Sunday, October 4, 2009

Best Receivers Of The 1970's

Second attempt: Ireland approved the Lisbon Treaty

Wikinews reports: Dublin (Irand), 04.10.2009 - In a referendum, Ireland on Friday voted overwhelmingly to the EU Reform Treaty (also called Treaty of Lisbon) to. After the reform which the rights of Member States within the European Union seeks to regulate in some important new points have been rejected by a majority in a first vote in June 2008, was now 67.1 percent voted for the contract. The camp of the other party was now only 32.9 percent of the vote. In June 2008, 53.4 percent had voted against the reform.

The changed voting behavior of Ireland is seen by observers in the context of economic and financial crisis. Ireland has been hit particularly hard by the economic crisis. Many Irishmen are hoping for support from the European Union in this difficult time.

The Lisbon Treaty was brought as a successor to the failed project of a common European Constitution on the way been. To enter the treaty into force, must now ratify two of the 27 EU member states the Treaty: Poland and the Czech Republic. The presidents of both countries are considered as outspoken opponents of the European Union. Even the opposition leader in the United Kingdom, the Conservative leader David Cameron wants to bring the Lisbon Treaty in the case of an electoral victory at the next general election a referendum on a case.

Czech President Vaclav Klaus said after the referendum in Ireland, he sees no rush for a signing of the Czech Parliament has already approved by the contract, because he first of a pending action before the Constitutional Court wanted to wait for the Czech Republic against the Treaty of Lisbon. At the request of 17 senators to the Czech Constitutional Court based in Brno (Brno) examine the legality of the contract. The Czech Supreme Court had in November 2008 have been integrated with the contract and found no contradiction with the Czech constitution. Czech President Klaus had said after the court ruling last November that he would make his willingness to sign an agreement sanctioned by Parliament of the Czech Republic depends on the attitude of Ireland.


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