Thursday, January 8, 2009

Slate Tabletop Maintence


So, got over the holidays.
Thanks to my friend, the risen Peter Hartz, no kilos.
to Sylvester, there was still delicious sparkling wine, a gift from a stranger in my trash tour.
The new year started great, too.
about half past 11, I slipped on a frozen puddle hidden under snow grains. Well, 3 min. loud acoustic Auaweh.
trousers broke and a grazed knee.

The last few days was of course also cold, bitter cold.
had only attracted plenty of heat to move my bike.
Bin every day on the road, did after all work.

Even at home, work is progressing.
the basement drill sorted and cleaned up.
maintained in the shack the floors.
Well done and still many little things.

On weekends, then help my mother to it.
The hallway cleaning to be done and the Christmas tree must be abgehübscht.

So you have to do ibid.


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