landlord does not care.
And it's definitely more fun to tinker in the basement that looks simply chic.
cost me but also some coal.
Simply less food and drink, then you have something left.
However, only under the proviso that at home, nothing breaks.
I am confident, as always.

flap but not always.
on my bike is' ne spoke out and should really for repair.
Have not had a spare front wheel and found I can move the repair first.
The cellar was important to me now.
Although he is far from finished, with my health clearly need longer than before. One, two hours a day and then end with my bones.
Well, unfortunately. If, when machine but I could even a job.

War and again in late November to the Office, face control!
work, Ne had they not, for me.

must take care of next week, but intensified around my mom.
Since there are a few before her birthday to do some little things that they do not cope can. Lamps clean, wipe the cabinets above, well, all this creates what they do not, with nearly 75 Lenzen.

keeps me well on the trot.
Ne, at least that's how every day is something rotten and on the skin.
May so again today to do the floor cleaning.
No, that one makes it all like
finally has my mom, too many many years done anything for us.
give and take is, it always!

also my place I need to brush up before Christmas or something.
After all, Mom comes to the holiday feast.

So let's do it!


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