Sunday, September 13, 2009

Haunted House Symptoms

September, harvest time!

Could another tomato and pepper harvest already. The zucchini
it looks bad, not a single turn.
Man has at least tried.
There were plenty of harvest from a garbage bin.
Half melon, a yogurt, a fresh roll, a banana and 2 bottles of beer.
honestly, everything was still edible and almost fresh.

've also got lots of fresh apples and some peaches given.
goods, not for storage, but for juice and jam simply delicious.
As a bonus there was a large zucchini, because I "loved" bin.
Also some dill and fresh spinach I could harvest with a friend.
Helps everything to survive.

When Mom finally finished the arbor is repaired and painted.
She was very happy about it. But please do not ask
to my bones. Then they had
also visit her and I could help a bit.
But you do have for his mother.

Also have a buddy can help on the PC and small at its bower. But everything costs
hell of a lot of time.
had I used it not mentioned probably because you have so much done besides work.
But one is not young and healthy now.

War and in the meantime and start shopping Poland, cheap.
also helps.

From application front, nothin 'new.
No feedback, well, what's intended.

The Plumber for heating maintenance was already there.
belongings at once (as required) submitted the bill at the Office. However
has the expert for his work is still not his money.
If yes only 3 weeks ago.
But everything will be fine. Go

today when shopping for bargains, there are some offers in advertising.
Somewhere you have to save, yes.
care of me then to my garden and view other little things in my shed. It must indeed

Go farther.


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