Saturday, November 14, 2009

Intel T1350 Dell D520


Ne, not really.
The 75TE Birthday of my mother on, casting long shadows ahead.
Some things to plan in time and ranschleppen already priced items.
rake leaves, hedge cutting, lawn mowing and do not forget the recurring floor cleaning.
But that's all you do as a son.

For 'a buddy continued to play on the PC.
There was scruffy Bissle the PC.
So you have to do.

to my application: zero feedback.

My yield was also quite thin. 1 bottle of champagne
children and a small bottle of wine spritzer.
The man is happy.

the way I use every little ray of sunshine to be on the road and a few pictures for Wikipedia to shoot.
You have to deal indeed.

few small things I could check off as well.
must be. And sometimes require more time how great things.
But the little things to be done.
Just like the daily housework. But whom do I tell dass
There must indeed by everyone.

between, again in Poland have been a bargain buy.
It's worth every time

Otherwise there is nothing earth shattering.

my bones? Ask not only.
one advantage, the pain yet.
If you wake up with pain in the morning, you know that one is still alive.


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