Tuesday, June 2, 2009

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started from Europe of nation-bureaucrats to citizens' Europe

The EU is in deep crisis of legitimacy. With the failed constitution and Member States, "including" do indeed, but only with entitlements, not obligations.
The turnout will be low. For a parliament with no legislative power and extremely expensive, with its three homes in Brussels and Strasbourg (plenary) and Luxembourg (General Secretary).

No citizen would notice if the EU Parliament would be dissolved, because the rights of initiative and decisions lie in the distribution of European Commission and EU Council of Ministers.

more details on Wikipedia, because the parties want us to the circus "historic" by transfigure when she could not help it, because it was always political inability or unwillingness to find compromises that cost us less bureaucracy, but this bureaucracy assures them more jobs. 785 members and thousands of people in the administration. Exact figures are not found. Government without end. And ahead on the posters, the smiling politicians who would give up dieting, if they had decency, for they decide nothing and we can not democratically represented, as long as they're expecting their national parties posting no power.

select Go anyway! And while those who do at least as if they a united Europe was important because the European Agreement there is no alternative.

Who wants to modernize Europe "closer to the people" want, the use must ensure that the Member States to cede power to the EU actually, therefore, reduce government bodies in the Member States. - The promises none of the "EU campaigner. We citizens must demand and enforce it.

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