Friday, October 2, 2009

Leveling Floor Joists

herbstet It!

It herbstet and with a vengeance.
why I've done fine winter in the last week of my garden.
Only my geraniums on the window are still standing.
They come just before the first frost in the basement.

How are me?
Well actually, as always.

The Office has still not sent a notice because of the heating maintenance.
But it's still time!

works with my landlord, it at least.
sent me a carpenter because of a broken window.
Although it is only 10 years old, but already durchgefault.
Well, quality work-loving.

The yield of the last few weeks sounds pretty thin. A rifle
Red Bull, a kilo of beans, a chocolate bar and a granola bar.
But man is happy.

belongings in the meantime set back many images on Wikipedia.
has become almost a real addiction.
But you deal at least.

The arbor behind the house has again cost some time.
now missing only a few bars as visual decoration.
create Perhaps I still this year.

Will but also make progress in my basement.
repair the floor.
Well, if it's not the landlord manages to do it loving yourself.

I let it get me down!


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